Update: Townhall & Witness Meeting

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Hello Steemians, we apologize for not updating you sooner but the last thing we wanted to do was give you inaccurate or untruthful information. We have now met with the TRON team and are excited to share with you the outcome of those meetings.

Town Hall

We will be hosting a Town Hall meeting a week from today, March 6th at 9 pm PST. We will provide Zoom meeting information prior to the meeting. Please leave any questions or comments to this post that you would like to be addressed during this forum.

Prior to the Town Hall, there will be a meeting between Steem Witnesses, Justin Sun and other TRON members, as well as the Steemit team. The meeting is tentatively set for Wednesday, March 4th at 9 pm PST. This will be a great opportunity for the Steem Witnesses to share their ideas and vision for Steem. The community asked for this, so we are happy to deliver on that request.

Our Visions

The most important question in our minds going into these meetings was not whether we share the same vision for Steem, but whether these two organizations, each with their own strengths, can work together to help realize one another’s visions. We were happy and somewhat surprised, to discover that this is the case.

Both organizations are trying to onboard the masses to the blockchain through amazing applications. But while Steem is taking a more application-specific approach that enables it to provide speed, consistent user experience, and free transactions, TRON is constructing an ecosystem of interconnected databases like the TRON blockchain and BTFS each of which serves a specific purpose. They see the Steem blockchain as the perfect addition to this ecosystem.

Making History

After meeting with the team we all agreed that the best way to progress our missions and add value to one another’s stakeholders is to connect our two powerful blockchains through Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps!

This would be the first time in history that two blockchains of this size will be connected to one another so that tokens can flow freely, and voluntarily, between the chains without the need for trusted intermediaries like exchanges.

New Path, Same Destination

We know that there is still a lot of work to be done to mend the wounds created by previous leadership and a rocky transition, but we are now confident that this partnership can be the new beginning that Steem so desperately needs. We hope you will join us on this new path toward achieving the same mission: to onboard the masses to the blockchain by tokenizing the web.

But let us know what you think. Do you think Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps sounds like the type of win-win solution that could help Steem and TRON explode into the mainstream? Let us know in the comments below and we will see you next week at the Town Hall.

The Steemit Team

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  • @abdulmanan

    No information about SMT?

  • @berniesanders

    Explode into the mainstream?

    If you think cross-chain atomic swaps are the key to going "mainstream", we're in deeper shit than we thought.

  • @klye

    Nice. This seems to be inferring that the STEEM chain will continue to exist, while being able to interface with TRON..?

    Hopefully this is the case and we can revert this soft fork and continue on forwards with development, on both chains!

  • @netuoso

    This would be the first time in history that two blockchains of this size will be connected to one another so that tokens can flow freely, and voluntarily, between the chains without the need for trusted intermediaries like exchanges.

    Well that is just straight false, but it definitely fits the established pattern of hyperbolic marketing that both Tron and SteemIt, Inc seem to engage in.

    As far as the meeting "invitation" goes, 9PM PST is a little more than ridiculous. If we are trying to get a time when the majority of time zones can participate, I think those in China could get involved before 1PM in their work day.

    Finally, Justin Sun has promised "airdrops" or some other token distribution to TRX holders. Why is there nothing similar being mentioned for STEEM holders? Really kind of comes across as TRX holders being the ones Sun cares about not both blockchains equally.

  • @markkujantunen

    Cross-chain atomic swaps are a great way to boost network effect in the ecosystem. How are SMTs coming along?

  • @will-richards

    Does this mean STEEM will be adding EVM and eWASM support? Which token types and standards will be supported?

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  • @deniskj

    Can we get a definition or description of what Cross Chain Atomic Swaps are and what they would entail?

  • @abdulmanan

    No update regarding SMT's?

  • @funnyman

    Sounds good. I think we would need more information on the Cross Chain Atomic swap. Are people going to transact / upvote using Tron as well? or will steem would be the sole entity for it?

  • @meesterboom

    I think this sounds positive and good. No doubt you will be bombarded with a bunch of negative shit but please ignore it :0)

  • @theycallmedan

    Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps > Token Swap

    This will keep Steem sovereign and boost both ecosystems. Bitcoin and litecoin did it, now making a blockchain like Steem, connect to a general application blockchain like Tron will be very cool.

    Mutual win-wins are what this is all about.

  • @paulag

    Polkadot and the web3 foundation have been working on connecting blockchains so this is by far a first, they are also way head. I still dont get why steem is not part of that.

    The word swap, rather than exchange pair is rather worrying.

    I think tron and steem can be strong together and there is potiental, but it will be easy to mess it up, and fast.

  • @nelyp

    Not quite sure what this means, but atomic doesn't sound good to me LOL.

  • @donekim

    How many witnesses participate in the Pre-Town Hall meeting? I think witnesses need to come up with a solution for Steem and Tron Blockchain to coexist as a parallel chain.

  • @cabi5boh

    What about the Steem Backed Dollars? I think the system could be imported in Tron to have a much larger backed equivalent "Tron Backed Dollars"

  • @mindtrap

    Is there a case to record the whole meeting so that both Steem TRON communities have an idea what's going to take place the next few months rather than just reading a report?

  • @tarazkp

    This is how I now picture Steem and Tron:

    RM soul.gif


  • @skylinebuds

    I think this is great news, I have always said it will great when we can more chains work together as one system. I mean let's see whats actually comes from this but it is so far some good news

  • @m31

    You use word swaps again, isn't "linking" the chains, more fitting? Unless I don't understand what is meant by Cross-Chain Atomic Sawp, jeeez sounds like term from scifi movie xD

  • @enginewitty

    Thanks for agreeing to meet prior to the Town Hall so we can lay out our intentions, expectations and hopes and all get on the same page or at least - in the same book where the pages are read. I think ultimately, the same goals are aligned for both chains in the cryptospace. But the softfork shows concern for our blockchain due to the lack of communication and, I haven't been here as long as others, but some bad blood appears to need to be let.

    • Witty
  • @marcus0alameda

    Interoperability due cross-chain atomic swaps may be not a key to onboard the masses, but it can lead to a network with more value of usage. Connecting two networks leads to a bigger network with much higher value following metcalfes law. However a mass onboarding requeires an easy usage of that entire network. We will not onboard anyone if he has to know what an atomic swap is.

  • @oppongk

    Cross-chain atomic swap, sound to be the most likely to push both tron & steem to the best destination we all wish this blockchain to be. This would boost the users with ease transaction & incentivize steem in many ways. We hope the Town Hall meeting comes off & going to experience much.

  • @oaldamster

    the best way to progress our missions and add value to one another’s stakeholders is to connect our two powerful blockchains through Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps!

    Yes, a bridge between the Tron and Steem blockchain, that is the best next step, I think. With Steem adding SMTs, being able to swap chains, make it so!

    Great news.

  • @nonameslefttouse


    Now with Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps!

    A late 80's early 90's cereal commercial comes to mind when I hear that inside my head. If we're going mainstream with that though, we might have to hire Mr. T to say it.

    I have two questions I'd like answered at this meeting.

    1. What the hell is a Cross-Chain Atomic Swap?(Never mind. Thanks Google.)

    2. Who took all the names?

  • @stackin

    Let’s see what happens 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  • @joythewanderer

    So basically “Steemit joined Tron Network” = there will be a DEX between steem and tron currency.

    At least the chain stays as it is. Good.

    I hope all the fuzz words the team throws on social media these few days is because they see the value of Steem ecosystem and would be willing to invest some marketing resources (yea, have to admit that’s what we lack atm on Steem) on the chain (yay something like pump steem price 10 times would do.... jk) not just to make tron ecosystem sounds awesome.

  • @fredrikaa

    Alright. So this has some good news and clarifications at least. I'm glad to hear that the news we've been hearing of plans for a "token swap" now comes down to atomic swaps that I understand is a 1:1 pair where you always have the identical number of tokens on each chain, rather than this being some new token that we are asked to trade in our STEEM in exchange for (as many have feared). This can be cool, as it practically means that there'll be opportunities for Steem dApps to utilize smart contracts if they want to, while others won't have to deal with Tron if all they need is already on Steem. Great. That settles a lot of concerns people have had.

    My main question is to what extent this is likely to benefit Steem or Tron the most? Is adding value to STEEM still the main priority of the team? Or is there now a conflict of interest where the new owners benefit more from Steemit developers helping grow the value of TRX? In that case, is the Steemit Inc stake, which is promised to be used to grow Steem, still going to be used explicitly for that purpose?

    Many questions still left to answer, but at least I feel a bit better from this post.

  • @coininstant


  • @jeff-kubitz

    So glad to hear the merger between steemit, steem, and tron will work to the benefit of all!

    1. Remove downvoters!

    2. leave advertising

    3. remove bots!

    4. Succeed and success!

  • @firstamendment

    Obviously a marketting person wrote the post. Someone who has mastered being evasive and trying to spin garbage as something we want or can agree too. No matter how you spin it, Tron is still as Justin Sun Said, S___. The answer that Tron/Justin Sun refuses to answer is why the f___ do they need a steem tron coin. Now that the atomic swap has been mentioned, it brings up new dangers to the Steem chain. Still the same dangers of the new mintage for which Sun Tron has not given any info on, but certainly a backdoor to try to get behind the issue of the control that the consensus witnesses have; Basically an open invitation for more Ninja mining on Tron's end that gets instantaneously swapped over to steem. In a matter of seconds or minutes the CCP owns all 20 consensus witness servers. Whether he allows Steem to exists as a block chain is doubtful, but the chain will effectively be dead whether it exists as a BTSF of a block chain once it is centralized. Again, Why does Justin Sun need a Steem Tron coin? He really doesn't.


    Since Steem is open source, and supposing he truly wanted steem's technology, he is perfectly capable of running his own Steem chain. He is perfectly capable of running his own fork of steem. So why does he drag us through this? The Chinese do Value Steem as a coin, but they don't value free speech. He wants control over that which he has no right to control, so he is trying to take over. He deserves the proverbial foot in the a__-but probably shouldn't for reasons stated later.

    BTFS is not the same as a block chain from what I am reading. Just another system that allows Justin Tron and by extension the CPP to delete whatever content they don't like. The users of steem for the most part moved here because they hate censorship on twitter, reddit, facebook, and elsewhere. We know the Chinese have been financing and controlling a good portion of the American communications industries and shutting down our speech-Since bitcoin and other cryptos are basically banned in China yet they are the top miners, I think we can speculate where the crypto is going and why certain big tech CEOs and companies have so much of it.


    Tell your communist party pussies that we aren't interested in the CCP depriving us of logos (speech and reason; personhood) or our other rights. Don't expect to win us over by offering us a centralized platform with less features and more censorship than the tech giants. We balk and will walk at such a prospect, just as we balked and walked from Big tech.

    Nor do we want our dapps deleted because Sun thinks it competes with his ideas, nor for our ideas to be deleted at the whim of a court injunction from anywhere that has a mad dictator on the bench. It's bad enough trying to kick the family court judges off the bench, We also don't want the mad dictatorship of the Chinese communist party controlling STEEM. The moment that speech and reason (logos; personhood) has ended, it should be without question that a controversy is ripe to transmute into a state of war to regain our humanity. How many a__es do we have to kick to be able to speech freely these days.


    Nor do we want a theft by dilution through the new steem tron coins, nor do we want a sell off because of the air drop to tron. If Tron users wanted to participate in steem they would buy their own damn coins and use it. If we wanted to use tron coins, we ah...they are just as advertized but useless in my garden. We don't want Tron. Sure if Sun gave us 100 million tron I am sure we'd dump that s___ for bitcoin or USDT. We don't want to sit in the shadows of an inferior chain that no one wants to use, that no sane person would want to use, and that Mr. Sun readily abuses. If trons "decentralized" solution to everything is a centralized database, even the poorest of developers are better off to buy a $35 raspberry pi. It seems prima facie to be a fraudulent act to call tron an enabler of decentralized platforms or that it is capable of running dapps. You admit it yourself, it runs BTFS. A database that Sun/Tron ultimately controls. Nothing decentralized about it and something Sun can alter on a whim-Even if steemit remains on a steem chain he could still do the same when he replaces the consensus witnesses.

    If Ned Scott promised Justin Sun something that he had no ability to offer, we'd support Justin Sun Suing/pressing criminal charges against Lame Duck/sell out Ned Scott to reclaim his property. If that wasn't the case, Tell Justin Sun to take his worthless steemit dapp and leave the steem chain for good. We'll use palnet or many other interfaces. It's not like it is complex writing a social network; especially one this small. The biggest obstacle is marketing and getting users. So far, all Justin Sun has offered us is a message to stay the h__ away. Why the hell should any of us invest in Steem at the point with Sun trying to take over. The Sooner Sun leaves the chain, the more stable the future is for the chain, and the better it is for everyone. So get Lost Justin. Target Ned if you don't get what Ned might have promised you, not us. If you want to be made whole for Ned's dealings, don't leave us on empty.

    The private users of Steem developed the interface far better than all the millions of dollars and Steem you[steemit] pissed away over the years and obtained through fraudulent means (ninja mining). All those millions, and even your web APIs are broken for the basic necessities where developers have to find 3rd party work arounds. We don't need you and we don't want you. Be Gone, get lost, get the hell out of here. Stop wasting our time. You are a bunch of irresponsible sellouts and we are better off without you. I'd tell justice sun to go Fornicate himself with an iron stick, but since he lives in San Franscisco he'd probably enjoy it and he'd probably invite his daddy and big brother and call upon his ancestors to watch all kissy kissy.

    So on that note, tell him to return to his childhood home and stay there a couple months. I think it would cure all of our problems, Have a 电晕啤酒病毒 on us.

    Eli Powell, feel free to get a new Job. You are clearly not a developer. Tokenizing the web is crap. Even Justin Sun proved that point when he suggested a warrenbuffet coin. There are tens of thousands of erc-20 tokens, many more wave tokens, also have tron tokens, even SMT and steem-engine tokens and many more. Digital tokens existed decades before then. I would dare say that warcraft and runescape gold have more value than most crypto tokens-and they are database driven. So I fart in your general direction if you think the Steem Chain should join Tron's campaign of copy and paste what has been tested and failed tends of thousands of times. Its the classic definition of Insanity-as old as if not predating Sisyphus. @Aggroed already did that for the steem chain anyways on a side chain. So really you are moving the chain backwards if your goal is to play catch up to what independent developers have already done on steem. The future is in DAPPS, that means things besides tokens and blogs. Things that independent developers of steem have already done on a voluntary basis. You and Justin Sun have been made obsolete by technologies showing the steemit team hasn't evolved in 4 years, and you are pissing away what Steem is capable of. Please, Go Away! Are there html files, images, pdf files on the steem chain? Absolutely. Just one change in a line of code, any anyone technically could store videos in a steem dapp. But do go on, please tell us how the future is tokens and CCP centralization. Just let me eat more [vegetarian] beans first.

    I see developers aren't allowed-unless they are a top 50 witness. It is not about what can be done with steem, but purely about control of the chain. Something you should never be allowed to have. You are owned by tron and the CCP now, please go bye bye. You are a pawn of the enemy of the free people across the Globe. Don't let the door hit you in the butt of your way out; s___ splatters and we don't need the mess you guys leave behind.

  • @lacking

    Might be handy to explain wtf a "Cross-Chain Atomic Swap" is...

  • @hightouch

    Thanks for the update!

    I would like to address one issue and it's really simple, at least in my mind. Why Tron devs (or I can do it myself if you guys want it) are not creating a simple smart contract that will permit to people to use Steem VIA Tron, complementary as we do now with our Steem accounts. So the Steem blockchain could also handle transaction signed by the Tron wallets/users.

    Technically we only need 1 and only 1 smart contract on Tron to be able to transact with the Steem ecosystem. And we only need a small change on Steem to accept those transactions!

    From my opinion this is far the best option to keep those lovely chain as they are and permit interoperability between both of them. That will keep everything stable while giving an easy way to use/combine the Tron advantages with those of Steem.

    This will not need any swap, any big change, only an a simple implementation in both side.

    Edit : this option also give the possibility to have a dedicated TRC20/TRC10 for Steem on Tron. And basically we can give back the whole rewards for Tron users as SteemTron tokens or permit to users to swap their tokens at any time if they find it interesting.

    This will work 100% and I can easily give more details if you are interested.

  • @preparedwombat

    There are over 60 billion TRX but less than 400 million STEEM. What kind of ratio would be used for swaps and would the ratio remain fixed even if the two tokens had different inflation rates?

  • @reseller

    I like the idea of atomic swaps. I still think Steem is a superior blockchain. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when Justin call Ned asking why the steem witness's are fucking him lol.

  • @goldie7x

    Wow this make great in 2020 So good looking this news

    Bhy the way when or where i got app steemit?

  • @chireerocks

    @steemitblog, We are eagerly waiting for the Town Hall Meeting Session team. Hope that this session will going to clear up the Environment Of Confusion and both Steem and TRON will start a fresh and Mutually Beneficial Journey. Stay blessed team.

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  • @edgarare1

    A lot of questions @steemitblog I hope not to bother you for asking..

    Is there any conflict of interest ..?

    Why everybody is asking for a priority..??

    Is not Steem and TRON value for all of us..?

    What is the purpose then..?

    Maybe everything is good news @crypto.piotr

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  • @ragnarokdel

    This would be the first time in history that two blockchains of this size will be connected to one another so that tokens can flow freely, and voluntarily, between the chains without the need for trusted intermediaries like exchanges.

    This is how I imagined it should work as long as it's done properly.

  • @mobbs

    I'm still not seeing exactly how this is financially beneficial to anyone. It still feels like an uninformed purchase where the new owner is now desperately trying to find a way to justify the purchase.

    Like the modern artist: Paint random nonsense now, justify in the description later. I actually won a competition doing that once.

  • @belemo

    I can virtually taste the salt from the cummulative groans this will cause. It's an idea I'm down with and a concept I already started applying through binance to exchange my coins. This Union will be huge for all of us and this sort of collaboration is what cryptocurrencies need.

  • @apiekarczyk

    Why not EOS? Or Bitshares? Or both?

  • @freebornangel

    the new beginning that Steem so desperately needs.

    I'm calling bs on that, other than stinc not delivering smteees! and 'communities' being better than nothing at all for the true belibers that are currently holding Ned, et al,'s bags, we were progressing just fine after we forced HF 21 onto the chain. Delivering long promised code that has already been paid for is supposed to be par for the course, not super amazingly, stupendously, death defying lying to us about the reality behind the curtain, eh?

    could help Steem and TRON explode into the mainstream

    Unlikely. Honest, responsive leadership will do much more for us, IMO.

    Who sets the exchange rates on these 'atomic' swaps?

  • @retrocommodore

    This sounds interesting. Will the token swaps have a transaction fee?

  • @claudio83

    I hope and believe that there the two teams must work together for one purpose: the progress and success of Steemit! Cooperation with Tron is an opportunity for a great acceleration towards mass adoption!

  • @mehta

    This is very positive news as i see. I think investor also take this as a very good steps towards steem growth.

  • @roundbeargames

    "This would be the first time in history that two blockchains of this size will be connected to one another so that tokens can flow freely"

    lol stinc, you're telling me steem and tron are bigger than bitcoin and ethereum?


    you're not the first either cuz atomic swaps have been in existence for years.

    and why do i get a feeling justin is gonna come up with a random webpage and call it "atomic swaps"?

  • @lordbutterfly

    the last thing we wanted to do was give you inaccurate or untruthful information

    Hey, good to hear.. Got plenty of that these last few weeks. lol

    They see the Steem blockchain as the perfect addition to this ecosystem.

    I dont see TRON a good addition to the Steem ecosystem but wer stuck together so we will take them. Welcome TRON to the Steem ecosystem.

    Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps...

    That sounds good. It doesnt exclude fuckery from Justins part but its a good step int he right direction. Hopefully, everyone remembers that only by acting and "showing our teeth" did we manage to force Justin to flip his rhetoric on its head.

    But..nothing is over till code is in place so we need to keep on our toes.

    no matter what comes through that gate you will stand your ground gif - Imgur.gif

  • @carapthian

    This is great progress! I think if the Steem and TRON community can find away to work together in a constructive way, there is a bright future ahead for us. We need to attract more and more users to Steemit and positive messages about the cooperation and the joined roadmap for sure will help us get there!

  • @shakil-ahmed

    It is a valuable news for all steemians..

    Please resteem the post & spread the news.

  • @cloudspyder

    Atomic Swap is first seen on Komodo blockchain yet still unknown to the masses.

  • @cloudspyder

    Question: What is your plan with SMT?

  • @ew-and-patterns
    • timeline for SMTs
    • burnup charts
    • weekly communication
    • explain what is Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps in detail but laymen terms
    • Explain role of Ned today
    • number of steemit incs core team members
    • how big is the Tron team you are communicating with
    • steem is the better chain with 3-second fee-less transactions and mass scalability, why would one who understands steem even consider bringing that on the weaker tron chain. Shows someone didn't even understand what he bought and publically announced on twitter.
    • how big are language barriers? English is not a very difficult language.
    • next steps
    • now that you seem to have enough funds, will the programmatic selling stop immediately?
  • @mahdiyari

    It's nice to see that you are deciding for the community! Our community always hosted such meetings and invited Steemit inc. Now Justin comes and sets a date to meet him. We already did. Remember AMA

    It is not a meeting, it's like Justin deciding where we should go and what we shall do. It's a damn decentralized blockchain and Steemit inc already received millions of dollars for being part of it.

    No offense. I appreciate what Steemit developers did in the past 4 years. But now Justin decides what community wants. On day 1 he announced there will be a "token swap" without knowing what we want. Now I wonder who agreed on "Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps"?

    If you want to work together with the community, it's not the proper way.

  • @fluffcloud

    Cross-chain swap without abusable big storage wallets sounds great but if these exchange accounts are eliminated I expect that there will be some kind of accounting ON STEEM CHAIN ensuring that Tron chain can't return more STEEM to Steem chain than how much has been transferred to Tron chain

  • @roman1368

    nice video

  • @smarthamster72

    will see what is going on next week original_51079367.jpg

  • @doingdailies

    have a cookie


    cant say you lost me

    but i also dont like to see people squirm


    even if today's the day, most of us who actually matter

    you need to learn to make repairs behind the screen

    or else

    not even i have a clue if you were in cahoots to make a million

    or if you are all just

    i dont know

    clueless hippies with a degree paid for by daddy ?

  • @tyrnannoght

    a small token of appreciation
    Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.
    *W. Clement Stone*


    (if you dont want these or consider it spam then please leave a reply to this comment instead of downvoting and i will follow up)


  • @doingdailies

    nobody wants excuses

    no matter what they tell you

    they want the dough

  • @doingdailies

    get the fucking picture and leave the rest behind

    most will get a blank stare and reset anyway once you say "blockchain"

    its all good

    if you do it right


    just please dont spit that in my direction anymore

    im totally down with it

    we're not gonna beat bitcoin

    (experts by now notice the word of the use me)

    we're gonna beat larrimer

    heh heh

    nothing in business works better than a common cause

    it might work

  • @wizzdom

    Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps sounds like the type of win-win, the main direction in the cooperation is to continue develop steem as a independent blockchain, we have a lot of coins in crypto market and most of them we can only hold and transfer, but the steem is more powerful and functional blockchain.

  • @heimindanger

    I don't think the STEEM community is interested by atomic swaps, which means more development time. We already waited for SMTs for literally years, and still waiting.

    I think the STEEM technology is already amazing by itself, even if you cannot do smart contracts in it like TRON, it covers the largest use-case of web-apps (think facebook, youtube, games, etc). Developers can start working on a steem app without having to learn a new language (solidity), they can interact with the STEEM chain in any commonly used language (javascript, python, etc).

    STEEM has a falling userbase and problems with user retention or onboarding. See this post for factual data: https://steemit.com/steem/@dalz/how-many-active-users-accounts-the-steem-blockchain-actually-has

    And that's the #1 issue for STEEM right now. STEEM needs more users, and more marketing leverage.

    A good win-win first-step solution for me would be to offer free TRON accounts to steemians who have enough Steem Power. And vice versa, offer free STEEM accounts to Tron accounts if they have enough TRX staked. Let the people discover the advantages of both networks before forcing anything upon them.

  • @doingdailies

    how about


    show me a true demo of what blockchain can achieve and


    someone will get interested

    scambagging is easy

    demo is hard

    certainly made the crowd move

    mister Robot was never in it for the money but you certainly made the crowd move


    you had someone who doesnt need the money and someone who doesnt care


    imagine the options

    i would simply take the open-source

    and spend another billion at this stage

    it certainly is a great concept

  • @doingdailies

    something that doesnt say "pay now get later" might work

    but i can't guarantee that at this stage

    100.000 dollar whales are bad news

    billionnaires are bored

  • @doingdailies

    anyway, mister Sun (dont call me that ... ik now the last girl said DONT CALL ME SWEETIE ILL SUE YOU)

    its awfully interesting to see how you get pushed over by a few 100.000 dollar texas whales


    i eagerly await

    but i cant help anyone right now

    on the other hand

    im probably the only real person here

  • @doingdailies

    lets not blame it on justin or steemit, they're just humans

    blame it on the marketeers

  • @doingdailies

    the conscencus would be : "we agree to go on as long as no one gets to rule"

    am i wrong ?

    (im always right but they told me not to say that, it makes me look bad)


  • @doingdailies

    what facebook's all about : https://youtu.be/UPe_9w0Ct7E


    you dont want the votes

    you want the comments that arent bots

  • @doingdailies

    i just had a reminder of how i cant be me it wasnt fun

    it was some kind of release

    it probably saved some people

  • @doingdailies

    are you jerking off to your own response ?

    i have issues with you people you think you own


    you should be happy they wanna

    but its okay

    you should is something i learned from you and i hate it

    you shouldnt if you dont wanna

    it only creates enmity

  • @doingdailies

    yo, sweetie (DONT CALL ME SWEETIE ILL SUE YOU) , youre getting response

    most people here never get that

    you're still in charge , right ? or was that just a Texan cowboy-thing ?

  • @doingdailies

    town hall sounds so salems lot

    it feels like home

  • @doingdailies

    i guess i ha

    thats all folks

    i dont see my money rising

  • @doingdailies

    the masses


    i dont see my money rising

    i didnt like YOUR tripe anyway

    wheres my fuckin money ?

    they tend to be quite resilient

    i should know

    im just a mutant

    i feel a lot better at home down here

    things are


  • @doingdailies

    what foot ?


    let me know when you have something serious to say

    to me

    not them

    i wouldnt call them my friends

    but i trust them with my back

    1000 times before i let you have a look at it

  • @steevc

    Can someone please make @justinsunsteemit aware that Steem does have abuse issues? Unless some big accounts help out by flagging and/or delegating to those who do then it is likely to get much worse if we have an influx of new users. A few whales could cancel out all the paid votes and make for more organic rewards distribution. Efforts like @steemcleaners and @steemflagrewards can only do so much. We have a load of volunteers in vigilante roles for little in the way of rewards. I expect most users do not use their free downvotes for whatever reasons.

    Let's make Steem great!

  • @doingdailies

    i have no shame but

    despite the fact that i wasnt born in Poland


    this is not America

    this is global

    you have to let everyone in

    i am kiplings cat in a schroedingers nest

    i am not you

    i am not them

    i wonder what im doing here

    free speech ?

    not sure

    steinford is probably an old man too

    i never been that much a fan until i hurd it was forbidden

    maybe im the snake

    i just wanna fuck eve

  • @doingdailies

    dafuk you know about my clan ?


    i talk to them , im a muslim terrorist

    i talk to them im a fukin na zi

    dafuk you know ?

  • @doingdailies

    i gtg really

    you got response




    every fibre of my being despises you for what you try

    not just for what you try to use me for


    thats okay ill just keep voting and stuff

    after all

    we are very excited because everything's great

    they didnt like you anyway mate


    you're not black, not gay

    not even some kind of whatever

    Trump likes you

    wether i do remains to be seen


    i wont censor you

    yea i should

    its gonna get like

    if i dont

    how is that ?

    think you got issues ?

    put an irishman in london and pretend this is america


    i already explained what i would have done if i were justin sun and

    fairy tales for the believers

    i dont see my lambo crawling out of your ass,


    and that's that

    you're gonna have to do better or

    like most of my ex-employers used to say

    "you can do just a little better"

    "i KNOW" i can SEE your potential

    all you have to do is put your back into it

    just a little more and


    we will

    bla ...

    wheres my fuckin' money ?

    americanos ? you thought the muslims were bad (i didnt say that)

    just go around taking peoples money on a fake promise giving nothing back ?

    george bush or homer simpson ?

    i only know two of you

    you're not selling it out of your ass?


    are you now ?

    hmm ...

    i wasn't


    no i wasnt i was really

    i want justin sun to make me money

    you werent makeing me money no one is making me money but everyone keeps saying they will now in comes a billionnaire

    and the first thing you do

    is make sure the only ones getting money is you

    altruists as we all are

    i can't get with that as if my name were n'umber Jaz-z

    i CANT

    if you want only people with money dont post get money on the frontpage

    i want justin sun

    to make me some money on this gods-forsaken place where 10 americans make money and

    i forgot the rest

    he can't hack it ?

    he's a pushover who sits back while his millions get nulled out ?

    i understand why you invited him

    you people

    dont understand why the world doesnt like you then ?

    i gtg

    i m sure i understand quite how 'we' look heh

    dont take me for them

    or them for me

    but take you for you

    i am nothing but the cat


    kiplings or schrodingers


    and who the fuck gives me a nest to

    the ones ?

    i have issues ? it probably shows


    i gtg

    no i wont im never embararssed after that time


  • @doingdailies

    i'm happy to be of assistance, to support the place you like telling you the things you wann hear

    please send money HERE now !

    we will make good use of it

  • @arynews192


  • @doingdailies

    i really have to go to bed


    or i'll get in trouble

    i do

    that was then

    ive been sleeping for a long time

    this is now

    i have no idea what happened in the mean time

    but some people keep poking me as if i would

    should try to have fun with it

    its not gonna make you money but pennies if you're not part of the in-crowd

    if pennies is fine

    then give it a go otherwise if you got that kind of talent

    this place is a wasteland

    the closest thing i can think of is what mass media would describe like russian oligarchy

    only not with the oil and stuff

    he was only 13 and just interested in accessing and breaking ..., see ?

    its like the best resumé you will ever have but they wont leave you with a choice

    if you get caught

    this place on the other hand ?

    its a dream for marketeers

    someone told me ned scott originates from the NSA and considering the control-freakery i can get that but the other one ?

    i dont like salesforce

    i gave up on this place 2 years ago

    after HF21 double so

    i wonder what they're planning tho

    justin sun and all that


  • @rabibulhasan

    nice job sir

  • @joeyarnoldvn

    My question would be concerning how that doesn't make Steem Tron one blockchain via the Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps.

    I guess the answer to that question might be personified in train track switches that allow for trains to go from line of track to another set of tracks. I'm going to try to remain open minded. But at the same time, I'm partly concerned and also curious concerning how Tron and Steem can connect and yet remain separate at the same time. I will try to keep my mind open to understanding some of these things. I should probably write some articles exploring some of these things in the future.

  • @nnnarvaez

    So it is a good time to get rid of STEEM? Or we need to wait for BTC to go parabolic again ?

  • @sahariar755

    Stellar view? Space hotels race to offer tourists a room in the sky.

    Tired of your ordinary earthly vacations? Some day soon you might be able to board a rocket and get a room with a view - of the whole planet - from a hotel in space... Continue reading

  • @skinnercrypto

    Im new here but ithink the basics are clear enough. We still don't know exactly whats gonna happen, and until we have a solid idea, we need to maintain face.

    There are several scenarios that might occur, and i think the absolute worst case is a complete overhaul of the Steem blockchain. Thats gonna be messy and expensive.

    I think at the end of the day, those of us who love Steemit wanna keep using it like we do without danger of significant disruption.

    So, the question those top 50 witnesses need to ask Justin is, how the hell can we meet whatever vision you have for Steemit while still preserving what the people love about it?

    Compromise is the name of the game here.

  • @yangyanje

    This might be one of the greatest revolutions for the new economy and will mark an important transition for blockchain history, that will be remembered by many in the years to come. Decentralization for economics through the most valuably exchanged resource paves ways for new marketplaces and DAO's to be build on the most communal d-layer and potentially that engaging, evolving blockchain with scope for expansion, penetrating into the next era of history. I believe that we will build the computing resources for DAO's of the future and will inevitably grow as the most raw and affordable next internet if we all believe in the same values. These values can be means to a common goal. Amitabha!

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  • @prameshtyagi

    Atomic swap will be good but addresses only one issue. There were many issues that were raised and for those reasons SF happened. Most of those questions are not answered yet.

    So pls take those questions one by one and answer in detail

  • @noziking


  • @stevescoins

    The moment that ned sold off the Steemit stake (what @aggroed [noted as the Neo Green stake), Steemit became a centralized platform.

    ned promised to use that stake to protect the community premise of decentralization. that promise was desintegrated in the moment of sale.

    and steemit will remain a centralized platform until that stake no longer exists

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  • @acidyo

    This post aged well.

  • @harryji

    This seems to be a kind of political battle mixed with M&A. If so, I do not deny that may happen. But you should be more serious about keeping sustainable ecosystem not trying to get short-term benefit.