Thoughts on stress and opportunity

In times of crisis, we see the real personality of a person shine through.

How do you respond to stress?

Stress is something that we generally think very little about until we are in the situation as while not under stress, we believe we are good at handling it. When there is a general level crisis, whether that be a health pandemic, a financial collapse or a blockchain under attack - we can see just how fractured positions can be.

Are the conditions a disaster or opportunity?

This is going to depend on resources, and one of the best resources we have at our disposal is our mind and our attitude toward circumstances. A state of fear doesn't do anything for the ability to think, yet as many don't prepare their psychology for managing stress adequately, fear can take hold with very little resistance.

Are you scared?

Are you worried about a virus affecting you or your family, the value of your holdings, retirement fund or home collapsing, or the future of the Steem blockchain that you feel you have invested into and worked to build? A combination of the three? I think it is possible to stay calm despite our universe imploding, but it requires being able to accept things as they are and behave accordingly.

Rather than trying to take it all in, separate the world into three positions.

  • What I can control
  • What I can influence
  • What I cannot control

It is quite obvious that since there is very little one can do with the third point, that should get the least energy. Yet,, we have built a world where it tends to get the most of our energy and thought, one where we are platformed to solve the ills of the world even though we have many ills of our own with which we are yet to contend.

For me, the first point to focus on is what I can control and once I have that within my grasp, I am able to move onto what I can influence. When it comes to the ability to influence the environment, it is best to first have control over oneself, otherwise the potential for damage and harm through unintended consequences increase.

Actually, the first point I focus on is internal control before I look at the external. I do something to clear my head, process my thoughts and emotions and make a space for clear thought to shine a light and potentially discover my next steps. Panic and fear will only muddy the waters.


  • What is within your ability to control right now? -- your mind/ body -- your behavior -- your words -- your actions -- your reactions -- your emotions -- your outlook on the world

There is a lot of your in there, a lot of ownership and responsibility.

  • What can you influence?

Well, once you are in control of yourself, your thoughts have more clarity and are more likely to make better decisions, your behavior, words, actions and reactions affect those around you, as does your emotional control. And, once your outlook has shifted, rather than seeing the threat of the world, opportunities start to present themselves.

While there is a great deal that is outside of our control today, once we start taking responsibility for ourselves, we become more influential over conditions and in time, that will bring more of what is outside our control, within the boundaries of our influence. Of course, the more we have control and influence over, the more responsibility we have to be willing to accept.

You don't have to like the conditions to work with them.

Taraz [ a Steem original ]


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  • @manoldonchev

    Reminding of the Locus of Control theory once again. Some people believe it's the world that does things to them and put less value in their own actions. Maybe they see no evidence to the contrary. Of course, there are things out of control. As you said, it's our reactions that are within us. And they change as we change. As our beliefs change sometimes.

  • @joanstewart

    Aspects of control, within ourselves we can take stock before throwing our hands up in despair. Becoming despondent or negative only festers into unsavory results.

    Out of our control, still need to assess our situation, seek truth to attempt overcoming hurdles as faced with them, do our best we are able.

    @tipu curate

  • @shortsegments

    Hi Tarazkp Nice post! It reminds me of a prayer we use to recite;

    God give me strength to change the things I can change, the strength to walk away from those I canโ€™t change and the wisdom to know the difference.

    A very old prayer, but seemingly still applicable. โœ๐Ÿผ

  • @barbara-orenya

    I'm always amazed at your if someone that has the skills to write is writing my own thoughts and feelings in most of his posts...Thanks for that @tarazkp.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I removed my autovote on you because it appeared to me that I upvoted more but I was reading far less, and this is something I want to find a balance with, because your posts are the most brilliant I enjoy to read here (well, given what I have stated before about you writing my thoughts, I suppose this is normal that I find you brilliant a9ody9.png )

  • @tarazkp

    Share a little stress with me

  • @ctrpch

    Good advice, but you need to practice those responses when times are good otherwise they will go out the window when stress appears.

  • @tonytrillions

    This information is vital.. !giphy very true

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  • @farm-mom

    I like your thoughts and approach to this crazy world we live in. Just yesterday while on my way to a doctors appointment, 3 hours away from home, my car broke down. Beyond my control. First came the tears, then a deep breathe, a sigh of relief that I at least had cell phone service. My mantra was, it could be worse, way worse as I thought of my best friend losing her brother to suicide just a few weeks ago. The older I get, the more I appreciate life. As far as money goes, as long as I have what I "need", whatever is left should be shared with all those I love and even to others who don't have what they 'NEED". I try to be as generous as possible. I may not be wealthy, but I am rich, I am blessed with healthy and happy children and grand children and a hubby that loves me. What else is there? @tarazkp

  • @armandosodano

    Today in Italy I can do a control test on myself and my health, with correct and careful behaviors. So I also help others with good examples. The rest should be done by some rules, more or less stringent but unfortunately idiots always turn. The government for 10 days has put tough laws, but many fools until they have real contact with suffering and fear, for example the loss of a friend or relative do not understand. Another problem is the ability of politicians to make us accept the perspective of the social conditions in which we must live and adapt in this period.

    In the Italian case we have had an excellent example of seeing the suffering of the Chinese, this has not yet happened in other countries. Adapting also means accepting your new behaviors and sharing this experience with others. In my opinion, when you don't have time control and autogenous therapy available, pain and suffering will be teachers and educators.

    Best wishes for you in the United States.

  • @cizolf

    People have gone too soft nowadays. They have built comfort zones and hide deep inside them. Anything that threatens their comfort and wellbeing rouses them and they start to lose their logical and rational reasoning capabilities to their fears and insecurities.