The State Of Steem: More People Are Getting It

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It is so encouraging to see what is taking place. There is a growing segment of Steem that is getting it. They are seeing what is still a vision of what blockchain and cryptocurrency will do.

I cover the details inside.

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  • @bigtakosensei


  • @ssjsasha

    If steem flies up we will all be rich lol

  • @romeru

    that could be the major reason for the current boost in the price of steem,this is a good news though and when more people continue to show interest in buying steem then that would make the steem price to keep going up...

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  • @palupalu

    @taskmaster4450 i believe that the fact is that the more steem price rises the more people would begin to have so much interest in it and buy too and the buying action will let the bullish trend to continue....

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  • @stokjockey

    I really got pumped when I listened to what you had to say in your video. I know that there is so much Great Stuff that will happen Here on Steemit and it is Not Only about ONE token anymore. Thanks for taking the time to talk about it @taskmaster4450

  • @fightspam

    @taskmaster4450 i agree with your opinion,for example i believe that if we have three very rich investors who are willing to invest on the steem market then that could make the steem price to even reach 2$ before end of this year,yeah it is possible...steem price in the past years have reached $1 before and yeah it can do it again,just imagine if some investors pump 30million$ to the market,do you know how much impact that would have on the price of steem??it would be really great...

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  • @goodsamaritan

    infact by now i expect steem to have been among the top ten cryptocurrencies on rating....but the bearish trend on the steem market made it to drop in the rating,but well with the way the steem price is behaving currently and with the way more people are investing on steem then very soon steem will be among the top ten in the rating...

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  • @slupp

    let them keep getting the steem so that the market will keep doing well...

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  • @wofunmi

    it is really an exciting news,hopefully they continue getting it,steem deserves to keep appreciating in value...

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