@swap.app: trade Steem <-> Hive with just few clicks (also Steem -> BTC in testing)


@swap.app is a service that allows you to quickly exchange your Steem / Hive tokens with just few clicks. It is still in development so be sure to follow @swap.app to get the latest updates :)
Exchange Rates

@swap.app makes actual trades on the crypto exchanges so it uses market prices to determinate swap ratio and by this how many tokens will be sent to the user. The total fee is 0.7% and this includes all exchange fees and withdrawal fees.

Swap Time

The whole process takes few seconds so it can save you ton of time. No need to wait for deposits, withdrawals, looking for best price etc. It's all automated :)

Currently Supported Pairs:

Hive -> Steem To trade your Hive to Steem, send Hive to @swap.app with memo: steem Steem -> Hive To trade your Steem to Hive, send Steem to @swap.app with memo: hive Steem -> SBD To trade your Steem to SBD, send Hive to @swap.app with memo: sbd **SBD -> Steem ** To trade your SBD to Steem, send Hive to @swap.app with memo: steem

The Steem <-> SBD pair has fee of 0.1% as the exchange is happening on the internal market.

Currently In Testing:

Steem / Hive -> BTC It is now possible to swap your Steem / Hive directly to BTC, that will be sent to your BTC wallet.

To do this, send Steem / Hive to @swap.app with memo: btc btc_address where btc_address is the address of your BTC wallet. For example: btc 1CgufLoDKssJM4af2tZPt2iYWFnVdJVhXd

You can encrypt the memo so your BTC address won't be visible to others. To do this, simply add # at the start of your memo, for example: #btc 1CgufLoDKssJM4af2tZPt2iYWFnVdJVhXd.

You can also use BTC deposit address from crypto-exchange, that you are using.

The swap operation happens on crypto exchanges so the swap uses market prices.

The fee for the operation is 0.7% and withdrawal fee is only 0.0001 BTC - which is really good, as most exchanges take at least 0.0004 - which is 4 times higher! This makes @swap.app very competitive compared to crypto exchanges.

BTC -> Steem This one is coming soon but first we're gonna need to launch dedicated website, which is also in development :)

Feel free to join @swap.app discord: https://discord.gg/T6dydXy if you have any questions or need support.
See you soon!

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  • @kebieri123

    This will truly be great

  • @angelik-a

    Excellent initiative, I wish you much success in all this project you are undertaking.

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  • @sxiii

    It would be really cool to see rate or amount calculator, that estimates what you will receive for your exact amount of steam in other currencies (BTC, Hive etc.).

  • @whyaskwhy

    Wow😆! What an opportunity to have exchanges done effectively and swiftly! You deserve every possible assistance.

    My best wishes and regards to @swap-app

  • @ervin-lemark

    Stopped by to upvote and reblog the post.

    This Is my first steam blockchain interaction since I don't know when :) And the last one for another set of ages.

    Good work!

  • @praise-eu

    wow! what a great innovations. i will try it out

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    Wow!, this is splendid! Thanks very much for the great effort.

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    Very good work 👍🏾 !trdo

  • @murathe

    Hey, this such a move specially on such a moment when the community needs to come together.

    Please do let me know if you'd need the services of a junior Python dev, I'd be pleased to plug in.

  • @mccoy02

    Interesting development for steemit exchange made more easier 🤑

  • @ebrael

    Don't worry if Swap fees seem not competitive. People must understand that beginning an app is not a volunteer job, but an enterprise that a very few people carry out.

    Good Luck!

  • @nieuscarin

    Amigo @swap.app, Excelente post. buena iniciativa. Saludos desde Venezuela lo invito visitar mi blog

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  • @roleerob

    Very nice service @swap.app / @cardboard! I have used it several times, without any problems. I think the rates are fair, so overall well done! 👍

    As a little assist, there is a typo you may wish to edit:

    First sentence: "@swpa.app is a service ..." => "@swap.app is a service ..."

  • @luckyolddaddy

    Such an awesome app! You are so talented! Thank you!

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