Playing with Spleeter to unmix music

I read this week about this cool free software called Spleeter that can separate recorded music into the basic tracks. In this example I just split to vocals and backing, but it can go further to extract drums, bass and other instruments. There is a Verge article about.

This is really cool if you want to do remixes or need a backing track, but you are likely to run into copyright issues if you release anything using tracks you do not own. I was wary of putting this on Youtube as it might be taken down even though I use very short samples.

On my old PC it takes a while to process, but if you have the appropriate GPU card it should take seconds.

Setting this up is not trivial. You have to install the Anaconda Python environment that has appropriate libraries and run some command lines. I shall be experimenting more with it.

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  • @hammaraxx

    That seems almost unbelievable. The result in your video is amazing. I'm going to check this out myself. I've wished i had kept drum track only versions of my past recordings to jam along to at home. Looks like you've found a solution for me.

  • @anth0rx

    Wow, I will keep that in mind. It sounds very promising. Thanks for sharing.

  • @bozz

    That is pretty cool. I was doing some research this weekend to see about making my own electronic music. Being able to use this to get samples and stuff would be really cool. Thanks for sharing!