Send Us Your Questions and You Could Win Steem! Topic: "The Power of Saying Yes"


Hi Steem Fam!

We are going to be filming our next batch of episodes here in about 24 hours and thought we'd put out a call for questions. In case you didn't know - we actually send you 2 steem if we choose your question!

Our topic for next week is "The Power of Saying Yes!". We are so excited to be bringing this topic back as it was not only one of our more popular episodes back in the day - but it was also the episode that was just featured in the Superbowl commercial! We love bringing back popular topics and couldn't think of a better time for this one.

What do we mean by the "Power of Saying Yes"? Basically, saying yes to opportunities even if it is out of your comfort zone and the amazing things that can stem from that.

We'd love to get your questions on anything related to this topic. As always, if we choose your question - we'll send you 2 steem!

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With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney
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  • @variously

    Just how powerful is the power of saying yes??

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  • @goldmatters

    Can you talk for a bit about the power of saying “Maybe?”

    Also, I’d like to throw out a challenge. Can you fist pump and yell “YES” with your right hands while holding your wine in your left hands without spilling any wine and triggering #wineanxiety?

  • @btcsam

    Can a simple "Yes" change someone's life?

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