Send us Your Questions! Special Edition Show This Week - The Corona Virus


Hi Steem fam!

Mary and I were supposed to do a travel themed show this week but have decided to switch gears and talk about a more pressing matter - the Corona Virus. We live in what is being referred to as "ground zero" in the US for the corona virus (the Seattle area) and thought it would be interesting to share our experiences thus far and our thoughts on the matter.

We would LOVE your help to form the episode! Mary will be coming over to my place here in an hour or two to film and so we'd love to get your questions! Just a reminder that if we use your question we will send you two steem!

Look for these episodes coming out later this week and a big thanks in advance to those who send us questions. We love you guys!

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With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney

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  • @chekohler

    Do you to think that this will continue to escalate and be the biggest outbreak in modern history or are we all just freaking out for no reason

  • @shainemata

    I will be traveling later this month. This may be my last trip for the year given the potential for getting and passing on covid-19 or even the flu.

  • @ospro

    Are you doctor..?

  • @hans001

    Well we here in Holland taking it the Dutch way.. ohh we are good prepared you don't have to be scared.

    Don't buy too much food etc that isn't necessary.

    While now a province of the Netherlands are adviced to close the schools and if you feel sick stay at home.

    Personally I think it will be a major outbreak because people have a false idea of safety.. too much zombie movies and series were aired.😉

    They think much too lightly.

  • @sparkesy43

    In my local area, people seem to be panic buying toilet paper. We've seen video footage of shoppers brawling in the TP aisle, and in one instance a guys was tasered by police after assaulting staff and other customers over a packet of shit-tickets (I was very disappointed that I didn't read that he soiled himself as a result of being tasered).

    Is any of that craziness happening in your area or is that just a special kind of Australian crazy?