Storytime: How We Got Into A Superbowl 2020 Ad

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Storytime!! Many of you probably saw that I was in a 2020 Superbowl Commercial. The funniest part is that it was for a traditional financial institution - Discover Card. The reason that is funny is because I used the fiat I earned from that commercial to buy myself more Bitcoin!

The Superbowl clip was taken from a talk show I run with my sister on the steem blockchain called the Steem Sister Show. I can’t say for sure - but we are almost 100% positive that we are the first crypto people to ever be featured in a Superbowl ad!

If you want to hear the full story of how a small show like us got discovered and featured on such a national stage - then watch our story time video. To be honest, we are still not 100% certain, but we have our suspicions and we share more of the behind the scenes on what it was like working with a big media company like that.

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With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney
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  • @g7terra

    That's Amazing.. moments of greatness are to be celebrated. UPVOTED. 1LoV

  • @goldmatters

    Oh man you guys have no idea how insane I went about this (or maybe you do). It’s possible I was even more excited than you two!! I told SO many people this story :)


    NICE RING @coruscate!!!!! #mene24k <3