SteemWorld Support / 2019-12-03


This post was created by me (@steemchiller) to act as an alternative support initiative for SteemWorld ( Since I am currently in survival mode, I need to take action now to prevent SteemWorld from dying.

If the rewards from these posts should not be able to pay my monthly costs, there will be no other way than to make SteemWorld only usable by paying a monthly fee. Each user would than pay the fee (maybe 1 SBD) for each used account per month. The downside would be that you than could only switch to accounts for which the fee has been paid. Maybe I would add a bonus for new users with a reputation < 50 or so to make it more fair for new Steemians.

For costly and not account-related tools like Transfer Search I would use a different approach, maybe by making it possible to buy those features and use it by providing an in the buy process received per-account generated access code.

There is also a donation button in the top left corner of the site, which can be used to donate a custom amount and to help keeping SteemWorld free. If each user would send me just 1 SBD per month, I would be able to continue my development without adding the mentioned restrictions.


Dieser Beitrag wurde von mir (@steemchiller) erstellt, um als alternative Unterstützungsinitiative für SteemWorld ( zu dienen. Da ich mich derzeit im Überlebensmodus befinde, muss ich jetzt Maßnahmen ergreifen, um zu verhindern, dass SteemWorld stirbt.

Wenn die Belohnungen dieser Beiträge meine monatlichen Kosten nicht decken können, gibt es keinen anderen Weg, als SteemWorld nur noch durch Zahlung einer monatlichen Gebühr nutzbar zu machen. Jeder Benutzer würde dann die Gebühr (vielleicht 1 SBD) für jedes verwendete Konto pro Monat bezahlen. Der Nachteil wäre, dass du dann nur noch zu Konten wechseln könntest, für welche die Gebühr bezahlt wurde. Vielleicht würde ich einen Bonus für neue Benutzer mit einer Reputation < 50 oder so hinzufügen, um es für neue Steemians fairer zu machen.

Für teure und nicht kontobezogene Tools wie Transfer Search würde ich einen anderen Ansatz wählen, vielleicht indem ich es möglich mache, diese Features zu kaufen und zu nutzen, indem man einen im Kaufprozess erhaltenen, pro Konto generierten Zugangscode bereitstellt.

Es gibt auch einen Spendenbutton in der linken oberen Ecke der Website, mit dem du einen benutzerdefinierten Betrag spenden und helfen kannst, damit SteemWorld kostenlos bleibt. Wenn jeder Benutzer mir nur 1 SBD pro Monat schicken würde, könnte ich meine Entwicklung, ohne die genannten Einschränkungen hinzufügen zu müssen, problemlos fortsetzen.

Recent News

Component Development

I'm still in the process of developing own web components to make SteemWorld ready for mobile devices and the new Web 3.0 . So instead of using JQuery UI components, which are sometimes hard to customize and can lead to big chaos in the page's CSS, I want to use only own components from now on.

An example of a simple component is a HTML <select> element through which the user can select one of multiple pre-defined options. When using such an element in a HTML document, all the logic for displaying the menu items and user interactions is being taken care of by the user's browser, therefore it does not look and feel the same on every device.

The JQuery selectmenu component can be used to convert the normal <select> element into a more customizable component that looks and behaves always the same between different browsers, but it lacks real inheritance and may lead to more overhead in the loaded scripts than would be needed.

My new components are derived from my own base control component, therefore a big part of the logic only needs to be developed once in the base class, which makes them so much easier to work with.

For example, this is how my new selectmenu component looks like:

As a user you should not experience much of a difference, but for me it is a big step forward. The tabs component is also an own component now and I plan to switch its layout and behaviour in the base class based on the display size of the used device (maybe switching from vertical to horizontal tabs automatically for devices with a small display width).

Handling all click and key events (for navigating with arrow keys) by myself can be tricky at some points, but once it is done it always works as expected and I know exactly how all the elements on my pages behave. This also gives me the advantage of being able to add custom logic in the base class for mobile devices.

I don't expect you to understand what I'm talking about here, just wanted to write a few words about what I've done in the past weeks. As I am currently walking through all my code to replace the old components with the new ones, it might come to small issues in the meantime. If you should experience any glitches, just leave me a message in one of my posts ;)

Donation Page

As I'm preparing most SteemWorld features to be accessible via a direct link in future, I made a quick test with the Donation Dialog, which can now also be reached by visiting the following link:

It should be fully functional already, only the layout is not optimized for mobile devices yet.

Thank you for your support!

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    Zero human interaction, just wow.. It's nice having the steemworld option and I appreciate you building and maintaining the site. It's unfortunate it's not sustainable without payment but such is life. My first thought is I don't even have a single sbd and due to it's inability to do its intended job I won't be having any sbd anytime soon, so that would make subscribing impossible for me. TBH I'd live without it..

    Seems that this should possibly be an sps thing but that's a load of shit too, so I don't know what to say. You have created an easy way to delegate and see who has what sock puppets and is part of what circle jerks which is always entertaining.I tried to create an account with 3 steem and was asked for a master key which is ridiculous so I gave up. I'm just amazed this place is so dead not one human has responded to your death rattle.. The state of steem is getting leaner by the day.. But hey your auto votes got you on trending lol, what a fucking joke this place has become !

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    Is there a specific amount we're looking at to keep steemworld going?

    For what it's worth, I know donating is a thing, especially with independent web development, but without a weekly or monthly goal of some kind, in my experience, getting enough will be hit and miss, and possibly more the latter than the former.

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    My vote isn't much but here's to hoping things go well for you. I'll send a couple SBD your way.

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    I love Steemworld and use it all the time but until you mentioned it I didn't even know there was a donate button. I'd certainly be willing to pledge a few steem each month to keep it going and I'm sure a lot of others would too, particularly if there was a status bar as proposed above by glenalbrethsen.

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    Resteem wie immer

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    Steemworld is very nice, I definitely like all the info I can see from it that you don't get on steemit site. Thanks for this site!

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    Oh no, I use SteemWorld almost everyday. It is such a valuable service. I didn't even know how tell if someone tagged me in a post till I found SteemWorld.

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    I will be supporting your work @steemchiller.

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    its really a great site and great tool... what about running ads on it ? none intrusive that is .. i think that users won't really mind that since you do need to survive

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