SSS is Back! Send Us Your Questions!


Hi Steem Fam!

Now that these two traveling fools are back home from our various adventures - SSS will be getting back on track! We are getting together in 3 hours to film our episodes on "Managing Stress", and so we thought it would be fun to throw out an opportunity for last minute questions!

Send us your questions on Managing Stress in the next few hours, and if we like your question - we'll include it in the show! Oh and we'll send you 2 steem as well. I know that doesn't mean much right now... but someday you'll be able to buy a coffee with it!

Ps... I just pulled a random photo of us for this post. I can't believe how tan I was only a few months ago.... it's all gone now. 😭👻

See you again soon with some fun new episodes!

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With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney
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  • @ddrfr33k

    Do you use meditation as a way to relieve stress? How has that worked for you?

  • @tubcat

    Tub Cat gets outdoors to do some exercise and get some sunshine on his fur during times of high workload. This is an extremely effective way to manage stress.

    But what should a Cat do in Winter when being outdoors isn’t an option and the sun stays hidden behind clouds?

  • @goldmatters

    Do you experience #cryptoanxiety when there is a large drop in the crypto market?

    How do you manage this type of stress?

  • @gillianpearce

    what is the most stressful thing you've done where looking back you can see the stress was created unnecessarily?

  • @yamgum

    I love you so much and resteem your posting

  • @bilal007

    Brelent working

  • @zaman07

    Good life

  • @sue-photoart

    Is the stress coming from external forces mainly, or internal forces? Like pressure from inside? Voices and unrealistic demands from inside your own head? Conflicts from inside? Where does that goofy thinking come from?

    How did you succeed to observe it and change it? HOW DO YOU START - WHAT ARE YOUR FIRST STEPS TO CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS?

  • @felix.herrmann

    when marryiage? lol