Hive Getting Attention

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One of the biggest questions with Hive was the exchanges. How would losing the exchanges that were carrying STEEM affect things? The exchanges are starting to sign on to Hive.

In this video I discuss how things are progressing and how Hive and Steem have the potential to be enormous. Of course, a lot of this depends upon what is done by those remaining on Steem and Sun himself.

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  • @revisesociology

    I hope Bittrex gets on this, it's the main one I use.

  • @sepracore

    For every Walmart you need a target. For every Home Depot you need a Lowe’s. I think this might just work. Those that want no downvotes and spam have Steem. Those that want original content, etc can come to Hive. Or you can come to both.

  • @doitvoluntarily

    blocktrades will take hive no?

  • @super.dude

    Great news. Vitalik is in board and everyone is excited for tomorrow.