The Steem Sisters Were in a SUPERBOWL Commercial!!


Whaaa!! Some of you may remember us announcing we had been approached by a media company last year, but we finally got word today that they used a clip from the Steem Sister Show in a Discover Card Commercial!

The fact that a Steem based talk show could somehow get noticed by a large media company making commercials for big clients like Discover is kind of blowing my mind.

Those in the US may see the commercial played in various settings - but you can all view it on YouTube! Here's the link:

Watch the Discover Card Commercial on YouTube

I hope you guys enjoy checking it out! This is definitely an exciting moment for Mary and I. 🥳Besides... now we can officially say we've been in a commercial with Lindsey Lohan. 😂What other celebrities do you guys spot in the video?

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With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney
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  • @bryan-imhoff

    Congrats! That is kinda a bizarre occurrence but really cool!

    Quick... let’s start a rumor that Steem & Discover are announcing a partnership... 🤫

  • @ddrfr33k

    Are they gonna air it during the super bowl?

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  • @jaybird

    Yes! The sheer brilliance of your acting...mind blowing... absolutely lol ;)

    That was great tho!

  • @dfinney

    I literally just saw the ad and came over here to see if my eyes were deceiving me!

    Very cool. Congrats!

  • @blewitt

    Just saw ya and had no idea! Lol. I rewound it and was like “holy shit!!!”. Then rushed here and saw this. Lol

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  • @sumatranate

    I just saw u in the Super Bowl. Wow!

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  • @melodyrussell

    Watching the game with my family because I love them (not football 😂) and Jason and I just looked at each other, like “What?!?” when we saw your faces! That’s awesome, ladies!

  • @jasonrussell

    So crazy!! I just saw steemians on tv!!

  • @hypnopreneur

    Wow!! Just wow!! You guys are killing the game!!🙌🔥💥🚀

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  • @mcoinz79

    Just saw you guys!! So rad!!

  • @sepracore

    So random!

  • @aussieninja

    Well done SSS! That's amazingly amazing!
    I thought it was going to be a heap of YouTube videos but it really wasn't... so good! So happy for you both!

  • @chekohler

    Did the steem sisters just become a commercially viable product? Oh dont tell me you're selling out already? If I see your next epsiode is "sponsored" by Squarespace or Raidshadow legends a piece of my soul will die lol

  • @enjoywithtroy

    A big congratulations my friends! Perhaps you can lower our discover card bills too! LOL Seriously way to go.

  • @skramatters

    A bit ironic init?

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  • @doctorcrypto

    Well that is frigging awesome! Congrats :)

  • @d00k13

    Now where’s that comment I made about you guys being on TV one day... that was forever ago 😅

    I Told You So!!!

  • @michaelakintola

    Wow! This is a great achievement for the project. Keep up the good work sisters @coruscate & partner

  • @starworld


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  • @niallon11

    That's brilliant. Can't believe your in an ad with all of those other massive actors and shows. Great achievement and hopefully the start of your celebrity journey.

  • @paul.atreides

    I got goosebumps when I saw you during the Superbowl. Totally shocked, a big congrats! Resteemed to my 7600 followers!

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