100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 3 – The Community Curators Project


A bit of a bumpy start, but we’re back for Day 3 of the 100 Days of Steem initiative.

Today we are launching the Community Curators Project...

Under this project we are setting up a range of community curation accounts that will be used for rewarding good content across the whole of Steem.

These accounts aren’t just for the Steemit, Inc. team to be going out and curating, they are for the community to use.

We are inviting applications from anyone on Steem who would like to be a Community Curator.

They are primarily aimed at people involved in running Communities whether through the new Steem Communities feature or more informally through Discord servers, for example.

We will also be interested to hear from individuals who are not attached to communities, but would like to curate in a particular subject area that they have an interest or expertise in, for example education, or music, or technology.

The curation accounts will be allocated for one month at a time.

How to apply

If you would like to be considered as a Community Curator please make a post giving details of…

  • The Community or subject areas you would like to curate
  • Your experience and background on Steem
  • Any languages you are fluent in
  • Why you think you would make a good curator

Please post a link to your application post in the comments below.

Applications should be made by the 21st of each month. Those selected will be given the posting key to the curation account on the 1st of each month to use until the end of that month.

We are starting with four accounts each charged with 250,000 Steem Power.

If the project goes well, we will be adding additional accounts, some with higher levels of Steem Power.

There will also be a larger coordinating account with 1 million SP for both curating and for rewarding the community curators for good curation performance.

The Community Curators will be closely monitored for any abuse of the curation account. The account access can be removed at any time if the curators are not using them appropriately.

We do hope many communities and individuals will want to take part in this project..

By recruiting curators from across the whole of Steem we hope the benefits can be shared across all language groups and all communities.

We look forward to receiving your applications.

Steem on, The Steemit Team

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  • @pfunk

    Justin Sun is very generous, he has extended his generosity to sockpuppet shitposters now.

  • @cmp2020

    I am not sure if you saw my comment on the discord server post due to all the spam. I am commenting a quote of it again here (hopefully before the spam).

    Hi. I would like to be included in the discord. I have been on Steem since July 2016, and have acquired everything which I have through posting and interacting with this blockchain. I am now a senior in high school.

    My father (@remlaps) and I were included in the hive blacklist for not voting the way they wanted us to in regards to witnesses (we voted for what we thought was right). I cannot speak here for him, but I wish to be involved in the rebirth of the Steem blockchain, and I wish to help prove them wrong about Steem being centralized and worthless. I want what I have always wanted: what is best for this blockchain, and the principles it was built upon to remain intact.

    I am grateful that I now get a chance to be a part of what I missed out on in the early stages of the blockchain the first time around (building the community, and enhancing the chain). However, my only technical background is a class in python and computer science principles this year.

    My discord name is: cmp2020#3103

    I would love to be a part of the discussion if you will have me.

  • @carn

    I hate to say this, but Justin Sun is currently misusing his Steem accounts, it'd be good if you could take them back now and not wait till the end of the month

  • @georgemales

    So what are the benefits of Community Curator since that person will have the keys of a different account and the SP will not be delegated to his account?😲

  • @nonameslefttouse

    So the big plan is hand out roughly $135 per day, then keeping half of that as your own personal curation reward? You want four people to go around and do some work for you so you can earn about $2000 per month? Meanwhile each content creator who receives this social assistance support might get about $3(before deductions) per full power 250000 SP vote, but probably less per post since full voting power usage isn't always wise.

    Will the four curators be encouraged to pile on in order to maximize your curation rewards? Will you be allowing curators to automate and vote blindly?

    I see you'll somehow reward these four curators with an account charged up with another million SP. So if 4 curators write a boring automated 'curation post' and you use that coordinating account to upvote those curator posts, that's even more money in your pocket. Could be another 2k in a good month, at current rates, provided you have enough boring automated curation posts to vote on. Will these curators be self voting their own work as well?

    And if it goes well you'll add more accounts? So you can earn even more money? And these content creators are supposed to just sit around waiting for this handout? Selling their handout constantly. No new money coming in the door... ?

    Will these curators be allowed to downvote or will you simply nuke the accounts of those deemed unfit for society by the central authority?

    How much money do you plan to make with this program? Will you be selling those curation rewards? Will this only lead to selling pressure, effectively diminishing the value of the token rewarded to the content producer over time, while you line your pockets with glorious greed?

  • @mrviquez

    Here is my application for Community Curator https://steemit.com/steem/@mrviquez/community-curator-application-for-mrviquez

  • @jacobtothe

    steem up in smoke.png

    Trying to make up for the organic curation you have driven off? Trying to rake in more STEEM so you can get an even more secure grasp on power? You don't care about the community. You're here to milk the Steemit stake for all its worth as you suck dry this place we built.

  • @camiloferrua

    Hey! @steemitblog check out the @celfmagazine project account, they have more than two years curating artistic content. They deserve all the support to boost their curational work.

  • @popcornexpress

    Is bullionstackers one of your curators?

    The one voting spammers like Haejin and Dobartim and then comment farming on the sixth day and self voting with 1M SP from Steemit Inc delegation?

    Even they know the ship is sinking and get as much as they can from you.



  • @steemtrail

    @steemitblog The First and largest curation trail on the STEEM blockchain is ramping up curation trails again @steemtrail. Announcement coming this week!

  • @preparedwombat

    I keep thinking that Justin Sun’s Steemit can’t sink any any lower.

    Day after day, I’m proven wrong.

  • @twinner

    Steem-Guild reloaded?

    Will end up like the original in corruption and abuse.

  • @freebornangel

    When whales, or curation trails, vote, every excluded user gets less. Ganging up to increase rewards is real classy, imo.

    Wouldn't it be easier to just delegate? Or does that defeat the purpose?

    One of us is tone deaf, iyam.

  • @rafalski

    When will you unblock frozen funds of the Blocktrades exchange? It is criminal action and I hope sec is after you and all other exchanges delist steem as their cuatomers funds can also be frozen by steemit team.

  • @surpassinggoogle

    Surprisingly, i had my application started some 19 hours ago.

    This is mine: https://steemit.com/hive-148441/@surpassinggoogle/proposal-to-steemit-inc-steem-witnesses-steem-community-kindly-delegate-to-surpassinggoogle-to-grow-communities

  • @mehta

    Thanks for this opportunity. I already looking for this for our community "LAKSHMI". I already have a post for it about 3 days ago. https://steemit.com/hive-159906/@mehta/required-delegation-to-grow-lakshmi-community-and-steemit-is-anyone Waiting for your positive reply.

  • @stef1

    Here is my application for Community Curator "Visual Art" https://steemit.com/hive-185836/@stef1/application-for-curation-projects-visual-art-and-our-experience-of-last-2-years

  • @apon6431

    Here is my application for Community Curator


  • @chesatochi

    I see a lot of skeptical people and folks that love debate and lose valuable time commenting with drama around this thread.

    I believe is a good idea that will help 4 communities to reward people and good content. Lately, is hard to get good support on Steem.

    Good new for day 3 and keep going the good work. :)

  • @greece-lover

    I am the founder of a curator account that rewards contributions from the German speaking community. We have a human curator team that rotates every 5 days.

    We would like to apply. With higher votes you can bind members to Steem and also win new ones. This should not be temporary but a permanent institution, especially the different country communities are the walls in the social media area of Steem. It is in all our interests to build the walls as strong as possible

    The link to our curators account is: https://steemit.com/@steem-bootcamp

    The link to our Discord is: https://discord.gg/HVh2X9B

    It would please our community if they would allow us to delegate.

    Here the link to our application:


  • @darthnava

    Here's my application post. Hopefully, it will suffice.


  • @heimindanger

    4 years later, SteemIt inc finally realizes it would be good to delegate the ninja-mined stake to good actors in the network.

  • @jeffjagoe

    what an absolutely filthy, scummy move. you are a bunch of criminals.

  • @blacklux

    This a bad idea. I know you guys want to reward steemians for staying and keep posting good content but this will promote the abuse. This same thing was implemented in weku and it was a disaster. This will bring circle jerking, voting the same people over and over, just the "pals" will be voted and posts with ridiculous amount that wasn't even checked for plagiarism, stolen content or proper sourcing will get juicy rewards. This is not the way to make things better. If you're doing this to please people, just stop. If you're out of ideas ask the community how to improve the place and then explore those possibilities with your team. What you're doing lately is a recipe for destruction. Think before you act and hey, this is coming from me, a person that has been neutral the whole time. We all want both places to be successful. Start doing things properly so steemit finally becomes the place it was supposed to be!

  • @elmetro

    Delegate to @steemalsace

  • @leveuf

    Here's my Application to participate in the Project.

    Hoping for more positive action to continue everyone's work. Regards!!

  • @trafficinsider

    The idea of getting more up votes is good, but you need to work on the foundation first. The foundation is having enough processing power to allow people to post and up vote without see the spinning wheel for days on end and allowing new people who complete applications on Steemit to join Steem quickly and without being ignored for days on end and then never processed.

  • @templo

    With all my respect, I believe that this is not the way to offer millions in delegated resources to projects whether they are in the process of being cured or in development, in this way all the abusers of the blockchain will come to the call for money, there are other ways, to study private proposals, to study the viability, seriousness with which these resources are treated and the destination of these future rewards that can be obtained and to study the whole set of ideas that the project will bring together for the future and certainly not for a month, there is no serious project that has a project to a month, ask every project manager that has a tour or those users of confidence that do not try to win a war but to maintain the blockchain where it was before any confrontation, do not organize a snack of black people and entrust that work to other levels where to study serious proposals. Finally, if you rectify this proposal, you may be pleasantly surprised. Greetings and good luck.

  • @ew-and-patterns

    Hahaha, this is so funny. Get other stupid people to do the curation work for you so that the shared account controlled by steemit gets 50% of the curation rewards (2000$ per month).

    One has to be a genius to come up with this shit.

  • @cryptokannon

    Hello @steemitblog team here is my application for the Community Curator, https://steemit.com/steem/@cryptokannon/application-for-community-curator-by-steemit-inc

  • @wattersblue

    I'd like to receive a delegation. I have a couple ideas for communities that I'd like to start on here. I've been on here for years and seen quite a bit and learned quite a bit. I believe sports are under represented on here and I'd like to get some sports communities going but need a delegation to really make it effective. One question though, what kind of benefit is there for the curators who receive the delegation? Are we allowed to vote our own posts? Is there any form of compensation beyond just curating content for fun each day?

  • @enginewitty

    Just delegate a million SP to me. Call it even.

  • @yehey

    I mostly curate new authors in our community with a reputation from 30 to 69.

    I managed my Witness servers for the last 3 years. I managed https://Steeming.com project, hopefully to expand in games.

    Preferably in English.

    Curating since I became a member year 2017 and still counting.

    I'm looking forward to be part of this project. Cheers.

  • @josephsavage

    Why not support an established initiative like @steembasicincome?

    Steem Basic Income follows an account-based curation program, providing regular support to a crowd-sourced list of active Steemians. Over the last 2 1/2 years, Steem Basic Income has delivered over 1 million upvotes, supporting thousands of accounts. The majority of supported accounts have never sent anything to @steembasicincome for votes, being generously sponsored by a small group of active donors.

    Steem Basic Income has been proven to improve the experience of supported recipients and boost user retention, all without any support from Steemit and minimal support from existing whales.

    Furthermore, SBI split off a sister program (Hive SBI) after the fork, making it easy for people leaving Steem to receive support on Hive instead. This means any new support of Steem Basic Income here on Steem would support those that continue to support Steem.

    While the easiest way to support @steembasicincome on an ongoing basis would be direct delegation, we have worked out a relatively simple method to point independent curation accounts at the existing crowd-sourced curation list.

    Application: https://steemit.com/steemit/@josephsavage/community-curators-project

  • @siavach

    Good evening everyone,

    Here is the project I am proposing. It is an access project on photography. Do not hesitate to give me your opinion.


  • @dobartim


    1. My curation target group is all quality posts, users from all over the world, not only one country and one language
    2. Each post will be voted with a discord explanation and participation- where all Steem users have option to apply and have option vote - the authors from all continents will have chance to receive equal support.
    3. I will never use a vote for my post.
    4. In the first place, quality bloggers, those who are in social disadvantage and active plus creative , they would be my priority
    5. A team of users and leaders with blogging experience will be organized to evaluate the quality and give their opinions and notes live on Discord Live Channel every day.
    6. We will be open to all ideas and proposals in line with the development of Steem blockchain.
    7. I will support all those who have creative applications that can be developed on the Steem blockchain.
    8. We will organize promotions and challenges together with award-winning users to attract new users to the Steem platform.

    Thank you for this opportunity

  • @mykos

    Application Submission here for Community Curators Project: https://beta.steemit.com/hive-148530/@mykos/application-for-community-curators

  • @mekkeyz

    Hi @steemitblog, here is my application https://steemit.com/hive-179583/@mekkeyz/application-for-the-position-of-a-curator

  • @sidsun

    This is remarkable progress. Like the energy here in steemit now! way to go guys.

  • @famigliacurione

    Troll Hunters: A Community Curator Proposal

    The single greatest obstacle to Steemit's growth is not the lack of curators or content creators, although our small numbers are a problem, but rather the absolute lack of social decorum from Steem Trolls that have existed for year, and which are excessively rampant in these troubling times...

  • @jaki01

    @steemitblog (@elipowell, are you also reading here? :) , I appreciate that you are trying to find ways to support creators of good content on STEEM. However, I fear that your offer triggers (beside honest curators) many people who see the chance to earn some easy money.

    I have another idea how it could be possible to spread rewards among as many users as possible: you could analyze the voting patterns of the different STEEM users, and then select (and follow the upvotes of) these ones who are not only upvoting themselves and a few friends (or the same whale accounts again and again) but instead of that reward many different small users.

    A good start could be to check the "Voting CSI" in SteemWorld, a great information tool of @steemchiller. The higher the score the better the 'voting behavior' of an account (but one should take into consideration that its calculation only reflects the last seven days). You can find it here:

    One of the worst CSI scores (0.0) has for example @haejin, because more than 85 % of his voting power is used to upvote himself (and in addition he upvotes his own post with his other account @ranchorelaxo):

  • @rahulsingh25843

    @steemitblog Give your delegation back to @dtube and @steemhunt instead of giving it to people for abuse.

  • @edgarare1

    an incredible initiative @steemitblog thanks a lot for your contribution, and start showing your support to us the minnows, the old witnesses and old whales never show us the support, and this is a great opportunity to present to you an amazing @project.hope with the founder @crypto.piotr who are making a tremendously work, and also included myself to your team @edgarare1 to help the community grow together with your work.

  • @muscara

    I translated this post into German for a better information of the German-speaking community.

  • @clixmoney

    Here is my application : https://steemit.com/hive-148441/@clixmoney/application-for-the-community-curators-project

    I've been on steem almost 3 years. I'm the founder of @dcooperation . I have enough experience in curating. You can find me in the discord server of the community I worked on almost 2 years : https://discord.gg/UMAMYkP or by my name in discord : clixmoney#0084

  • @levycore

    Here is my application for Community Curator


  • @travelfeed

    Our application:


  • @nextgen622

    Here’s my application post. I’m the admin of the Christian Fellowship Community with 284 subscribers. I hope to be able to curate for our community and help to see Steem thrive again.

  • @acostaeladio

    In the following link I leave my proposal as Coordinator and Curator for a Project of Global Artists 100% talented and original.

    Postulation Community Curators Project

  • @arkmy

    1. The Community or subject areas you would like to curate: I would like to curate @radaquest community, @battlegames community and good videogame content.

    2. Your experience and background on Steem: I have been 2 years on Steemit, I´m up to date with steemit information, I know a lot of communities and I have been top 100 spanish curator on my own.

    3. Any languages you are fluent in: Native spanish and fluent in english. I know some french, portuguese and a little chinese.

    4. Why you think you would make a good curator I don´t think so, I know it. Do you want proof? let me curate for you for one month ;)

  • @sportsncoffee


  • @offgridlife

    I help run the Star Wars Community. I will curate original artwork, stories and photography about Star Wars.

  • @geeklania

    Here’s my application post: https://steemit.com/hive-179583/@geeklania/application-for-the-community-curators-project-or-solicitud-para-the-community-curators-project Thanks for this opportunity.

  • @steeminator3000

    I have been curating for a looong looong time.


  • @team-mexico

    Nuestra comunidad mexicana se compromete y aquí esta nuestra entrada de manera formal, todos los días trabajamos por el bien de la plataforma y por el gran talento de sus usuarios. Un abrazo para todo el equipo que hace esto posible. El Proyecto De Curadores Comunitarios / The Community Curators Project: @team-mexico

  • @emp2-00com

    Hola un grato saludo, Emprendedores 2.00 es una comunidad de curaduria y enseñanza, puesto que nos encargamos de ayudar a las personas y asesoraras para que hagan un mejor trabajo y mejoren la calidad de sus publicaciones, tenemos el proyecto de curaduria con tan solo 3 personas, nos gustaría abarcar mas espacio curando mas autores, puede ver nuestra presentación:


  • @arkmy

    Sorry for not posting correctly, here is my application post:


  • @electrodo

    I recommend taking this community into account. @templo


  • @electrodo

    Hello, my dear friends, here I left my publication for this opportunity that is being presented in the new steem.


  • @aidasfg7

    Curation proposal

    On my proposal for curation would be for creative members. I am a senior art director for lifestyle magazines and publishing's, I personally admire artists and creative people. Curation project proposal will be focused on art and poetry, fashion, music, film and video production, podcast and different channels. Creation project and proposal will focus on members from the entire world. I will work on couldn't together the team of developers to support creative steem blockchain members and focus on creating different applications for post curation and onboarding new platform members. All the members will be able to join us on discord channel and participate in review off curation account management provided by us. Thank you for the support and this opportunity

  • @equipodelta

    Greetings, I worked a long time for @templo and I could work for them again, because that project is solid and supports every user indistinctly. I am one of the very respectful curators in the platform, and if I propose to @templo it is because it has the same spirit as me, consider this wide project, that supports every user without distinction of languages and subjects, those who integrate it are people who are not interested in making profit but in supporting the others, @templo presents a great proposal and is interested in the project that you present, which is very positive for all the community of Steemit, falls in good hands. We will make sure to attract new users of original and quality content, as well as make sure that the great talent comes back. But we can only achieve this under an integrated work, with serious people and a good team. I ask you to please consider this great community for this project, we will do the best job possible for everyone.


    Discord server: https://discord.gg/pX3mntB

  • @lanzjoseg

    Hi @steemitblog

    I hope you can really have time to read my application for this project.

    Link to my application:

    My application to the [The Community Curators Project] of Steemit inc.

  • @dr-frankenstein

    Hi, @steemitblog,

    Besides running a witness, we have finally launched our curation project with the proper toolings. We really hope to receive more support from Steemit Inc to kickstart the project


    You can directly contact me on discord Victor Frankenstein#5175 or Fancybrothers#7429.

  • @wherein

    Here is my application for Community Curator https://steemit.com/cn/@wherein/open-letter-to-steemit-inc-to-request-for-wherein-dapp-curation-empowerment

  • @wakeupkitty

    I wish I could be one but my internet connection frequently let's me down. Resteemed and good luck.

  • @cn-curation

    Here is our application: https://steemit.com/hive-180932/@cn-curation/application-for-the-community-curators-project-of-steemit-inc

    We truly believe we are the best candidate to be part of the Community Curators Project for CN community.

    Thanks for reading.

  • @mrspointm

    @cn-curation is really a good project.

  • @sumit10698

    HEY @steemcurator01, This post is successful translated in Hindi for Indian community others will never translated by the end of day:- https://steemit.com/hive-140690/@sumit10698/100-steem-3

  • @crypto.piotr

    Dear @steemitblog

    There will also be a larger coordinating account with 1 million SP for both curating and for rewarding the community curators for good curation performance.

    Our of curiousity. How will you provide selected curators with posting keys to those 4 accounts with 250k SP?

    Also how to understand this sentence: "rewarding the community curators for good curation performance."

    Let's assume that you would like to reward one of those few choosen curators. How do you plan to do that?

    Yours, Piotr

  • @roadofrich

    We are applying for STEEM gaming community. We created the INVEN Gaming community

    Here the link to our application https://steemit.com/hive-103219/@roadofrich/application-for-the-community-curators-inven-gaming-community-anyone-can-share-and-get-rewarded-for-the-game

    Thank you.

  • @roadstories

    Thank you very much for this opportunity, here I leave my application to be a curator, a work that I have been doing in different communities for 2 years and they are no longer here.


  • @georgeboya

    Good to see that Steem is moving forward.

    My application for the community Curators project: https://steemit.com/steem/@georgeboya/my-application-for-the-community-curators-project

  • @mariita52

    My application.

  • @wira8788

    My entry proposal curator https://steemit.com/hive-122035/@wira8788/submission-of-my-proposal-as-a-special-curator-in-literacy-content

  • @darlenys01

    Thanks to the @steemitblog team for the opportunity, here I share the link to my request, wishing much success and multiplication in what remains to come. With love, DARLENYS

    Telegram: @darlenysugas


  • @muskman

    Here is my application https://steemit.com/curatorapplication/@muskman/my-application-for-the-community-curator-project-of-steemit

  • @jacobyu

    Hello, I want to apply community curator for book club steem community. Thank you.

    It is my application posting.


    I also wrote this in Korean. 한국어 : https://steempeak.com/hive-101145/@jacobyu/zajcx

  • @buttcoins

    I speak Spanish and English Fluently. I am an empathetic and honest person who always seeks the best in people.
    I search for content that is real, (In any subject) i try to establish true engagement by actually reading or watching the content and responding directly. I have moved away a bit lately because i find drama draining and i prefer not taking sides.
    I have been on Steem since September 2017. It is not difficult to check out my posts or comments to see that i am a genuine content creator and that i interact in a grounded and heartfelt way.
    I spoke at the last 2 steemfests and i meant the things i shared in my presentations. I have been and still am a curator, in the curator in contests and for various groups/organizations.
    I was co-creator of a video curation contest called The 5 Reel Good.

    I like this idea of 100 days of sharing. i appreciate this positive effort.
    Full disclosure is that i will continue posting on both platforms. I hope that i will not be targeted for choosing to not shun either. My stance is that i will take part in activities that represent thriving on both communities. I truly wish that both communities will thrive and find a way to peacefully coexist. This world now more than ever needs empathy and ceasefire. It is time to go back to the roots, it is time for new beginnings whether we like it or not.

  • @edgarare1

    Hello @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

    Here is my application and hope its not to late: https://steemit.com/hive-122035/@edgarare1/community-needs-support

    I hope to receive a response sooner with a positive result..

    Have a great day..

  • @canna-curate

    We are Canna-Curate, cannabis advocates, and lovers of Steem! We are also working to unite the witnesses, and get a conversation going on how to rebuild Steem into something great.


  • @project.hope


    Dear @steemitblog, @steemcurator01

    Finally I managed to write out own application to become Steemit community curator.

    I strongly believe, that currently Project.hope is one of the strongest communities out there. Community full of people passionate with topics related to:

    • technology,
    • steem,
    • blockchain,
    • artificial intelligence,
    • machine learning,
    • cybersecurity,
    • economy,
    • business,
    • marketing, social media, psychology etc (we're trying to avoid topics related to poltics and religion)

    LINK to our application: https://steemit.com/hive-175254/@project.hope/project-hope-application-for-the-community-curator-project-of-steemit


    Yours, Project.hope founder, @crypto.piotr

  • @alokkumar121

    @Project.hope is one of the projects on steem which is focused on adding value on the platform and @crypto.piotr is leading it with a vibrant community and active content creators. PH has proved that with dedication and team efforts we can go a long and if given a chance by steemit team then surely it will bring a lot of value addition.

    @crypto.piotr is doing great work with this and posts with PH community bring quality and engagement. I am a proud to be part of this wonderful project and wishing the best. Thanks.

  • @jack8831

    I apply for the community curators project : https://steemit.com/steem/@jack8831/applicaiton-for-the-community-curators-project

  • @remlaps

    Here is my application

  • @sajannair

    How does one apply for the next month. Where do we post the link to the application ?

    Do advise:)