It's no secret we have wanted to re-brand... For a while now. Myself (@jarvie) and @asgarth have thought about it for well over a year.


I will share why we've wanted to rebrand and how the @hiveio news impacts this... but most of all we'd like to hear our users' thoughts on recent happenings.

But first...


The aim of our site/s is to be a place for content creators to share their work and to provide those users with lots of amazing features... including and in particular decentralized feature-sets.

The entry point for your decentralized world

We are working towards creating a place for full time content creators. Where users with large followings (sometimes millions) will want to bring their audience. We still have more features to come before we start bringing those types in. However in preparation we knew we'd want to have a name that works for a larger audience.


We want to operate in as much of decentralized environment as possible. That isn't just an economic thing... it relates to developers and extends to governance of course.

We as a community don't seem to have a confident understanding of what @justinsunsteemit has in mind with his heavily centralized access to tens of millions of tokens. Or what his view is on decentralization and blockchain operating principles. p.s. Thanks @theycallmedan for the initiative to get users to write about: "What decentralization means to me"... We would have loved to see @justinsunsteemit respond to that post. But love seeing the rest of you write your own posts.

To me/us decentralization has a lot to do with dependencies and getting rid of dependencies that make our platform or YOUR experience too... well... "dependent" on the actions of others. It seems there is always impact by others but what decentralization seeks for is to limit it as best as it can. In many areas: like developers, decision makers, voters, economics and much more.


Let's put it this way even if @hiveio hadn't been announced we would still be re-branding. Not just for the reasons above but because we are going to work with many chains.

You may be happy to know we have plans to support feature sets from other chains and even find ways to make other crypto communities excited about our platform.

FEATURES LIKE: Tipping in many currencies, Connecting accounts, App communities, Patreon Like features, Token information on our wallet page for other tokens... just to name a few things.


"Steem" has always been hard word for non-steem fans. I feel like I've said this more than a few times to friends: "Steem with two EEs and not the gaming platform" (repeated a hundred times). A tiny fraction of our future user-base will know what Steem is (Or what Hive is) and so the URL will be even more confusing the more non blockchain users we bring to the site.



We are not going to make a site called "" but we are indeed planning on Supporting the Hive chain. (Check our list of name finalists)

It is true, we have made assumptions... we assumed our users would want to use an interface based on Hive. So we have been proceeding on that. BUT... tell us... do you want this?

Let's take it a step back and have an up front question: Do you want an interface that operates on Hive?

How do you feel about Hive? So far there have been many requests of us since the announcement yesterday. But give us your honest desire. We will do our best to make sure your comment is respected so that you can feel comfortable giving it on this particular post. We have seen that most of the app operators that we work with are moving and are happy to support our present needs for 3rd party integrations. (Yes we still have dependencies) We are not even fully certain if staying on Steem will even be an option if we're being honest with you, you'll see below that there are certain things we need.

Getting a Hive based site up and running presents a lot of challenges specially in a short period of time (Friday) but we are focused and lots of other developers and projects are working round the clock to get systems running in time for us.

Just between us expect things to be a "Work in Progress" even by Friday.


  • We depend on a good API (One that also runs hivemind)
  • We have our own signing method with PeakLock however many of you would feel more comfortable with Keychain or SteemConnect... so those need to happen.
  • Users who have used SteemPeak to upload pictures shouldn't be effected but how will users who used Steemit in the past be impacted with images? The URLs should still work ... but for how long?

There are people working on all these issues and more.

So the focus will be getting things running and we know it will get completed bit by bit... there will be things we miss but you know us... you know that you can give us some feedback and we'll get to those things ASAP.


Another PeakProject is @peakmonsters... basically that has to run on whatever chain that @splinterlands decides. No decision making from us on that... we will go where they go and when they go.

WHAT HAPPENS TO STEEMPEAK.COM? the URL will NOT run HIVE. It just doesn't make sense to run a site called STEEMpeak on a chain called HIVE.

Yes... We will continue to operate Now the question for you all is "WILL YOU USE STEEMPEAK.COM?" And if so why? Also will there be enough 3rd party support to keep it running. And for how long do you need access... we recognize all of our users are about to be holders of STEEM tokens and HIVE tokens and need a wallet interface for both.

If there isn't high demand or a lack of backend support for then we will of course re-evaluate. Again feel free to share your opinions and we'll make this post a place you won't get attacked in the comments for saying you want to continue to use steem.


We have asked our users on DISCORD for name suggestions for about 13 days. I feel like it has prepared them for what's coming and maybe has been fun for them to make suggestions. We expressed our interest in retaining PEAK in our name but we haven't been tied to it... however we have several great options for PEAK.

We have also done a bunch of polling OUTSIDE of Steem users. We feel like we have a solid name option that we're proceeding with. BUT... again we don't want to assume to much so there's still the chance of changing and we'd like your feedback. But we think there is likely to be a pretty good consensus. ... so let us know which TWO options you'd go with and we'll see.

Here's what our poll looked like that we've done.



We are looking forward to the time when we start our marketing programs and focus on full time content creators and their users. However, We want our present users to be happy about this switch as well.

Let us know... and feel confident that just like the last 2 years of never ending and totally consistent Updates we have so much up our sleeves you should be very excited about. All that and we haven't even started our marketing plans. (Prove retention first)


This is where we'd normally say we're interested in your witness vote. We're not entirely sure how that will all shake out... we aren't even producing that many blocks on Steem anymore (for probably obvious reasons) so that is likely to switch to HIVE ... would you support us there?

Technically speaking we have TWO servers that run a witness (one is a backup even though we have rarely missed blocks in all our history) ... we are prepping the main server to make the switch and can worry about the other one later (there's plenty of other things that need to be done in the meantime) ... Thoughts from those that support our witness? Or maybe we're calling it "Hive Managers" or just "Block Producers" and we can leave weird words like "witness" behind?


  • What chain do you prefer us to operate on?
  • What do you like about Hive?
  • If you want to stay on tell us why.
  • What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?
  • What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?
  • Any concerns you're having?

In the end we still have a bunch more features before we begin our large marketing push... by that time we hope that things will be much clearer as to what system will provide us with the most decentralized option for content posting. We need stability, a thriving App ecosystem, ease of use for development and our users and decentralization.

Steemie currently dosen't allow you to make comments. If you want to write something, write it using another frontend (like Steemit)
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  • @amahovac93

    I am also curious to see what others will do.

  • @greatvideos

    HIVE is a good name ! I am in! I support the move ,see you on the other side !

  • @florianopolis

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  • @espoem

    If I were to choose a name from the list, I would go with #1, #2 Dapps Dnames are silly IMHO.

    Anyway, great work as always. Looking forward to the migration.

  • @shoemanchu

    I'm all in with Hive. One thing I wish though is not to have an upvote button but just a tip/donate button seeing that Taxation is Theft. Not sure If that's possible but that's My two cents. Hive Out....

  • @deniskj

    Good to hear you are moving away from blockchain related branding. You never know with hf's. Looking forward to using DPeak soon on Hive. 🙃🙃

  • @godfish
    • Hive for sure.
    • I hope it proves to be the better option for an independent, freedom-loving and sustainable community. Anyways, I am sure that Steemit Inc is not walking the right path, hence Hive is the choice of mine.
    • In my point of view, SteemPeak is the most advanced and user-friendly front end. However, it is just my pick.
    • It could be HivePeak, make the rebranding as simple as you can.
    • Yet again, Hive it is.
    • Splitting the community is not the best thing to do. Using two forks neither as the content should be unique and created for the chain. I wish we moved as a community, took the best of current Steem and built up our hives ;)
  • @shmoogleosukami

    I would love steempeak to support hive, I myself will be using hive over steem. What I like about hive is it's potential to fix the issue with steem sooner rather than later, this deadlock with justin could last forever in which no development can be done. I like and I also would support your witness on hive as well.

  • @apsu


    I'm not probably answering in the correct way to all of this, but I'm glad you're going to be on Hive. I'm hoping Hive can be the good new beginning, as Justin Sun's actions on Steem didn't do good. I'm hoping we can have similar and even better community on Hive, but far more decentralized that Steem actually ever was!

    I have been using Steempeak (at least most of the time) for a good while now and I've been really happy with it. Anyone else would need to do something truly amazing to be better than you guys are. Steempeak has had many features which have made Steem much better to use and you've managed to fix many things that I didn't even realize to be wrong.

    My choices for the URLs would be and, maybe something other too but I have no idea what it could be.

    I could see you witnessing on Hive, you could probably run a witness on Steem too just if Justin Sun were to withdraw sockpuppet accounts, but changes can always be made. Right?

    I'm mostly concerned about your re-branding. Because at worst, who knows if you'll go with something like dpeaksocialpeak.networkd 😉

  • @foxon

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on?

    I will probably prefer hive, but see no reason to commit to only using one chain or the other at this time

    What do you like about Hive?

    I like the plan to get rid of the stinc stake. Been a cloud of uncertainty for far too long. I also like the resilience expected from the 30day lag on witness votes

    If you want to stay on tell us why

    It's the best interface for browsing steem. If I'm going to browse steem, it will be on SteemPeak

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand? seems to fit best with your vision and is easy to remember is strange. I'm not sure how to pronounce it, but I like it

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?

    If you can only support one, I'd prefer HIVE. Not gonna get bent out of shape if you run a steem witness

    Any concerns you're having?


    Thank you for all your work!

  • @loreshapergames

    I think that having multi-chain operation is probably the easiest solution, with options for choosing where things post (e.g. a dialog box) before publication.

    Hive looks really great, and I'm excited to see the decentralization brought closer to fruition with some honest safeguards. Still not perfect, but it's a great step better than Steem with its known flaws.

    I could see staying on Steempeak, but honestly I wouldn't prefer it over a new thing.

    My two URL choices that seem obvious: has great appeal across the board, with anyone getting exactly what the point of the idea is. is also interesting, though I think it could be offputting to people who don't understand the ecosystem already.

    I like the idea of Steem keeping its principled witnesses, but I don't think that's possible for a number of reasons. If you switch to Hive, I'll go with y'all.

  • @flaxz

    You are doing really great work and for all my needs is also my preferred interface, and I think that you should work on both chains, and since you stated that your goal is to work on even more chains I also think that this would be the optimal first step to make that work, it's now that you can create the tools necessary to work on many chains with the same interface, and since you also have the best knowledge about both Steem and the coming Hive it's the easiest to start with.

    I also run a project called @thisisawesome which basically is dependent on the features that your interface provides, using another interface can be done but that will more or less double the time I have to spend on it.

    When it comes to the name, and keeping in mind that it should be chain neutral, I think it would be great to focus on the users, so my suggestion is,

    If it's available of course.

  • @iamraincrystal

    I have been unable to upload photos to Steempeak for my posts. It always gives me "network error." I hope this issue would be resolved if you'd be moving to Hive, as I like using your front end.

    As for the name, I like or 😊😊

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @pundito

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on? hivechain

    What do you like about Hive? Well, it's not live yet but gives hope to be decentralized and has no ninja stakes

    If you want to stay on tell us why. Do you mean the URL? That doesn't matter to me. It's the frontend I love and I would like to see on the hivechain! Call it - I don't care as long as I can use the interface.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand? Well, I'm really not good at this (see above). You need to ask more creative people.

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on? hivechain

    Any concerns you're having? The only concern I have is that I'm on hive over two days without your frontend!


  • @appalachain

    "Blockchain integration" BAT tipping from Brave browser maybe? 😁

  • @enjar

    As a gaming content creator Steem and Steam where always tripping people up. So I’m glad there would have been a name change at some point regardless of hive happening or not.

    Tipping in many currencies, Connecting accounts, App communities, Patreon Like features, Token information on our wallet page for other tokens... just to name a few things.

    Those are some powerful features you are looking to add. Really glad I’ve been using Steempeak for some time now. I’ve loved what you guys have and continue to do.

    images? That is quite the concern since so many of us Used Steemit for quite a long time. Even long after we started using other front ends. Most assumed Steemit would be around forever and therefore they were the safest option to upload images to for their content.

    I just hope everyone has made really good backups of their content. While I understand many don’t view old content as having value. I myself have put a lot of time and effort into things with the thought my old content is and will be useful.

    It could end up being a lot of work for many if they have to go in and replace all there old image URLS with new ones.


    While short term it sounds like many will post on both blockchains. I think it will really come down to which one wins. If everyone leaves Steem and the price becomes worthless I don’t see people wanting to double post on two different platforms for too long.

    People will naturally need at least a little time to make up their minds. I’m sure many will be shocked this is even going down and will wonder where people went. So many never leave there blogs.


    I’m the worst at coming up with a name. I would just been happy with “hivepeak” which is not that great lol.

    I’m glad you guys are rebranding away from being stuck to just a blockchain.

    I never even though you guys had a discord. I usually prefer to stay in small and private discords so I don’t usually go looking around for them.

    Peaksocial and sounds interesting. Both leave you quite a wide range of what you could turn into without being to restricted.

  • @bucipuci

    SteemPeak is number one for me. I would like it to continue. If you choose a new name, I like the first and second variant.

  • @manniman

    You created this giant masterpiece and the question for me is, did you get a fair share of development funds from the Steemit stake in the past? That should change on the Hive, it really should change.

    1. What chain do you prefer us to operate on?
      • You should really not be exclusive, but the HIVE should be your Hometown
    2. What do you like about Hive?
      • It's a natural evolution of STEEM, it had to come at some point anyway. JS abusing the development stake is now the reason, but it was time anyway.
    3. If you want to stay on tell us why.
      • I don't even understand that question
    4. What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?
      • &
    5. What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?
      • Hive
    6. Any concerns you're having?
      • A big fat Ninja Stake killing STEEM prices since 2016
  • @whatsup

    Regarding Hive, I am glad the witnesses decided to do a clean fork with a new chain ID.

    I think both projects will take a big hit, and I am sad this all happened, but expect it will be okay long term.

    I don't think Steem is dead, both projects just became more high risk.

    Regarding your branding, I hate to say it... But the options sound a bit pornish.

  • @bearbear613

    Long live Hive-Peak

  • @pixelfan

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on? The one with the most stable node 😉 I honestly think a lot of people will hop between steem & hive in the first coming months. A lot will depend on where is the most financial value to obtain. Don't get me wrong, I'm pro decentralisation and completely against centralized power (be it online or in real live)... but I'm also a realist. I love the hype and enthousiasm for hive... but in my experience a lot of people are ready to drop their principles as soon as it costs something...

    What do you like about Hive? Right now, uh...well, the idea behind it as it is the only visible thing right now.

    If you want to stay on tell us why. Yes, I want. Reasons: interface, quality of images, functionalities and...service when something goes wrong! 😂 You guys rock!

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand? Hm, a difficult one... I go for the first 2 but in different order:

    1. (short, strong, modern... at the peak 😉)

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on? Up to you guys...I'll follow...

    Any concerns you're having? A lot!!! But not with steampeak 😜

  • @tobetada

    Hey and thanks for your continued effort to bring us the best interface for the blockchain! I would love to see you guys operate on Hive as well. I have really gotten used to the many cool and very useful features that you provide and I don't know if they will be available on the official site. That being said, I would continue using steempeak as well as I intend to wait and see how things are going with Steem. If it's going downhill, I will stop using it of course, but just maybe they will try to build it up differently (not that I have much hope).

    You wouldn't want to go with something that has hive in the URL? If not, then these would be my 2 choices.

    Hiveit? :D

    Would be great to see you guys running a witness over at hive :)

  • @tamiil

    I really like the one, not going to pick another, this is perfect. :) Like "Peakd my interest", lots of fun pun potential here.

  • @olegw

  • @bashadow

    Lots in that post.

    1. What chain do you prefer us to operate on?: Right now I am thinking I will prefer to operate primarily on

    2. What do you like about Hive? Difficult to answer that at this point, I do think I will like Hive, but until I walk through the door and see and feel the atmosphere of the place difficult to answer. I do like some of the concepts I have read, but we have all seen talk before sometimes with action, sometimes not.

    3. What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand? would be my first choice, but it does not seem to be available. the .io ending does seem to be available however. To be honest I am not thrilled with any of the names in your poll. As just a user, I am somewhat tired of the d this d that, and apy seems like a baby wipe name, sorry but I am older and apy endings just don't cut it with me. I would like to see a name that does allow for future expansion of your product, like how Netscape name was not an operating specific name nor product.

    4. What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?: I think at this point in time I would like to see it on Hive as it seems that is the chain I will be on mostly. As it stands right now I do not see a reason to stay on as a steem witness, the dead lock is there, it will be there for awhile unless the 10 or 9 witness in the top 20 all move over to Hive on Friday. I would actually like to see four of them stay as steem witness to keep things in limbo on steem block chain while hive gets established.

    5. Any concerns you're having?: Not really, it seems as if Hive was thought out quite well, I guess like most people we will find out over the weekend, and get a better feel for it.

    I would like to say thank you for the smooth transition I had from steemit and steemit communities, you have earned my trust and respect for having such a small team you have all done a wonderful job not only on your product but on keeping your users updated and communicating with them.

  • @carlgnash


    What I like about Hive vs. Steem:

    • Hive does not have to trust that Steemit, Inc stake will not be used to vote on DPoS governance nor will be dumped on the open market (while Steem has already seen Stinc stake used to vote on DPoS governance and JSun has stated publicly he wants to dump Stinc stake on open market)
    • Hive has a large team of developers already committed to working on the chain and an inclusive approach that is yielding more community developers committing to work on the project daily; while Steem has no developers at all (even counting Tron developers, Tron chain is a Java implementation and to the best of my knowledge JSun and Tron team do not have any C++ developers who could work on Steem blockchain)
    • The Steem name has always been a terrible name from a branding / marketing standpoint with obvious confusion point RE Steam gaming platform
    • The purchase of Steemit Inc by Justin Sun has only added to negative connotations surrounding Steem naming, as JSun is "controversial" at best descriptor and a con man by nearly universal acclaim in the crypto space

    2 URL choices: would be my choice of the URLs presented to have some continuity with prior naming and branding. Not convinced it is the absolute best choice. Beesocial might be another suggestion, it has a nice ring and fits with Hive naming without directly aping it, although I see there are some other businesses with that name (though none directly in this space I think). is available, is for sale for relatively reasonable price ($4.7k)

    I would prefer your witness to be on Hive. To be perfectly honest, anyone thinking of trying to support/use both chains is IMO doing a disservice to the community. Please anyone reading this, do not add value to the old Steem chain. Don't use it, don't run a witness for it, just dump your Steem tokens and leave JSun to play with his dumpster fire and worthless stake.

  • @chekohler

    Being the greedy person I am I'd ideally love it if was a dual chain supported front and can even prove as to be the ideal go between for those who sit on both sides and not forcing users to choose.

    I'd say would be the ideal name for me because we don't know where this will end up be it a full move to Hive as steem dies or a complete community split, perhaps even other chains wanting to leverage peaksocial in the future too.

    Steempeak is by far the most polished front end why would I go anywhere else?

  • @georgeknowsall

    So all the idiots that are killing the steem blovkchain (and price) are "hard" forking so they can kill another chain while laughing at all the idiots that follow them ... I think that is about right

  • @lunaticpandora

    Steem for a While. Full on Hive. The Peak Network sounds cool, anything with dpeak or peakd sounds a bit silly imo.

  • @jacobtothe

    I haven't used Steempeak, although I was leaning toward migrating my bookmarks there due to Justin Sun. How that Hive is a thing, I currently plan to phase out STEEM altogether.

    I like because it can operate as a hub without any specific branding.

    If you can adapt your interface to let people cross-post to several platforms at once, that would be exceptionally cool. Imagine a one-click Steemit, Hive, whatever and a tweet, facebook post, and diaspora post at once should people want might be a cool addition. And since I don't code, I am absolutely certain it would be simple and painless to implement!

  • @ilnegro

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on? Both What do you like about Hive? I want to use steempeak on Hive too If you want to stay on tell us why. I want be able to operate on both blockchain What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand? I have made some proposal on discord, the short list above is very poor, no one for me is good, but I think is not so important for us as users What chain would you prefer our witness to be on? Both Any concerns you're having? No

  • @borislavzlatanov

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on?


    What do you like about Hive?

    Decentralization. And, I hope, much faster development.

    If you want to stay on tell us why.

    Not planning on using Steem anymore.

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?


    Any concerns you're having?

    What if Justin Sun wants to buy your frontend and legally prevent you from operating on Hive?

  • @nickyhavey

    Hey @steempeak, I did just write my last post on using your website so thought I'd drop by to offer some feedback:

    • What chain do you prefer us to operate on?

    I don't think this matters too much because the interface is the interface. If the user experience remains the same then you can run on whichever chain but I would say that it seems the majority (at least the more vocal members) of the community are looking to move to Hive so it would make sense to have that as your start point, settle there and then develop cross-chaining, perhaps speak with @andrarchy about their openseed developments and see how that can be integrated with your site.

    I think a chat function would be the next big thing to integrate in to stop people having to go to Discord but first things first 😃

    • What do you like about Hive?

    I think the vision of decentralisation is going to be realised with those that are going to be running Hive (or should I say, launched it). There's a load of developers from a variety of background and think they do have the best interests of decentralisation at heart. Of course, hard to say at the moment but there's a lot of well connected people running it so it will be interesting to see how it pans out!

    • If you want to stay on tell us why.

    I'm not too fussed about this although I think losing the "steem" association might be a good thing. Perhaps that is the learning experience from all this is that it's more about the dApp you use, rather than the underlying tech so become your own brand with your own independent name is what I'd say.

    • What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?

    The one that leaped out was "" and 2nd place would be dpeak but a distant second. "Social" feels welcoming.

    • What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?

    Probably Hive for the reason mentioned above as if you're going to move with the majority of the community then Hive would likely be more active I'd say but I'd imagine there'll be a transition period as general users will find out what's going on slowly but surely - it's been a mad month!

    • Any concerns you're having?

    Only where everyone is going to go and if people are going to be lambasted for choosing "one chain over the other"... crypto tribalism is a stain on the fabric of what it's trying to achieve but that's more a general concern haha!

    Anyway, hope you got something out of this rambly comment!

    Keep up the great work!

  • @kaelci

    I love Steempeak's user interface and web design and truly hope that I'll still be able to use it when blogging on Hive. I went to the normal steemit site the other day and almost died because it was so clunky and horrible compared to this masterpiece you guys have created.

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on? HIVE.

    What do you like about Hive? Honestly, that's a hard one for me because I'm not really entirely blockchain savvy. I have been here for two years and while I'm not exactly the most engaged person, I observe and lurk a lot, and spend most of my days reading other people's thoughts and opinions.

    My biggest draw to Hive is simply: that's where my friends will be, the weight that's burdened the chain will be gone, and it's exciting.

    If you want to stay on tell us why. I want to stay on a Peak-esque website attached to Hive, because the Peak is perfect and I'm actually surprised that you guys weren't working with the Hive crew and their hard fork, becoming the new default UI for all that is Hive.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand? I like Peakd, but after reading through the comments I also like BeeSocial!

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on? Hive

    Any concerns you're having? No concerns with the Peak 🙂 just hoping that things with the hard fork go okay.

  • @moeknows


    What chain do you prefer us to operate on?

    Hive. But both is acceptable.

    What do you like about Hive?

    The community aspect seems to be more ingrained from the beginning.

    If you want to stay on tell us why.

    I do like the interface, but I will probably move to Hive post fork.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?

    I honestly don't like any of them. Maybe instead of peaksocial. It rolls off better for English speaking people IMHO. Maybe Something that calls users who know nothing of crypto.

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?

    Hive since you will basically have no power on Steem (most likely).

    Any concerns you're having?

    I would like steempeak or its derivative to continue to support the majority of the community which I hope will prove to be Hive. If your small team is split between 2 chains I worry about your resources.

    Also, keep searching for a better name. Make a decision in the interim, but keep searching.

  • @amico
    • I will prefer you operate on HIVE
    • The brand and the absence of ninja-mined tokens
    • I don't want to stay on, because I choose HIVE
    • I prefer but I even suggest PeakHoney for your re-brand?
    • I prefer HIVE chsin for your witness and I'll support you Cheers & !BEER 🤗
  • @notconvinced

    As of right now, I'd prefer and love to use your platform on Hive. That being said, I'm not yet fully dedicated to leaving Steem, so would like to use your platform on both chains.

    Once those shouting down Justin are out of the way, he can then speak his mind and let us know his plan. We might like what he has to say.

    Right now, he'll only be insulted, the comment thread hijacked by haters and downvoted into oblivion. He can't have a conversation with those that want to hear him out.

    That being said, I'm going where Decentralization is the goal.

    As for a name how about

    "LifesPeak" or "PeakYourLife"

    "Where you take your life to the next level"


    "Where you voice is set free"

  • @captainklaus

    I will gladly support you on Hive, witness and all. I like and only thing on steem I'd like to keep is the wallet.

    Let's move!

  • @por500bolos

    So far there have been many requests of us since the announcement yesterday. But give us your honest desire.

    I think I will go with or something around the lines of or for your URL re-brand.

    And if you pick any of those curly names, you can swear I'll support your Witness, Hive Manager, Block Producer or whatevah you end up calling them out there. };)

  • @lightsplasher

    I would prefer you operate on Hive and I would vote for your witness there. It may not be worth putting any more effort into Steem but I'd like to take a wait and see attitude. My guess is that the sock puppets will take over at some point. Even if they don't, having a blockchain that is provably unsafe would not give a warm and fuzzy feeling to most investors that have a technological background imho.

  • @kus-knee

    You guys have a great product and we need you to be on Hive; period!

  • @maxsieg

    yes api node needed, but i guess we figure out a node from the network connection we see in 2 days on ... get_feed of both condenser and follow api is not workin and steempeak and esteem somehow solved it notsure how... please update API documentation i have no idea how to broadcast an operation (like vote) from the API docs since example is not working and does not explain refference block.... ive been either ghosted about the broadcast question or told they dont kno :/

  • @fago

    Aloha Steempeak! I have a proposal for renaming Steempeak.

    Maybe you like it.

  • @jager567

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on?

    For the time being, I'd like to see Steempeak on both chains. By doing that, I will be able to use my platform of choice, regardless of what will happen with Steem or Hive.

    What do you like about Hive?

    I love all the hype around it! Steem has been through a dull period during the past half-year, at least not interesting enough for me to get back to it. It's totally by accident that I returned here during the Justin Sun debacle. I mostly came back due to the COVID-19 virus and because I wanted to see how far Steem came since my last visit. Unfortunately, all the news I received was awful. In these dark times, it's quite pleasant to see something positive happening again. This way we can finally leave the ninja-mined stake, that has been dragging Steem down since forever, behind us, and start over with a clean slate.

    If you want to stay on tell us why.

    I haven't decided yet where I want to go. It still feels a little like we're robbing Justin by forking his funds out of the new chain. I do understand that this is the only way forward since Justin is not willing to make any concessions, but that doesn't take away the feeling that we're practically deleting his funds from existence. As long as that feeling stays with me, you'll find me on, because that's just the best front-end available for the Steem blockchain.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?

    If the goal is to onboard new users outside the blockchain circle, I think would be our best bet from the given choices. My second choice would be to take some extra time and see if we, or the people outside of Steem, can come up with something better, potentially not involving peak.

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?

    For now, all I want to see is a full hype train. Therefore, I'd love to see your witness node running the Hive blockchain. That's our best bet for bringing some positivity back into our community.

    Any concerns you're having?

    Whatever happens, I sincerely hope that SteemPeak won't suffer too much if this fork doesn't turn out the way we hope it does. I hope you've got a back-up plan ready for when whatever you decide turns out to be the wrong choice because the last thing I want to see is SteemPeak in trouble.

  • @wedacoalition

    I would like to see you guys migrate over, imho this site is unmatched in its design and flow. I just started using this site about a month and I was angry i hadn't found it sooner, now i am a daily user. I don't trust Steemit in the hands of Justin not with all of his pumping and dumping schemes and his slipperiness. I see Hive as a new way forward, there always seemed to be something holding Steemit back and as an outsider looking in I had no idea that devs were being held back from devoloping steemit to its full potential. Now i feel all of the pent up creation will explode into something beautiful, this move has revitalized the community and brought exposure that we never seen before, and hive was able to get listed quickly on exchanges.

    Hive Peak is an actual mountain range in in Spain..js, I like Peakaby and Peakd.

    I would like to see your witness on the hive blockchain and I would also vote for it again if votes are not carried.

    SteemPeak imho is very important to the community and I just adore this site, so please come with us. I dont care how long it takes and I will support SteemPeak in the meantime.

    • Joziah Thayer Founder of WEDA - Twitter @ Dapeaple
  • @abitcoinskeptic
    • I'm going all-in on HIVE. Steam (damn autocorrect) is gonna die for me on Friday).
    • I like Hive's open communications and exciting Buzz. I feel a sense of ownership.
    • Not gonna stay after powerdown completed.
    • &
    • hive (steem will stay proxied for me)
    • only for the people's sanity how are dwelling on Steem

    Thank you for your welcomed and quality services. I hope you well in future endeavors and godspeed.

    Ps keep the logo the subtle hint to origin is cool.

  • @sgerhart

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on?


    What do you like about Hive?

    Decentralization must be the uncompromising principle!

    If you want to stay on tell us why.

    I am a new user, been here a few days, I see that most of the users I have read who I agree with about the promise and purpose of blockchain and freedom are all "operating" on steempeak. So I would take that as a good sign. Personally I dont even know how most of this works yet. I would say that the best course of action is to leave the stigma of steem behind and forge on even stronger. As blockchain gains momentum and widespread adoption this fork is going to be seen as a good thing in the eyes of the average user and grow Hive's credibility and appeal.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?

    Personally I don't really care for any of the suggested urls or names. I'll be using the best interface regardless of the name but I would think you would want something that reflects a dedication to the new chain. Why cant you use a .crypto or .zil url?

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on? Hive

    Any concerns you're having?

    Like I said, I'm new here and I gotta say, it aint easy trying to figure out how to navigate and build a presence here. I have been interacting on posts I find interesting and meaningful, but other than a few much appreciated replies, I feel very lost and left out, just spinning my wheels. Can anyone point me to some instruction besides the FAQs?

    Thanks for this post Peace

  • @viking-ventures
    1. I want to be able to use SteemPeak (as it is/will be) on Hive. (Though in an ideal situation, those who wish to run on Steem would be able to do that as well - like a on/off switch.)
    2. I like that Hive won't be SteemTron anymore. Steem was good. SteemTron is scary.
    3. I love the Steempeak front-end. I love having my templates, my scheduler and all the other wonderful features you've developed over the months. I plan to stay on this front end (whether it's called Steempeak or anything else) until I'm no longer able/willing to blog on the blockchains.
    4. Dpeak is my favorite. Peaksocial is my second. Peakd sounds like a has-been.
    5. Hive
    6. I just want to see a smooth transition with people able/willing to fix problems as they arise (as is usual for you guys!)
  • @trafficinsider

    Thanks for taking a thoughtful approach to your future operations.

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on?

    Hive I guess. It is going to need some familiar apps to help it gain traction.

    What do you like about Hive?

    Its potential, and at this point that is all anyone can truthfully say.

    If you want to stay on tell us why.

    I am a new user of your service, so again I like its potential.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?

    Based upon your vision as outlined of what you hope to become then is the most promising. The other options listed seem contrived and gimmicky that will not age well.

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?

    First of all, I don't like the term "Witness" for the functions that one performs. A better generic term would be "Advocate". But to answer your question directly; if Hive is your home base then on Hive you should advocate for the community.

  • @denmarkguy

    First off, we need you on HIVE! @steempeak has been by far the best interface for accessing the Steem blockchain and I'd really like to see you be the "flagship" front end for HIVE.

    Why? Because now that we're really going to have a decentralized community, more people will be putting sweat equity into promoting HIVE to the outside world... and the most suitable entry point for non-techie social content users would be a re-branded Steempeak.

    So let's talk about the NAME. At first, the inclination is to include the "Hive" name... but WHY? Maybe the best name out of the suggested batch is actually "PeakSocial," because it says what it's about ("social"), and it's readily scalable/transferable. As "Peak Social" you can still continue to serve Steem if you wanted, and HIVE, and if some other blockchain social project came along, you could serve them.

    Think of PeakSocial as a "wrapper" for many potential things. Maybe even customized/customizable front ends for some new version of SCOT tribes?

    But if you wanted to include HIVE in the name, my second choice would be (not listed) "HiveSocial" which again has a high level of "self-explanatory."

    What do I like about HIVE? For starters, I like the name. The last "social web experiment" I really liked was now-defunct Names like "Tribe" and "Hive" have great self-explanatory marketing ooomph. "Hive" is the sort of name that's competitive with "Facebook;" it doesn't sound silly. "Steem" was always a weird name. What else I like about HIVE is that it represents a sort of "landmark case" of the power of community consensus decentralization... if what we're doing here actually works, it will set a precedent that this kind of structure IS, in fact, capable of standing up to challenges from "the establishment."

    Do I want to stay on Steempeak? Well.. to the limited extent I will still be part of Steem (I plan to keep my account marginally active to occasionally come back and make a pitch for HIVE) I hope to still use the interface... but I'm not attached to that. Do I want you to stay with Steem? Not my call. I hope you make HIVE your home base.

    As for your witness, I would strongly suggest HIVE. Seems we've already seen that JS does want to be part of governance, at least when it suite him. I would submit that running a witness on HIVE makes a lot more sense, even if it involves rebuilding to some degree.

    Anyway, I'm totally with @kus-knee in agreeing that you have a GREAT PRODUCT.

  • @mattclarke

    Witnesses should be re-branded to capitalise on the fact they're actually human. Fleshpuppets And since we've 'nicked off' from Steem, the new site shoud be Peak-nickers. You guys are so lucky to have my help.

  • @roleerob

    Great update post, given all that is going on @steempeak / @jarvie. You have long had the best UI for the Steem blockchain by far and I’m sure there is a great sigh of relief across the “Steemisphere” that you are making the effort for us to be able to continue using our favorite UI once the “big move” to Hive is in the rearview mirror.

    My requested input:

    • I prefer you operate primarily on Hive, but give us a little time to “fade out” on Steem (see below).

    • The promise of greater decentralization and associated benefits. Whether that is reality remains to be seen, as I have my reservations …

    • While I imagine long term I will be moving away from the Steem blockchain altogether, I would still like to have access to SteemPeak for a time. Kind of a “fade out” is what I envision, but hard to say right now. I think everyone would understand if SteemPeak did something similar, i.e. kindly support us for a bit, but with some advance notice, begin a “fade out” of your own …

    • From the list you have provided, my name choices would be 1) and 2), but why not combine them into If so, is Social_Peak.Network better still?

    • If you continue to be a Witness, I will be supporting you with the + 22.4 MVests under my control. On Hive for sure, as that is primarily where I expect to spend my future time. On Steem, too, if it benefits you somehow. I will support your Witness wherever it is.

    • Not a concern really, but just to clearly state my preference for using the KeyChain / SteemPeak combo, i.e. I hope KeyChain gets ported across!

    • Wish list (I know you didn't ask, but ... ), a really good mobile version for our smart phones!

    “See” you soon, on the other side of the big move to Hive! 👋

    🐝 🍯 🐝

  • @edb

    Thanks for being on top of this. It's understandable that app developers will want to rebrand to a name not tied to a particular platform.

    I'm going to Hive, because developers and users will be more motivated to contribute to the platform when it isn't dominated by one company anymore.

    As for the names, I like And if I have to choose a second one

    My concerns are as you said, what happens to the images hosted on Steemit? It should be possible to rehost them automatically while they're still online, but it won't be easy. Will our passwords be safe if they've been used on Steemit? I would change them to be on the safe side. And what is Steemconnect going to do? They're an essential service, but they're not very communicative.

    Update: Steemconnect is taken over by eSteem and will migrate as HiveSigner.

  • @ura-soul

    A Hive is a centralised hierarchic system where the worker drones feed a fat queen. It is literally the opposite of decentralisation - however, it seems those with the loudest mouths would rather tell me to shut up than listen. Oh well - how ironic and sad. As far as the steempeak name goes, I don't think steem 'anything' is likely to work if hive is successful. I don't really know what the meaning or value of 'peak' is, other than 'being at the top' - which is again a centralised reference and not a decentralised one (in terms of hierarchy).

  • @charlie777pt

    bhive.xx behive.xx beehive.xx Is it too crazy the option to publish in both chains or in one of them?

  • @practicalthought

    I still have not used your site, yet have considered it unlike any of the other alternate Steem apps. Hive will need a main interface, and I'm a little surprised they haven't contacted you to be that interface based on the rep you have built here that far exceeds any of the others (imo).

    I believe this chain will be transformed beyond recognition due to the war taking place and the ultimate end result which will be the forced migration to Tron. Hoping you will have your witness on the new chain, and be one of the pioneers in making history in the crypto world on the power of a real community.

  • @crazy-unicorn

    Do you want an interface that operates on Hive?

    Yes. Please. I'm so hyped :) Good luck!

    What do you like about Hive?

    I'm not sure I understand what will change besides no more ninja, but overall I like change and progress / innovation, so I want to see how it grows :)

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?

    I would choose because it's "smooth", and because it sounds so funny and like a cute place.

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?


    Thanks for being so great :)

  • @geekdancing

    What @kus-knee said.

  • @wakeupkitty

    I do know nothing about Hive yet so I cannot say anything about it. I use you for scheduling because I have no other options but have a very hard time loading the site. I wish with younit's possible to post everywhere not only hive or whatever you choose. and would be great names. If you explain the support way I know what you mean by it. Thank you. 💕

  • @cryptoxicate

    IMO it would be great to have such platform jn both chains, there will things that i would like on both ends, I dont want to leave steem just because justin and the witnesess couldnt agree on something, the monent I leave steem is when it doesnt work for me and my friends anymore but until now its not the case so it will be great to continue using steempeak keep up the good job awesome platform

  • @evolved08gsr

    Operate on Hive. Witness on Hive.

    Why? Steem is dead. Long live Steem. Hive.

    Call yourself "Peakness" 👍

  • @revo

    I'm going hive all the way. Fuck steem. I vote for moving your witness to Hive and letting steem fail. Names:! If I had to vote a second I'd say, but is the best by far.

    Can't wait to see you guys on the new chain! :)

  • @jasonbu

    I concur with many of the comments below. Steempeak is the primary interface to the blockchain that many have adopted. I think we need to have you on Hive as the defacto entry point. is probably one of the better choices, in my mind but that beesocial certainly could work as well as a url. Lots of decisions to make for all of us, let alone have business factors to contend with in the mix. I'm hoping you decide to support and run on Hive.

  • @stuffbyspencer

    I'm going to support Hive, and I hope that the SteemPeak team does as well. I'd love to see you on there, and would support you.

    As for the name, I personally find anything with "d" slapped in front of it a bit stupid & overused ( I should know, I made a project with that naming structure myself lol ). It just sounds kinda corny & lame tbh. Out of the options you provided, I personally find the most appalling. After all, if your plan is to support multiple chains, then having "network" in the name would make a lot of sense.

    The idea would be this is the "peak" of social experiences. A "network" of community hubs & spaces. I really like the sound of that!

    Here's hoping I see you all on Hive :^)

  • @intrepidphotos is the best of that list for me.

  • @minismallholding

    I can't say that I understand all of that, but I definitely want to see Peak as a hive front-end. As for keeping a Steempeak front-end, I figure that you'll keep one there unless it becomes unviable. If I feel I need to use Steem, then I can just add easily use Steemit if you drop things there. Hive is where the communities I've come to know and love are headed, so that's where my heart lies. and have a nice ring for me.

    I'd support a Peak witness on either network, but I don't see JS allowing anything other than his own near the top 20 to have any influence.

  • @mcoinz79

  • @jacobpeacock

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on?

    Hive and Steem. Or Just Hive

    What do you like about Hive?

    Free from having a troubled history. Changes to mitigate hostile takeovers.

    If you want to stay on tell us why.

    I will use it long enough to Power Down my STEEM.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand? & because I like the names.

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?

    Hive blockchain.

    Any concerns you're having?

    None currently. :)


    What chain do you prefer us to operate on?


    What do you like about Hive?

    No Justin Sun or Ned. No Ninja mined stake. More decentralised.

    If you want to stay on tell us why.

    I might use occasionally to share my Hive posts on Steem (although i think i can do that with Alt-Yes, so maybe not). Or perhaps i might use it occasionally to persuade Steem users who have not moved to Hive to do so. If you are asking why i would use (or whatever name it is rebranded with on Hive, then; Because of: Much better interface than others i have used. Side by side Edit/Preview. Drafts. Snippets. and much more.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?


    Any concerns you're having?

    Binance should not be airdropped. I'm getting very little response from my proposal to use Matrix-8 for (at least some part of) governance on Hive. Of course i realise everyone is very busy right now. But i have been campaigning for over 2 months and very few seem to have looked deeply. Anyway, i am patient, persistent and praying that a proper proposal for Matrix-8 (when it is made) will get supported and built on Hive.

    More info. about The Matrix-8 Platform, an owned by no-one, multi-level governance system, decentralised real time Democrity, in my post of earlier today:

    A Key for Hive to Thrive Matrix-8, Don't be Late

  • @edouard
    • Hive
    • the promise of decentralization, censorship resistance and down the road, less fake news.
    • Exactly why
    • I don’t like them, how about or, think about it, do your names have any appeal to the Chinese market? Peakapi scores best in that respect. DPeak sounds too sexual.
    • Hive
    • A happy camper

    I am really thankful for you taking the time to write this post, I think decentralized social media empowered to reward content creators with digital money is more important than ever. The only virus I’ll catch here is... never mind!

  • @marketingmonk


  • @deanliu

    Peaky ......

    dot whatever

  • @bil.prag

    i liked your ideas from the start, and you did great job on this. you fup photogames because of it, but forgiven :D

    i will be on steem for at least 13 weeks so having steempeak to use would be nice. i do feel i will move my regular activities to hive. people are creatures of habit and i have a habit of using whatevernamePeak so nice to hear you will be there.

    Will support your block producer (not that my stake will matter a lot)

    as for the name, did not read the comments to not be influenced, my first thought is other, but i have no idea what would that be 😀

  • @paulmp

    I'm definitely for moving to Hive, I'll use Hive either way. I like Peakd and peaksocial

  • @glenalbrethsen

    Hey, @steempeak / @jarvie, et al:

    Here are my answers to your questions—

    • If there's a way to crosspost to both chains, that would be good for me (not sure how others would feel about that, though). However, if I have to choose one, then I think HIVE, for the simple reason that STEEM is likely to become TRONitized at some point, barring some major about face.

    • I like the idea that HIVE can start out more decentralized than STEEM. Whether it will actually be that way from the beginning, or stay that way, we'll have to wait and see.

    • I actually think for all the reasons you said you would rebrand, that doing away with is for the best.

    • I'm not really fond of any of the choices, so I'm going straight to OTHER with a suggestion:

    —Someone has already mentioned something like (or what might be reasonably available). I like the idea better of or whatever. It has the advantage of going with HIVE, but also potentially being independent, and the word bespeak has some interesting (and some fitting) definitions. It could be considered bee-sPEAK, or bees-PEAK,either of which works great for what you are and what you want to be. PEAK remains prominent in the new name in either case, so you don't have to do a complete logo overhaul. :)

    • If you really want to do a witness, I feel like there's a better chance of being a consensus witness there than on STEEM, the way things are looking now.

    • There are all kinds of concerns regarding the TRON takeover of the STEEM blockchain and now the impending hard fork. No easy answers, a lot of unknowns, and plenty of hard feelings all around. So, yeah, all kinds of concerns. Not entirely sure what to do about any of them other than to watch both chains and see where they go after Friday morning.

    I do wish you luck, regardless of what you do. I think you've been a great, innovative addition to the STEEM blockchain, and have ambitious but achievable goals for the future. The trick is always moving forward, without getting ahead of yourself, or forgetting what (or who) got you to where you are in the first place. I hope to see all the improvements you're planning in the not so distant future.

  • @hamnox

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on? Hive. No question there.

    What do you like about Hive? Steem is getting hard-forked one way or another, if JS has his way. Hive looks like the fork that has investment and momentum. The name is a good nod to the communities-focused nature of the chain.

    If you want to stay on tell us why. The interface is nice. Admittedly I haven't branched out that far in trying others. Something always felt a little uncomfortable about how steemit branded itself in relation to steem, though I didn't know the depths of it... I just knew I wanted something that was stable, secure, and not steemit. What's the point of a dApp if everyone uses the official corporate endpoint anyways?

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand? Of those listed, I saw BeeSocial in the comments, I like that too.

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on? Hive. I spitefully want a bunch of witnesses to stay back on steem and fuck sun, but the health of the real blockchain takes priority.

    Any concerns you're having? I'm worried that a "watch and wait for stability" approach from some dApps switching over will lead to many lost posts from a user perspective. Worried about how onboarding new users and recovering accounts will work out, the new chain is necessary for the community to come together to solve such concerns but I'm not sure it's sufficient... and it might not be fast enough to avoid a significant upheaval. (Especially if the 30-day voting block applies to airdropped SBD.)

  • @drutter

    Oh, great..... now I have a million links in my various articles, which are going to link to nowhere? :(

  • @mytechtrail

    My preference is hive block chain with #1, #2

    I will probably use for awhile to see what happens over there during the transition.

  • @yahialababidi

    Peaksocial, for sure, on Hive ✌🏼

  • @lourdeshd6

    It would be nice if they gave you the option to use their own login method, without having to use keychan or steemconnect since the people who can only be accessed through a mobile device are limited to not using this dapp so well done; Since Android does not allow the use of the new steemconnect or the default one through keychan, we cannot download any extension to use it. I cannot use steeampeak right now because steemconnect does not work for me on Android 5 and for keychan I must download an extension that I do not have access to from my browser either because it is used on my mobile phone.😔 I hope you take into account the opinions expressed here, see you in the hive. @steempeak

  • @ash

    Tipping in many currencies, Connecting accounts, App communities, Patreon Like features, Token information on our wallet page for other tokens... just to name a few things.

    uhh this sounds awesome!

    We depend on a good API (One that also runs hivemind)

    anyx announced HIVE switch!


    Why not just "Speak"? There are 500+ domains these days, one should be free for it :)



    What chain do you prefer us to operate on?

    Both, ideally. Maybe with a little "reblog" button like you use for communities

    What do you like about Hive?

    The name is better, and hopefully there will be less focus on the chain/drama and more focus on getting normies in

    If you want to stay on tell us why.

    answered above

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?


    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?


  • @theguruasia

    @steempeak, It's still unclear more detaols about HIVE, specially who backed it, who dev the project. So I wish to wait till those questions resolved. THen yeah I hate to be at a TRON sh!t. That's the Novel Corona on Crypto Space. Therefore, it's better move to Hive Chain if all top witnesses will support that and I think URL is good to run on that too ;) $trdo


  • @valued-customer

    Here's your new name: Speak

    You're welcome.

    Not gonna spend a bunch of time looking at registrar info, but speak.ez, or .io, or whatever, must be available. The campers just can't afford them all.

    As to what I like about Hive, the only thing I can like about Hive is that it's going to enable the community that endured Steem's stormy existence to remain a community. Until we get on there, I won't know more. I don't expect Steem to remain of interest to me if Hive functions at all. I am not interested in being property of Sun Yuchen. I hope to support your block production on Hive, and don't want to have to migrate to another UI, so please do make the move to Hive.

    I'm a pretty big fan of Steempeak as an interface to this community. I turned to it when awaiting resolution of issues I had with the Steemit TOS. Very quickly I never wanted to go back to Steemit, and those TOS issues were never resolved anyway. Since then the development progress you have undertaken has impressed me constantly, and continues to do so today. Keep up the good work!

    To encourage your continued labor I voted for your SPS proposal, and also vote your witness. It's very little, as I have very little, but it's what I have, so it's what I can do.

    I'm quite excited to hear hints about the future you have planned for Speak (just rolls off the tongue like it's what tongues are for, don't you agree?) and am happy to be here, today, to be availed the benefits of your hard work and agile minds going forwards.


  • @yangyanje

    This is such an exciting time! So moved and fueled to migrate to a name that i totally embraced before it was chosen for communities! New bees nest for the hive! I also like speak or dpeak, hivesummit,

    Posted using Partiko iOS

  • @ervin-lemark

    First of all, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS! Very appreciated!

    Secondly; I've asked this a couple of times already:

    Users who have used SteemPeak to upload pictures shouldn't be affected but how will users who used Steemit in the past be impacted with images? The URLs should still work ... but for how long?

    Still, no good answer.

    Now to the answers.

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on?


    What do you like about Hive?

    It's a fresh start with complete history. It's an opportunity to fix what's not working good and to build on it, create consensus and governance.

    If you want to stay on tell us why.

    We don't know what will happen to when they lose all the dapps. At least, we'll need a functional wallet to get rid of the Steem :) Power down period included.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?


    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?


    Any concerns you're having?

    None. I trust you guys. Isn't it funny that a completely digital thing like the blockchain, and the layers above it, comes down to trust and beliefs? In the end, everything is about being social. We are a society and many communities.

    Thank you.

    Reblogged and fully upvoted!

  • @joeyarnoldvn

    My vote is for Dpeak and I am using right now to publish this comment with but I may use in the future to cross-post to Steem and I do plan to post to Hive in the future as well via whichever Hive app might be the best for that, and that may be Dpeak. Someday, my focus will probably be on Hive and I will probably just copy and paste some of my posts to Steem every once in a while with links pointing back to Hive.

  • @mondoshawan

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?

    For the rest I'll trust your sane judgement... yet I would like to have steempeak keep on running, as for now my observation is, that all this is going by far too fast. And to follow an "inexistente" community while supporting so much bad language and much to much idiopathic behavior is just not my thing, I guess! Peak On

  • @forexbrokr

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on? Hive over Steem. But I do like the idea of being non-exclusive and able to access multiple blockchains from your interface.

    What do you like about Hive? The chance to continue Steem without the risk of the ninja mined stake being used as Sun is now using it.

    If you want to stay on tell us why. I've only started using SteamPeak over Steemit in these past few weeks and plan on continuing once the move to Hive is complete. Steampeak looks better, it has more features and I like that it's independent to the blockchain in a way that Steemit never was.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand? My preference would be PeakD and DPeak, with the eventual goal to become simply Peak.

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on? Again, Hive over Steem. But if the idea is to be non-exclusive to any blockchain, you could run multiple.

    Any concerns you're having? Have never been a fan of forking within crypto, but hope this is really just going to be Steem minus the ninja mined stake. Also not sure about when or how to go about powering down on the Steem side.

  • @tattoodjay

    I have been using Steempeak for a long while now and would be lost without it so I think I echo everyone saying we need yyou on hive

    I love the suggested name of

  • @toocurious

    make it simple. stick with one chain, everything else is too confusing, steemit/steempeak is already super confusing for newcomers. makes sense to go with hive, ninja stake out, no chance of that stake being used to control the chain. that said a lot will depend on the workings of hive and if they can prevent a large stakeholder to control it. a lot of whales will be transferred there, so don't know how that will turn out.

  • @toocurious

    make it simple. stick with one chain, everything else is too confusing, steemit/steempeak is already super confusing for newcomers. makes sense to go with hive, ninja stake out, no chance of that stake being used to control the chain. that said a lot will depend on the workings of hive and if they can prevent a large stakeholder to control it. a lot of whales will be transferred there, so don't know how that will turn out.

    as a side remark peakd does not work well in my language (dutch), a lot of people would be asking us that with a t or a d at the end. just saying..

  • @okean123

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on?


    What do you like about Hive?

    More decentralization. More energy. No tarnished reputation.

    If you want to stay on tell us why.

    Best looking UI with many great features.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?

    I like but a .com domain would be great, not sure which one.

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?

    Hive. I don't see much reason in running a node on a centralized chain.

    Any concerns you're having?

    Could be hard to create a smooth transition for all users. Also, if Steem-Engine will not migrate instantly, there could be issues because of the tokens.

  • @tonytrillions

    !giphy buzz like a bee

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @nutritree

    I love the planned fork. The corptocracy has done little other than launch steem. I was shadow banned by the bot army and want to see there. I enjoy your front end. Thank you for all of your work. Decentralization is the only way forward unless you want one central authority to take over and destroy what people build collectively. Volunteerism!

  • @shadowspub

    In the short term, I'd like to see you on both chains. If Justin doesn't change his current approach it will become a moot point as Steem will not thrive. If by some chance Steem thrives, bridges between the two chains will be amazing.

    I like the option for a name. It speaks to your core work and leaves options for integrating other chains if Open Seed works as they want as a link.

    As much as I would like to spend more time using Steempeak .. it hurts my eyes to read much on it. The only discernible difference between the font on Steemit and Steempeak is it uses Serif font and that really pains me to say because I love sans serif normally but apparently my getting older eyes don't.

  • @leoplaw

    We need you on Hive.

  • @ryivhnn

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on?

    This question confuses me as you have a subheading saying you're intending on working with a lot of different chains o_O

    It's okay I'm easily confused

    What do you like about Hive?

    Currently just the idea. Haven't had a chance to play with it yet XD

    If you want to stay on tell us why.

    I don't like the other options.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?

    Out of what's in the list feels like it would encompass whatever chains you wanted to cover...however you cover them (my poor meagre brain is still puzzled by the first question XD).

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?

    Wherever you feel most comfortable.
  • @dollarbills

    Come over to Hive and get my support.

  • @diamond-head

    My suggestion is

  • @briarch

    Beesocial or

    Please don't use I want to create a resource for people outside the community and this is going to look weird to them. We need to draw more consumers in.

    Thank you for a simply excellent product for a content producer.

  • @remlaps-lite

    This obviously can't be done in a matter of days, but in the long run, I'd love to see an integrated front-end that

    • lets users choose to participate on one or both chains (or more)
    • (Optionally) Links user accounts between chains
    • dynamically tracks prices
    • automatically posts on the chain with the highest expected payout value
    • and integrates everything from both (all?) chains into a single perspective that de-prioritizes the location of the data.

    "The common people pray for rain, health, and a summer that never ends. They don't care what games the high lords play." ; -)

  • @flemingfarm

    Hive all day

    A real chance at closer to real decentralization and no dead weight hanging over the chain's head.

    I could care less what you call this site as long as it points to Hive. The UI/UX is the best of the front ends and I look forward to continuing to use it on Hive.

    I am most partial to the since that more so represents the Decentralized Peak and is probably the easiest to remember.

    Hive chain for the witness

    My only concern is that things will be working sooner than later and that we can all work quickly to move on from the corruption and disruption of Steemit and Justin.

  • @sleepingcowboy

    100 percent operate on Hive.

    Name; I like either or Leaning more towards as it allows a broader intuitive grasp of your overall focus.

  • @fwelectronics

    Can't wait to blog on this new platform.

  • @obvious

    What about the domain "" ? in analogy to

  • @briggsy

    Definitely need this site to be on the Hive chain, not overly concerned about Steem once the fork occurs, and it would make sense to drop that chain entirely. Hopefully there's no cross connect with Tron either, it's as tainted as Steem at this point, and for all the same reasons.

    As for the name, I like, but it might be a bit cumbersome in conversation to say out loud over and over. I like the peak part of the name, even having a lite phone app called sneakpeak or something, i dunno. Names don't necessary have to make sense linguistically (facebook, walkman, iphone, etc to illustrate the point), but it has to have a ring to it like Peakeasy (a play on "Speakeasy") or Peakit or Peakpal, something that doesn't mean anything yet has character.

    I've been using steempeak for good while, so I know you guys will do well no matter what path you go down. It wasn't luck then, and it won't be luck now that brings you success. See you at the Hive!

  • @xmauron3

    Hey @steempeak , you should consider rebranding to beehive <-

    or,beemeet .com

    What do you think?!!

  • @jacuzzi

    Hello, Long time fan and user of your services. I love and what you do. To address your questions:

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on?

    • Move to Hive. I will not be coming back to Steem unless JS makes a MAJOR u-turn in the next few days. Sure steem may do good and may hit $5... but Justin Sun is a dick.

    What do you like about Hive?

    • To be fair, it's like steem... just more community support. Also, but a bit better of a name to brand.

    If you want to stay on tell us why.

    • Well, yes, I would like to keep using Steem peak. The tools you provide and features are top-notch. I like the snippets.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?

    • Something like Social Peak. Because you are peaking Social attention.
    • or something like the final Peak. As its the top of the mountain, the final peak to see all the world the best.

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?

    • Hive. You will lose the witness wars to the socket puppets...

    Any concerns you're having?

    • Well, a lot. Due to the Corona, I have been out of work for 3 months. Money is so tight, Drama on the steem chain, the crypto I am invested 100% into. If this fails then well, I am totally boned and have nothing... so success is the only option here...

    If I can help you beta test or make a logo for you or assist, let me know!

  • @stellabelle

    100% hive. Why are you using the word "peak"? Why not something better with the word 'hive"?

  • @stellabelle

    Now that Justin Sun is censoring on Steemit, your answer should be crystal clear. Steem will most likely to go to zero. the word peak doesn't really do anything for me personally. i would suggest a total rebrand

  • @stellabelle is available. Protect your name with these domains: is also available. these make way more sense than "peak"

  • @brandt

    I've been very impressed with SteamPeak, thanks for building something awesome!

    I think it makes the most sense now to operate on the Hive chain. I agree with @stellabelle that "hive" should be included in branding, and I also want to respectfully agree with @whatsup that the proposed options do sound a bit pornish. :/

    I saw a suggestion in the comments to use This seems logical to me because even though it doesn't include "hive" it has the association. What would be really cool would be to use bee.hive, if .hive was a TLD.

  • @joebrochin

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on?

    • For now, it will be Hive, but the front-end user experience for the blog currently sucks just as bad as Steemit. Therefore, I hope you move to Hive.

    What do you like about Hive?

    • The continued desire to remain decentralized (such a thing really doesn’t exist, nor will it). The rest is yet to be determined.

    If you want to stay on tell us why.

    • See my answer to question number one. The @SteemPeak user side is much better.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand?

    • I really don’t like any of the choices provided, but out of that list I would vote for or My preference is you keep the “Peak” theme but show the Hive association in some way.
    • My suggestion is to stay away from anything not a traditional top-level domain (like .io). Many organizations also block non-traditional top-level domains as well.

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on?

    • Hive

    Any concerns you're having?

    • I have two concerns:
    1. The seamless integration of whatever SteemPeak becomes with Hive
    2. The Search functionality of SteemPeak needs improved to allow easier search of content using “Google Fu” like functions. (Ex: Quotes when searching for exact word or phrase.
  • @lextenebris

    Well, since you were good enough to ask…

    Let's take it a step back and have an up front question: Do you want an interface that operates on Hive?

    I've seen a lot of "what we want" statements coming out of the Hive people but I haven't seen something that's important for answering your question:

    What will they actually deliver for me?

    What's in it for me?

    Because, like most of the other creators on the Steem blockchain (and honestly, I do better than so very many others who work equally if not more hard on their content, thank you to the people who appreciate what I do), I don't see as much these days as I used to. A lot of the people who have been witnesses and developers over the last two years are also the same people involved with Hive, which makes them at some level responsible for the situation on the blockchain as it stands. I see a lot of promises but I don't see a lot of plans which include me/us beyond "here's a few fairly nebulous ideas and a whole new blockchain."

    Ideally, from a creator point of view, I wanted interface that works on everything, where I only have to post once and my content is distributed to wherever people might consume it. I don't want to have to worry about what database lives underneath whatever my audience wants to use. The more the merrier, whether it be Steem, LBRY, or Hive. From my perspective as a creator the multiplicity of back ends is just a complication that I wish would go away. As long as there is some way for me to be compensated I don't care what it is.

    Which brings us to another important fact about being a creator

    Users who have used SteemPeak to upload pictures shouldn't be effected but how will users who used Steemit in the past be impacted with images? The URLs should still work ... but for how long?

    How many tens of thousands (possibly millions) links on already established content go to or I haven't run the numbers and I don't have access to a database (unlike you guys), but it's got to be more than a handful. The lack of ephemerality is/was one of the big selling points of the whole idea of being a creator on the Steem blockchain with redundant interfaces. The idea was that the content couldn't/wouldn't be able to be destroyed and, being literally interwoven block by block with all the other creations on the blockchain, reference could be maintained.

    It's pretty unlikely (and by that read "bloody unthinkable") that Steemit Inc. is going to effectively make the whole blockchain unreadable, which is what would have to happen in order for that link content to go away. Are the blobs that the URLs refer to in those payloads not content interwoven with the blockchain in toto? If so, than that represents a whole different set of failures which weren't ever really put forward by the platform. (And now that I think on it, certainly weren't necessarily content stored in the blockchain proper but I'm betting that everyone who uploaded images directly to one of the platforms believed they were.)

    As a blockchain reading interface, however, it's not your responsibility to read content which is not part of that blockchain. If it's there, read it. If it's not, it doesn't resolve, and it's not your problem. That sucks for resources which weren't part of the cache, but that's a problem when it comes to all sorts of web ephemerality.

    And if so why? Also will there be enough 3rd party support to keep it running. And for how long do you need access... we recognize all of our users are about to be holders of STEEM tokens and HIVE tokens and need a wallet interface for both.

    What kind of functionality is going to be implemented in this new spinoff blockchain that would not be inter-compatible with the Steem blockchain, as implemented in under a month? None? Then why would you need to shut down or stop operating SteemPeak at all, at any point? If you have a new name, it's trivial to point both DNS at the same site. If both blockchains have pretty much the same functionality, and there's no way in Hell that Hive will have much more in the way of functionality or even a significantly different API, the only slight challenge will be giving people the option of which blockchain to do an operation on, and that's pretty lightweight user interface stuff.

    But since I have you here and while I'm asking questions, let me put one forward that I don't think I've seen anyone else actually bring up. And for the record, it's not a question which goes to your responsibility or what you (as an organization) should be doing, but one about the greater Hive blockchain design which you will become rapidly party to if you decide to become one of the major interfaces (and I don't expect do you not to):

    When we signed up for Steem, most of us there Steemit Inc., we relinquished some of our rights to our content to Steem as part of the agreement for being able to access the Steem blockchain. More specifically, Steemit Inc. entered into an agreement with those who use the Steem blockchain to replicate and duplicate their copyrighted material.

    The new Hive blockchain has entered into no such agreement with creators regarding their content. They have no legal grounding to replicate, duplicate, and distribute content originally intended to be posted to the Steem blockchain and part of the IP (however loosely) associated with Steemit Inc. If their intention is to duplicate the content of the entire blockchain, and if they intend to somehow be the inheritor of all of the accounts on Steem in the migration they have to be, how do they intend to justify that in a legal sense? There is no public good argument to be made, as in the case of research, and for a bunch to go on at great length about freedom from centralization and proper reward to creators that seems like a serious omission.

    Copyright is held by a creator from the moment of creation onward unless otherwise legally delegated. Even if it is publicly displayed, the creator still maintains copyright holding.

    Now, if Hive intends to effectively reset to a tabula rasa state with no content on the blockchain except/until this "airdrop" of Hive tokens to match the current holdings of Steem, that's not an issue – but that's not at all what I've gathered is the intention of the content of the new blockchain. Maybe it is and I simply have a misapprehension.

    But, summary:

    As a creator, I haven't seen a good pitch for why I should be more excited for Hive than moving to any other new social media platform.

    As it's been sold, there isn't a particular advantage for me on the new blockchain because I don't hold significant amounts of Steem nor have I been getting particularly good rewards.

    I want to stay on SteemPeak because I'm lazy, like most people, and it's part of my current routine to go to a singular website in order to engage with the Steem blockchain, and you would rather that I kept that routine up as would the people who really want Hive to happen as a single point of contact.

    Honestly, the list of options for renaming are all pretty terrible, but the best of the lot are probably and, end of the two the latter is so bland as to be completely flavorless.

    I really don't care what chain your witnesses on because, as a user of the platform as a creator, I get screwed either way and there's nothing I can do about it. From the perspective of a social media platform engineer, your best bet is to be on both chains in order to maximize the number of people you have a good argument for bringing on board to your website.

    And I think I've covered all of my concerns.

    Most of the people I've seen really engaged in this discussion are either mindless Hive drones (the pun makes itself, I just recognize that) or mindless Steem boosters. I have yet to see an actual nuanced discussion of what the experience is intended or should be like for the actual user base. In that sense, I'm extremely glad to see that SteemPeak is at least asking as an organization some of the interesting questions, but I am simultaneously disturbed that they haven't been asked in a significant way before and they certainly haven't been answered.

    But I appreciate the opportunity to try.

  • @chromiumone

    Most defiantly want you as a front end for Hive !!! Also those of us that still want to interact with the steem chain ( at least for 13 more weeks lol <,<) need Steampeak so we can avoid Steemit and it's BS. Love your service I prefer it to any other front end.

  • @lighteye
    • What chain do you prefer us to operate on? — Hive
    • What do you like about Hive? — Keeping it decentralized
    • If you want to stay on tell us why. — Because of decentralization
    • What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand? — Twinpeak & iPeak
    • What chain would you prefer our witness to be on? — Hive
    • Any concerns you're having? — More Suns
  • @darrenfj

    hmmm, some good stuff to think about..

    I like the idea of having a wallet for both that isn't somehow connected back to steemit.

    And this idea of using [insertName]Peak for various chains and focussing not on the chain but on being a place for content creators is amazing..

    Keeping this place as an option for people who are still connected to steem (like me, if only for splinterlands) is comforting to know..

  • @edb

    Another suggestion: could you add a setting which makes us post on Hive, but post a link to the Hive post on Steem? This will keep reminding casual and neutral users that we've moved. To be clear, this is a hostile action - I would downvote people who did the reverse.

  • @lifeaef

    Give people 1 year of domain redirection to the new Peak, that's all we need

  • @jarvie


  • @andrepol

    So many questions I have no answers to yet. What I love is reading "Hive support", because it means not to switch but to integrate.

    For a name I'm thinking of lots af thigs block, crypto, decentral. Add your PEAK. And I love the idea to have an independent front-end that naturally depends on chains. That's why I'm finally here when I'm looking for great features you already have. Chain on!

  • @vermithrax

    How about fixing first.

  • @themonkeyzuelans

    What chain do you prefer us to operate on? Still processing what is happening, certainly we'd go with the more decentralized, so Hive for sure.

    What do you like about Hive? The promise of real decentralizaction.

    If you want to stay on tell us why. The features are awesome but sure the name has no sence anymore if STEEM is dead.

    What 2 URL choices do you prefer for our re-brand? We like - The others are weird, and maybe we're so late to say proposals but we'll try:

    • blockpeak
    • peakablock
    • peakyblocks

    What chain would you prefer our witness to be on? If Hive will be as good as it says, then Hive.

    Any concerns you're having? Still confused about Steem decease and the Hive awakens, a lot of 'technical' lenuage that many people is not familiar with, new projects have to remember that there are people here that does not understand deeply how things work behind the scenes. Like us :D we came here for money, sure, like you! but we are still here because of the community, the people, to share stuffs we do and like, to learn stuffs, could not stop saying what we like from this community. BUT, we always need to do a deep research to notice what's going on, I mean... Come on guys! Explain things with apples please!!! hahaha! Hope to see you all on Hive.

  • @strumentiforex

    hello i need support i can login on but i cannot

    1. post
    2. access to wallet

    how can i fix?

  • @trendotoken

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  • @hikariws

    For sure, that action was unacceptable. Ned had been working badly for over a year.

    If he wanted to sell Steemit and leave, he should have burnt the pre-mined steem before, and sold only the company. By selling the pre-mined steem, he was selling the control of the network.

    If Justin wanted the company and not take control of the network, just after the buying he should have burned the steem himself.

    The end was him articulating with exchanges into powering up their customers' steem to take even more control on the network! And claim the community was a bunch of thieves!