Follow SteemFest live from Bangkok

If you somehow can't make it to this year's edition of SteemFest we got you covered. Of course you miss out on temple trips, numerous socialiser events, the bangkok bonanza, boat trips, bowling and what not. But at least you will manage to check out the conference presentations.

Join in here, on twitch, youtube, twitter and facebook:

Conference Day 1

Conference Day 2

See you next year in real life? Trust me, it's better :)

SteemFest's ticket reductions are made possible by generous donations from:

@peerplays @steemit @blocktrades
@steemmonsters @smooth steem engine

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  • @lostprophet

    @tipu curate

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  • @hauptmann

    Looking forward to the live streams 😍 Wish you all a great event. Greetings from Barcelona

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  • @uyobong

    What's wrong with also streaming on 3speak and dtube?

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  • @uyobong

    Congratulations to us.

    But what's wrong with also streaming on 3speak and dtube?

    I think we can also share videos on these steem platforms and then pay for adverts elsewhere for people to watch.

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  • @steevc

    Wish I was there again this time, but it wasn't feasible. I'll be tuning in for updates. Have a great time everyone who is there.

  • @edb

    Thanks, enjoy Bangkok!

  • @portugalcoin

    I would like to be there. For next year I can't miss! For everyone present ENJOY the Steemfest! Hug

  • @spectrumecons

    That's awesome guys. I will have to wait until tomorrow to watch. My time zone is not convenient for live viewing.

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  • @juliawiliam

    Love you steemit

  • @steemmatt

    There is no audio on the live feed at the beginning of the intro session.

  • @ura-soul

    In case you are unaware - the stream started .. had no audio and is now dead..

  • @imtase

    Live restarted with audio this time

  • @kevinwong

    Thanks for the livestream, this is the new one that's working:-

  • @melinda010100

    The coverage looks great and so professional!

  • @queeirisa

    Thanks a bunch for this. Hopefully we'll be there in "real life" next year.

  • @bluengel

    SF4 with β™₯ LOVE

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  • @yousafharoonkhan

    Best of luck all

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  • @reellbase

    The video 1 audio is not work, right ? Or only me has that problem

  • @lemeonna

    What most of us are missing

  • @deanliu

    @roelandp has done a fantastic job! very nice. probably the best one I've seen (all remotely) among the past four! ^_^

  • @teamhumble

    i have to say i was super happy to hear what @roadscape had to say. great work tim, felt the love and the passion for the ecosystem.

  • @teamhumble

    can i suggest that people use chrome/firefox and while watching the live streams so we can get some social outreach into the live viewer base for tomorrow? cheers. you just clip a profound bit as you watch, those 90 second clips do work (streamers do it for outreach)

  • @jaybird

    I’m sooooo envious of ya’ll right now...wish i could be there :/

    Hope all goes great!!!

  • @shaikmashud

    Dear @edb You Down Vote Me Why? I saw You DELEGATE Your Steem Some, means You Sale Your Up Vote. So You Lead The Corruption. If You Have Rights to Sale Your Up Vote Then I have Rights to Buy Up Vote. Stop Selling Your Up Vote Then We Stop Buy Vote.

  • @skramatters

    Fantastic stuff guys, but I really could not see or here Ned that well...

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  • @mattsanthonyit

    Thanks so much for the Livestreaming update. I will join as soon as possible even though I have a busy schedule. God bless @steemfest and every member of STEEM community that went there.....πŸ€—πŸΉπŸ₯‚πŸ“½οΈ

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  • @konti


  • @future24

    Thank you very much for this Livestream service! ItΒ΄s the first Steemfest without me and Im very happy that Im able to watch at least the conferences. See you next year again everyone and have fun in Bangkok Steemfest 4 visitors!

  • @teamhumble


    [0:01] β€” @roelandp opening day 1 [7:51] β€” @archange (@steemitboard) proof of scan (PoS) [15:28] β€” newsteemit from #newsteem β€” hivemind, panel [37:50] β€” @roadscape and building open tools for social Cooperation [50:54] β€” @justinw head of engineering [55:36] β€” @andrarchy head of communications [1:03:37] β€” q&a for steemit panel [1:33:44] β€” splinterlands with @aggroed - upwards growth in a downwards market [1:57:30] β€” @dmitrydao and steem proposals system [2:19:10] β€” q&a questions for steemproposals


    [5:31] β€” roelandp opens day 1 (part 2) [6:24] β€” theycallmedan talks 3speak [27:07] β€” steempress part1 (quick video) [30:07] β€” steemplus [41:55] β€” haveyoubeenhere [1:00:43] - vandaberg (steemit) smt wizard chat [1:35:18] β€” Martin lees co-founder (steempress) [2:11:22] β€” @coingecko (using steem as an effective marketing channel) [2:38:54] β€” understanding full time creators with @jarvie [3:06:57] β€” waivio, steem as a platform for business


  • @doitvoluntarily

    thx for livestream

  • @ericvancewalton

    Great job, as usual, @roelandp! We wish we could be there, enjoy SteemFest!

  • @georgecri80


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  • @funnyman

    Wow! It is looking so much fun, guys. I wish I could be there. Maybe next time.

  • @anurag11

    very attractive post

  • @ironshield

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  • @galaxy1980

    manifestation magic click the link for detailing it's not spam or any other trick

  • @kingscrown

    good party

  • @quochuy

    Thank you @roadscape for mentioning my small contribution to Communities. I wish I could be there with all of you guys, maybe one day!

  • @deanliu

    question: why there isn't any news about SteemFest (from my Google result)? I thought this is a good opportunity for exposure?

  • @odeis

    Yea....I hope I'm chanced to meet for real

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  • @firstamendment

    So how much $$$ was sunk into this event that couldn't be achieved through teleconferencing, or an organized chain of speakers who could be lived streamed on youtube. I am not a believer in global warming, but going all the way to Thailand doesn't sound very green. Greta: How Dare You, yeah, you mentally heard it didn't you. If steemit needs investment [buyers], I think a lot of investment dollars was pissed down the drain in travel expenses, dining, and lodging quite needlessly. Texas is plenty large enough to host the event in the USA-and appears to be the first pick of wealthy emigrating Californians. It's not like the chinese government is going to invest too heavily in free speech block chain. India's not to friendly with the block chain. And you kind of chose a despotic country not well known for wealth instead of say Japan or South Korea. ohoh, that travel is still superfluous anyways. Greta: How Dare You. I mean, who seriously chose Thailand?

  • @teamhumble


    [12:06] β€” conference day 2 start with @roelandp [14:50] β€” @howo steempress co-founder [35:40] β€” @roadscape hivemind and communities [1:03:13] β€” @roadscape Q&A [1:14:00] β€” real world use cases of steem by @buttcoins

    β€”β€” state of the apps ----

    [1:38:15] β€” travelfeed by @jpphotography and @for91days [1:50:49] β€” deegram [2:07:00] β€” @jarvie talking about state of @steempeak [2:23:20] β€” crypto brewmaster video [2:27:12] β€” crypto brewmaster starts twitter & discord by @rollie1212 [2:37:30]β€” by @the1ramp


    [1:01:49] β€” witness discussion [1:45:10] β€” @surpassinggoogle [2:06:57] β€” 1 minute promo for by @roelandp [2:08:54] β€” SCT with @steemcoinpan [2:36:05] β€” @roelandp covers some of the highlights of Bangkok [2:45:33] β€” A New Economy: Steem + DeFi - Jun Dam, Bitcash/100x [3:04:05] β€” @aggroed β€” steem engine for blockerpreneurs [3:39:55] β€” Q&A for previous steem engine presentation [3:50:23] β€” @detlev β€” crowdfunding on the steem blockchain (!beer) [4:13:39] β€” Q&A for the previous session with @detlev

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  • @rok-sivante

    No coverage of the afterparties in Patpong...? 😈

  • @haikalfahmi

    I hope i was there, it's feel so amazing meetup with many community steemian

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  • @evets22

    what great news, congratulations

  • @tulsi-gabbard

    Wait for me. I'm on my way.

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    Thanks for the post.

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    Have fun out there

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    Thanks for information about The steemfest

  • @jasonrussell

    @buttcoins presentation is the best!! You have a new follower sir!! You've hit the nail on the head of why i'm still around!

  • @trayan

    please don't bother me with your annual events.... i've invested a lot of my time & energy to be with your folks....

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  • @scottandersssons

    What an awesome event!

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  • @hikinggearlab

    All the best for Steemfest..

  • @galleryworld

    Wowww Enjoy Bangkok

  • @steemit-fun

    Have fun guys, can't afford this trip but surely gonna watch live streams. :)

  • @noyon696

    wow it's amazing bangkok tour.thank you..

  • @timsaid

    I missed so much! :(

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    Great event

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    Steemit is Good platform but In today's world, people only say good things but no one follows them, that's why the world only runs after money.

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    Good news and better

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