SM73 Blockchain NEWS: [EN] - Rewards can be obtained by using STEEMIT


[EN] - Steemit is the social network built on the STEEM blockchain. The social network pays you to make posts, comments or “likes”. Here you can see the reward I received from Steemit today (1.954 SBD and 12.820 SP)

[IT] - Steemit è il social network costruito sulla blockchain di STEEM. Il social network ti paga per fare post, commenti o like. Qui potete vedere la ricompensa che ho ricevuto oggi da Steemit (1.954 SBD and 12.820 SP)

link to STEEMIT:

Steemie currently dosen't allow you to make comments. If you want to write something, write it using another frontend (like Steemit)
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