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Hi everyone, it's @LivingUKTaiwan here with the weekend edition of the #TravelDigest. Today our featured posts starts from Poland to Bangladesh and finally to China. Three different cultures and locations, all special in their own way. Hope you enjoy reading them all.

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Travel Digest

#1 Amazing crosses in Podlasie (Europe, Poland) by @jakub1234

While in other parts of Poland, the church was subject to civilization influences, which is most evident when we look at the appearance and surroundings of modern temples, in eastern Poland little has changed in this respect. One of the elements of the Christian faith are crosses that have been placed in different places for centuries - along roads, in fields, in places recognized as holy. While in many regions of Poland this custom has practically ceased, Podlasie is still alive.

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#2 Kamalapur Railway Station || Friday Travel by @hafizullah

The Kamalapur Railway Station was renovated in 1960 but fully opened in 1969. In fact, if something is not complete, then it is not possible to get sufficient benefits from it. However, it is currently in a very important position in Bangladesh's communication system and is playing a very good role in keeping in touch with the whole country.

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#3 Shanghai, China [Travelreport] by @worldcapture

There is no way out on not going on top of a tower to see the city from above. I really tried hard to find a tower where I can go up for free but there was simple not a single one which wasn't either a rooftop bar or a visitor observation deck. So I've spend around 20$ to go on the second tallest tower of the world - The Shanghai Tower.

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