Send Us Your "Big Questions" and You Could Win Steem!

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Hi Steem Fam!

We are going to be filming our next batch of episodes later today and thought we'd put out a call for questions. In case you didn't know - we actually send you 2 steem if we choose your question!

Our topic for next week is going to be “The Big Questions”. We explain it more in the show… but we are basically going to be going super high level and talk about some of the big questions in life such as “why we are here”…. “what is the purpose of life”… all of it! We can’t wait to see what you guys view as the “big life questions” and chat about it!

I hope you'll join us and send in your Big Questions!

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With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney
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  • @michaelakintola

    Let's understand that unplanned expenses can overrule the planned one. So, why has money become paramount as the ladder to achievements?

  • @shadonchandra

    Will #STEEM able to change the outlook about cryptocurrency in 3rd world countries next generation?

  • @masterthematrix

    Why did the Steem Community lost interest in Neds hair???

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  • @urdreamscometrue

    What is the meanining of life in your opinion?

    For me meaning of life is getting better in every aspect you passioned in (work on yourself).

    But because there is (in my opinion) no "higher meaning" , its kind of very subjective i guess.

    Some other questions are, how do you find to steem, are you generally interested in crypto? Which country you come from, what are your "biggest goals in life"?

    I really like your idea, resteem for bigger audience:D

    (Im from germany, so sorry for language issues).

  • @luegenbaron

    should humans be free? what means 'to be free'? should animals be free?

  • @d00k13

    If by definition of quantum physics... matter is both particle and wavelength till perceived, what exists outside our perceptions?

    If we assume these theories to be true does that mean science is now stating we literally manifest our reality by observation of it?

    Furthermore... since the act of observation is in the hands of the viewer does this imply perspective can actually influence the reality we live in?