SteemPeak - Update v2.2 - Better Publish page and improved vote value estimation

A new version of SteemPeak is now available. The main changes in this version are on the Publish page layout and the vote slider value estimation. Keep reading for more details ;)

The new release is now live at


1. New layout for the publish page

The Publish page layout has been completely updated to accommodate some of the requests of our users. Now the editor panel and the preview can both be SCROLLED SEPARATELY and the layout of the page is fixed. Should be much easier to use for everyone writing a medium or long post.


As always feedback are much appreciated as we plan to keep improving this page in the near future.

2. More accurate vote estimation

After HF21/22 the logic to compute the vote estimation changed and I've never found the time to fix the slider on Finally with this release the slider has been updated and the reported value should be more accurate (huge thanks to @revo that provided the logic to improve the vote value estimation and is a beneficiary of this post payout).


NOTE: Keep in mind that it will not be perfect, just a better estimation that almost match the effective vote value.

3. Layout adjustments when reading a post

The post page have been updated with larger margins (suggested by @transisto) and a fixed footer with payout details and action buttons (thanks to @themarkymark).

This is a preview of the new page:


4. Backend rework and code refactoring

Also with this release I've started to improve part of the backend code to make it faster and easier to maintain. This change should make some part of the website faster without hopefully breaking anything :D

5. Reworked the 'action queue' to reduce errors

In the past few months I've seen some errors when casting multiple votes in a short period. This is more evident if using Keychain and was due to how the action queue processed the requests. I've reworked the queue to be more reliable (it was not originally conceived to work with Keychain) and the errors should not be too common now. Let me (@asgarth) know if you still experience some issues.

6. Remember the preferred view mode

This has been requested long ago by @jarvie and is finally available. Whenever you switch the view mode (grid/blog/list) the system should now save the new preferences.

7. Some minor bug fixes and minor improvements

As always some minor fixes and improvements across the website ;)

Support the @steempeak witness/proposals

Now is probably a nice time to remind you of the ways you can support the development of @steempeak.

Recently we submitted a proposal to the Steem Proposals System (SPS). You can review the proposal here and directly on the proposal page. If you agree to the proposal and you think the points mentioned add value to Steem consider supporting it using the above links or directly with this link.


We also run a witness server to help produce the blocks for the Steem Blockchain. You can vote for our witness so we are in a position to process more of them.

Vote on out profile page: @steempeak Vote on the witness page:

This works for all witnesses BTW

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using SteemConnect: You'll need access to confirm the transaction with your Active Key at least

The SteemPeak Team

About us: Join us on Discord:

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  • @contrabourdon

    @tipu curate

  • @ragnarokdel

    Thanks for the update! Particularly the vote estimation!

  • @amico

    @tipu curate @giphy curate 100

    A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

    #sbi-skip !trdo

  • @patrickulrich

    This may be my favorite update that Steempeak has ever introduced. I've always had an issue when viewing the site using a touchscreen desktop that I couldn't scroll properly with touch input. I would have to click the inner body and then scroll using the keypad. Now things are working perfectly just with swiping from the screen. I'm assuming some part of the changes for the layout have made this to where it's working perfectly. Great work @steempeak!

  • @ash


  • @lunaticpandora

    Amazing as always guys, thanks for making Steempeak the best frontend :^)

    edit: Now that you guys are in the mood for changing vote related stuff, is it possible to do something like this?

    Its just to make it so that you don't have to scroll down to find your own vote value in case you want to see it again?


  • @revo

    Steempeak just keeps on getting better! Thanks for the beneficiary. :)

  • @sjarvie5

    I am always impressed with the work you all do. This update is a little difficult for me. The space that I now have to write the text means that I will be scrolling soooo much.

    You can see in the example below. I can see only one picture and one little paragraph.


  • @aaronhawk

    awesome guys keep it updating :P

  • @flauwy

    Reading through the comments and the swift updates @asgarth made was just as entertaining as reading through the new changes. You guys are awesome. Steemit should buy you and replace their own frontend.

  • @remlaps-lite

    Independent scrolling will be a huge improvement. Thanks!

    I hope you can eventually also fix the problem where the beneficiaries (other than @steempeak) and author settings get blanked out whenever a post is reverted from "scheduled" to "draft".

  • @captainklaus

    Fantastic progress, and I like the new font when editing/commenting!

  • @deniskj

    Delicious changes. Finally we can scroll the preview window especially we who do longer post.

  • @chireerocks

    @steempeak, These constant improvements and efforts to make this Interface more user-friendly is very much appreciated team.

    Keep developing this space and my good wishes are with you.

    Have a great time ahead team and stay blessed.

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  • @derangedvisions

    Thanks for all the amazing work you all are doing to help make everyone user experience such a great one. I am loving these improvements.

  • @paragism

    this is good

  • @ash


    add a field for analytics (decentralized, ethical tracking), and give blogs the option to add the tracker to their posts automatically.

  • @technicalside


  • @tobetada

    good job!

  • @ziapase

    fuck, you dog

  • @vikisecrets

    The new editor does not show the preview column on the right side on my tablet with a viewport of about 1200px, but now the preview breaks below the editor, which was not the case before. Can you fix this please?


  • @johannpiber


    I like the new design of the editor better, thank you, but I do have a problem:

    As soon as I have entered all 10 possible Tags I cannot change them anymore - I cannot delete nor can I edit one if I have made a typo.

    I am using Firefox (71.0b12 (64-Bit)


  • @beerlover

    View or trade BEER.

    Hey @steempeak, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

  • @captainklaus

    Do you think you could do a refresh button for the vote & payout counter? I'm surely not the only one refreshing the whole page 1000s of times to see the incoming votes...

  • @trendotoken

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  • @ucukertz

    I can't post comments with beneficiaries from Steempeak interface, a warning message that says "Incomplete data or wrong format" pops up if I set beneficiaries. It works just fine if none is set, this comment is posted from Steempeak. Can you look into it?