• UPGRADING DAILY Every day there are new features and changes and for those who love new bells and whistles this is the place to be. We post updates pretty often here

  • COMMUNITIES ARE LIVE Communities are rolling and looking great.

  • FEEDBACK REQUESTED We love giving access to a raw live beta site because SteemPeak users know how we operate and that we thrive off of your requests and suggestions.

  • IT IS NOT FINISHED We would hope you know this by the very nature of the name BETA. But to make it clear you know and we know that Beta still needs lots more polish and lots more features. Several new features still have lots more to go. Then again will SteemPeak ever be "finished"? ... nope because we'll always be improving.


There's a ton that's new on beta so get ready for some cool changes


  • First check out communities -
  • SEARCH: It can be a bit overwhelming searching through the 600+ communities. We've given some suggestions but also they're organized with an algorithm from Steemit INC showing actively followed. Once you follow them
  • SUBSCRIBE: Find a good community you can subscribe and then you'll have among many things a cool short cut on the top menu.
  • CREATE: If you're the type that loves building groups of people online go try it out. Also go tell your friends that they should be building communities on steem.


  • The explore page got a huge facelift YESTERDAY!
  • This is a great place for a user (new users) to understand what all they can do to find users and to find content.
  • We suggest using explore to subscribe or favorite different topics, communities, badges, users...that way you can use navigation to go back to your favorites faster.


  • Check out the new top menu... the goal is to make it very fast and easy to get where you want to be.
  • Is it filling your needs?
  • Shortcut for your own profile is now top right menu. has lots and lots of features the goal is to help users get access to them all... and quickly... while not feeling overwhelming.


  • We've switched to a much more complete system designed by @roadscape of steemit inc.
  • It will now show mentions, follows and community actions as well as a few other things.
  • It also shows votes above .02 which is interesting.
  • There are no customization tools for this notification system at the moment and not completely certain if there will be.
  • BONUS: If you have multiple accounts and use SWITCH ACCOUNT then the notifications system will make you really happy.
  • An exciting new feature
  • This is a visual indicator of a group/list of users.
  • It's built on the back of a decentralized list of users... using an account system similar to community "hives"
  • However on SteemPeak qualified lists become badges and then you get some cool new graphical utility.
  • Presently you need to ask the @steempeak team if you want to create a badge right now. It will open up to the public later.


The main answer is that the 3rd party API that we use for communities and notifications is presently a BETA api and can change at any time. However we're still considering launching it on the main site knowing that our users will likely be understanding at sudden changes. We'll also consult with Steemit INC as to what they're planning on doing.

What would you like to see us do?


This is where we're posting very frequently about BETA UPDATES We also have pinned posts where you can easily give feedback and a member of the team will see. Anything that you think someone else will benefit from hearing or seeing the response from put it in the community.


The beta site works on mobile and we have a list of things to improve still... however we want to do an app and re-design this year... so we're not focusing as heavily on mobile in this particular release. With that said if there's anything particularly annoying please let us know it's gonna take some time for an APP so we need to make sure Mobile is still a very pleasant experience for you right this moment.


Running strong in the top 20 for many weeks now. We've long since added a backup block producer server and tested it and our monitoring software which includes an administrative interface to give SteemPeak admins access to witness things.

We've noticed it's a matter of one whale sized voter separating witnesses 9-19 So we'd like to invite everyone to throw a vote our way. We'd really appreciate it.

@SteemPeak -> image.png This works for all witnesses btw

Steemie currently dosen't allow you to make comments. If you want to write something, write it using another frontend (like Steemit)
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  • @wandrnrose7

    I took a look and it's quite impressive! Keep up the great work!

  • @mattsanthonyit

    Wow. That's a good news @steempeak. I will give it a go soon. I promise. Well-done #steempeak team. Bravo

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @deniskj

    Funny thing, I just went on the beta on Steemit but in the back of my mind knowing I won't use it as much because I enjoy SteemPeak more. I was like, 'When are SteemPeak launching communities?' 1 hour later I spot this post....😂 😂

    Thank you steempeak.

  • @ash

    using it now, I love you :)

  • @cryptoyzzy


  • @the-real-betman

    Great job @steempeak, but why don't you have a simple option to log in with a posting password?

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  • @shmoogleosukami

    YES! I've been waiting for this!

  • @rbriyad2

    Already used lovely

  • @jeff-kubitz

    Well, I am not sure but I think I just entered your and it is grrrrrrreat!!! So, I guess you don't need any requirements for this so skip the rest. Hahaha App requirements please! What are the app requirements? As a software developer, I always create a block of the system requirements for an app an you should too! It is great practice

  • @itstime

    Sorry , I only associate with alphas


  • @enjar

    Nice to see, I'll try and not to forget using it the next time. I like it more Steemit's from what I've seen.

  • @livinguktaiwan

    With that said if there's anything particularly annoying please let us know

    Re mobile, I don't know if its just my handset, but when I type , half of my screen is taken up by the keyboard , and the other half by the interface. The editing area only has one line as the bulk of the top section is taken up by the editing icons. This makes writing quite difficult. If you can widen up the writing area like Steemit that would be great. Thanks.



  • @bashadow

    Is there some way to make it easy for us to go back and find post we made on other communities so that we can resteem them to our blog page? I noticed that a few of the post I made using the create post function direct to the community page do not show on my steempeak blog page. I really did not think about the resteem need when making them because I still primarily use steemit and they always showed up on my blog page there.

    I just resteemed my Fiery Sunset post from the Photography Lovers community. I have a few more community made post that I would like to have show on my blog page for people to see when they visit it.

  • @bashadow

    Never mind, I found the easy way. I did not see under discussions the option for all post, so now I can easily go and resteem them to show on my front blog page.

  • @mytechtrail

    I have been using this as my primary interface for about a weekk now and love it. As always some small things need work, but none I have not seen already mentioned elsewhere.

  • @cryptonewz

    Gonna test it out now.. well done!

  • @zuerich

    Great and thanks! Next step: "There's an app for that"?

  • @inteligentzia

    excellent update! from now on i will use it, i have a question do you need help to translate your page to spanish? because i would love to be part of the team and translate it so you can reach a wider range of users @steempeak

  • @khattak7

    I have just started to use this

  • @mahabul19

    This post has been very nice, my dear steemian friend

  • @cryptosharon

    What's up with removing the vote percentage on posts and comments? I'd like to see the percentage I voted or was voted on.

    This really is a buzzkill, it's literally the one thing that keeps me using Steempeak, being able to see people's vote % on posts and comments. (at least make it optional on the settings, I depend on this for all my posts)


    There's also a problem in the settings page where you press save and nothing happens (there should at least be an alert saying "Saved successfully!" or something like that).

    Right now, it does apply the changes but doesn't alert you.


    Steempeak community title is currently unreadable (same white as the snowy mountain)


  • @ash

    Feedback time, I liked the old explore more. You could see at one glance what's top and hot. Maybe merge the old view with the new focused one?

  • @cpol

    @themarkymark see what I'm getting just half and hour ago

    It's baffling how scum and dirt of the web dare to bully and give me ultimatums because of my voting preferences and choices. Simply unbelievable!!!

  • @speet-official

    Just came at the right time. Its good to know this. Thank youuuu.

  • @justclickindiva

    Thanks so much for the update on SteemPeak @steempeak. I love it, and utilitze it every day for my templates. It makes my life easy in terms of posting.

  • @eii

    As always great work @steempeak. Keep going.

    $trdo !BEER

  • @beerlover

    View or trade BEER.

    Hey @steempeak, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

    Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

  • @mytechtrail

    Having problems with my feeds on tonight last couple of hours getting error... Looks like something went wrong, please try again in a few moments Do you have a discord channel I can report this stuff to?

  • @chekohler

    Giving beta a test now and checking out communities, looks really slick and enjoying it. Regarding the APP will you be going PWA like splinterlands did or native app?

  • @rajuahamed

    tnx the post steempeak (70)

  • @intrepidphotos

    I am just checking it out now; thanks for all the effort you guys are putting into it.

  • @akdx

    Steempeak is my favorite whenever I use laptop or desktop computer. I was missing it on mobile. As your post informed that beta will also work on mobile, I am certainly go for it.

  • @skylinebuds

    Got to say I use steempeak daily and I am excited to see these new updates in the non beta. Communities is going to be a great addition to steempeak.

  • @trendotoken

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  • @distantsignal

    This looks awesome.

  • @d00k13

    Feedback so far I love it! I would love to see payouts of tribe tokens in earning calculations 😉 big ask?

    Only bug I have found is trying to switch accounts on mobile I constantly have to sign in with steemconnect.

    Great job guys 👌

  • @zorank

    I'll check it out!