SteemPeak - Update v2.0 - Guest 'Social' Logins and New Burn Promotion System

A new version of SteemPeak is now available. This is probably the largest update we have released this year and I (@asgarth) will not be able to cover everything in great details in this single post. But there are some exciting new features that we hope you will like and that are a big part of our future plan to onboard users on Steem. Some of the features will be probably highlighted in separate posts in the coming weeks.

The new release is now live at


1. Guest 'Social' Logins

Starting with this release users that don't own a Steem account (yet) will be able to login to using their Facebook, Google or GitHub accounts.


This users will get a 'guest' account and will be able to configure their experience, have their own profile page and explore Steem according to their preferences. Each new account will get a random username (minimum 17 characters to avoid collision with Steem usernames) generated by the system. This is a sample of my own 'guest' account profile page:


And in the following table you can view a features comparison between Steem and Guest account:


As you can see we plan to enable more features for the guest accounts in the coming weeks/months.

2. New Burn Promotion System

The next big thing in this release is the Burn Promotion System. You can now promote your posts on SteemPeak burning STEEM and with a small fee (10% of the total amount). The system can be extended to be used by other frontends and we'll be happy to support them if they are interested in this system.

To promote a post check out this page and specify all the required details. Promoted posts will be included in the Topic feeds.


3. Rework the Explore page header menu

The top menu in the Explore page has been updated to allow more options and to be more useful and easy to configure. Now it's possible to add 'favorite' users, topics, curators directly from the menu.


4. Merge the old HTML editor with the Markdown editor

Due to some issues with the previous HTML editor I decided to switch to a single editor that will allow you to work both in Markdown and HTML. So the new editor is exactly the same for both styles, but the syntax will be updated according to your preference.


5. Allow post scheduling via Keychain

If you have granted the posting authority to the account you can now schedule post publishing also when you logged in the Steem Keychain. To grant the posting authority check your Settings page.

6. Enabled the Battlegames tribe

The Battlegames tribe is now enabled. Check it out here.


7. Show Scot rewards in the claim reward panel (Wallet page)

Thanks to an update in the Scotbot API (kudos to @eonwarped for this) we are now able to display the amount of the rewards in the claim panel.


8. Some bug fixes and minor improvements

And as expected with a major release there is a large amount of small fixes and improvements ;)

Support the @steempeak witness/proposals

Now is probably a nice time to remind you of the ways you can support the development of @steempeak.

Recently we submitted a proposal to the Steem Proposals System (SPS). You can review the proposal here and directly on the proposal page. If you agree to the proposal and you think the points mentioned add value to Steem consider supporting it using the above links or directly with this link.


We also run a witness server to help produce the blocks for the Steem Blockchain. You can vote for our witness so we are in a position to process more of them.

Vote on out profile page: @steempeak Vote on the witness page:

This works for all witnesses BTW

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using SteemConnect: You'll need access to confirm the transaction with your Active Key at least

The SteemPeak Team

About us: Join us on Discord:

Steemie currently dosen't allow you to make comments. If you want to write something, write it using another frontend (like Steemit)
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  • @simplymike

    Awesome updates! Thanks for all the hard work.

  • @amico

    @tipu curate @giphy curate 100

    A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

    #sbi-skip !trdo

  • @pundito

    Wonderful updates! Great work - thanks a lot!!!

  • @wehmoen

    Awesome update. I will certainly have a look into that promotion feature. It looks very interesting. Also congrats for adding guest accounts. I think the more frontends do this the more mainstream steem will become :) Keep up your awesome work!

  • @zuerich

    Thanks for this update! The guest social logins are a great idea. Are you planning to offer a mobile app (ios or android)?

  • @braaiboy

    Loving the guest accounts idea! high-5 You deserve some !BEER & $trdo ;-)

  • @beerlover

    View or trade BEER.

    Hey @steempeak, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

  • @captainklaus

    Great! Just tried your promotion, curious what it will do! You are doing a great job here, thanks, and thanks!

  • @ash

    Great updates! 👍

  • @teamhumble

    that's an absolutely brilliant way of handling it. well done. wow.

  • @vikisecrets

    Awesome work :) can guest accounts later choose their name and migrate their profile and settings to a full Steem account?

  • @fernandosoder

    My personal opinions


    Wonderful way to invite newcomers to our platform. I would suggest you make it possible for a guest to request an account to a trustworthy friend with account creation tickets available. Also, it is a common thing for unexperienced users to lose their passwords, so there should be a mechanism on which the master key is send to the newcomer as SMS and/or email. I know this poses a security breach for their accounts if you keep a copy of their master key in plain text, but you can encrypt it using AES or other form of encryption with some of their serialized private data(mother's name, father's name, birth date, favorite color, etc) as key.


    This opens another door for business advertisers to invest on Steem, and all this burning helps decrease inflation.


    Loved it.


    Loved it, but could you guys add the possibility to centralize text on the posting interface? Just so people don't need to type <center>"text to centrilize"</center> every time. I know is no big deal, but just as a suggestion.


    Loved it. I missed being able to schedule posts when using Keychain.


    Have no formal opinion


    Loved it.


    Will see by myself if I can notice the differences. But I welcome any bugfix done here.

    As of always, those are my personal opinions. Feel free to criticize.

  • @lordbutterfly

    I dont think people are aware of how essential Guest accounts are.

    It is the only thing, alongside price increase, that will lead to mass adoption. SMTs are being promoted as something that will be a great mover, and in terms of price it might be, but we need to realize that when it comes to tokenizing the internet all these SMTs that will be built will first need to create a value proposition. As we have seen with Steem-engine that is incredibly difficult.

    But what has already developed that value proposition?

    STEEM, ofc.

    For every website that might be interested in creating their own token they need to pass through a number of phases to develop value and adopt something that might or might not benefit them. While you and i understand what an SMT is and what crypto is, the mainstream user of the SMT creation tool will know neither. First they will need to learn what crypto is and how this could benefit them, then they need to understand the basics of STEEM and then they need to develop a plan for their token. Thats a lot of work that most will not be willing to do.

    These guest accounts and their potential utilization can be seamless.

    1. They require little knowledge
    2. They use the same login and account creation methods like millions of other websites
    3. Theyre easily explainable.

    User experience is something very few people on steem have bothered with during these last few years. Ive mentioned website Steem comment section integration in your discord channel today and i really think that is where you guys should gravitate towards with these guests accounts. Peaking (no pun intended) interest via partnerships that require 0 work from the site owners, first with crypto publishing websites and then further, while rewarding or creating the potential to reward engagement on their sites.

    Anyways... I went too long with this. Keep up the good work.

  • @accountsdump


  • @slider2990

    Guest accounts are really cool. Hopefully the masses will begin to flood in then demand real steem accounts.

    Checking witness vote and voting on your proposal. Thanks for all you do.

  • @cwow2

    You guys are seriously killing it! Amazing!


  • @chekohler

    I noticed the update in my wallet and came to check for a release post immediately. congrats on the guest account its a step in the right direction, look forward to seeing how many people take you up on the offer and convert to full steemains from it.

    Most excited about the burn program and that it can be extended to other front ends I'll be sure to mention it those still bid botting

  • @stackin

    Damn! This is some good stuff!! Thanks for the update! 😎

    Posted using Partiko iOS

  • @cardboard

    As always, fantastic update :) I would like to sugest adding SBD as promotion payment as we need to burn those too :)

  • @muscara

    Already tested the promotion and the post scheduling - been using Steempeak for more than 15 months and it gets continuously better :)

  • @pixelfan

    I'm a relatively new user of steempeak but what I saw until now is just great! Gave my votes for both witness as proposal. Keep up the great work!

  • @mcroscob

    Great News

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  • @revo

    You're a machine, Asgarth! :)

  • @dakeshi

    huge improvement! thank you for making great features.

  • @mima2606

    Wonderfull! I love it to work with Steempeak. And my opinion is "The people behind thr frontend make a great job. Greetings Michael

  • @waqasashraf


  • @natha93

    Großartige Neuigkeiten sind das, es kann endlich los gehen!! 👍😁. Ich finde @steempeak gleich von Anfang an schon super. Es ist alles sehr übersichtlich gestaltet und ist alles ordentlich in Kategorien eingeteilt! 😊 Super Arbeit geleistet 👍💪

  • @fsm-liquid

    You guys deserve every support you get. Keep up the good work!

  • @steevc

    Guest logins sound great. We need easy ways for people to start getting involved with Steem. I have created accounts with RCs for people. It would be cool to have ways to use that to upgrade guests to full users. Exciting times.

  • @instazood

    This is an awesome change! Thanks a lot! Gonna inform others of this... resteemed :)

  • @kharma.scribbles

    If you have granted the posting authority to the account you can now schedule post publishing also when you logged in the Steem Keychain.

    This is by far my favourite update of this update! I used scheduled posts often but hated using STEEMConnect for everything else. So happy about this!

    Not sure I like guest login, if they were able to login and then immediately create a STEEM account from their social login data that would be cool, but otherwise I don't understand how it is more enticing for them to create an account and participate in curation if they can just do a lot of lurking around in a guest account. Don't mean to be cynical about it, just voicing..


  • @creativetruth

    Question: Noticed tonight some posts have an orange outline. Why are these posts appearing in my feeds? They are unrelated, and not even tagging the tags I am exploring in my feed search.

    Are these posts paying promotions to appear in between my search results? Does not seem like a feature users asked for. Is this the way the blockchain or steampeak operates now?

    This post appeared in #gardening. Why?

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  • @mima2606

    Can I merge the guest account with a Steem account later?