100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 57 - The Biggest Day of My Life

100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 57 - The Biggest Day of My Life


Hard to say what was the most important day of my life. There have been several. Like marriage, the birth of a child, some stages of a professional career. Below I speak of the latest milestone, which was an important day in my life. Last year I passed the state exam to obtain the qualification for the private practice. The photo you see above is my professional stamp. You can read which professional order I am registered in and the registration number. After 20 years I went back to studying books. To take this exam, I had to re-study all modern electronics. When I graduated I did not take the state exam, because it was my intention to work for companies. I still work as an employee of a company, but I still wanted to take the qualification to the freelance profession because it could be a road that I could follow in the future. In 2018 I took courage, I enrolled in the courses and I finally took the exam last year. I also got a good exam mark. It was a challenge for me, returning to study electronics after 20 years put me in trouble. For 20 years I was a mechanical designer. Now, however, I am satisfied because in the future I can also choose to work as a freelancer. One of my goals could be to work in the renewable energy sector as a freelancer.

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  • @genomil

    Excellent, it is never too late and you did it, you already have a new opportunity to grow in your profession, it is a great success. Regards.

  • @suntree

    🥇👍🥂 really great 😎

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