SteemWorld Update / New Tool Available / Copy Other Curators Votes

There is a new tool called 'Copy Votes' to be found in the Homescreen on SteemWorld (also directly reachable via

I always wanted to have a tool that gives me a nice possibility to copy other curators votes in times when I'm too busy with other stuff for manually curating peoples posts. So, here it is:

In the Content Type field one can choose to only search for root posts, comments or both. The Voted Time criteria can be used to search only for the newest or also older votes (from last 12 hours to 7 days).

The Voted Weight fields define a range, so that only votes with the desired weight are being considered. The default setting (0-100) should work for most users. Starting from 0 ensures that no downvotes are being copied. By setting it to 75-100 only posts that have been voted with a minimum of 75% will be returned.

With the Payout Amount fields one can filter out posts whose current total payout amount does not fit in the defined range.

If the option Copy Voted Weight is checked, the original vote's weight will be used for voting the posts. Otherwise the value from the field Vote With Weight will be used.

By clicking on Find Posts the tool begins to search for executed votes by the defined curator and filter the found posts based on the given search criteria. A table with the returned posts will be displayed:

The checkboxes in the column Vote are editable for each post. So, it is possible to uncheck specific posts that one does not want to vote. After checking up the list and clicking on Vote Selected Posts, the batch process will be started and the votes will be executed accordingly.

Have fun and Steem on!

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  • @amico

    @tipu curate

  • @menerva

    Good stuff man.

  • @murathe

    Some superb development there.

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  • @uttambarman

    will you not add api in steemworld?

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  • @funtraveller

    Awesome! It's a clever way to copy a curators votes since I can still manually check the contents and not just blindly following a "trail".

    Good job man!

  • @arnel

    Great and awesome tools, Id like to give it a try.

  • @mariita52

    I think it is an excellent tool, work speeds up, it helps especially on the days when I run out of internet access. Thanks for a great job.

    Ich denke, es ist ein ausgezeichnetes Werkzeug, die Arbeit beschleunigt sich und es hilft besonders an den Tagen, an denen mir der Internetzugang ausgeht. Danke für einen tollen Job.

  • @cryptopie

    Thanks for this very useful tool @steemchiller :)

  • @hashkings
    The site is looking really great man! Easy to use and lots of nice tools. Keep up the great work!

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  • @steemitqa

    Looking good.

  • @mehta

    Lovely tool, I will definitely use it.

  • @xels

    Great work 👍

  • @jayplayco

    Great tool~ as always!

  • @project7

    Thanks so much for the great update :D

  • @sheikh27

    This is surprising to me and its a great benefit to reduce time against manually doing copy vote, just impressed with the creativity and updated.

  • @georgeboya

    Really cool new feature steemchiller, i am looking forward to test it:)

  • @udabeu

    Ich kann nur betonen, klasse , Danke.

    Aber ich will auch appellieren, es geht zwar auch ohne, aber wir vermissen Deine Tool so sehr auf dem #HIVE. Kannst Du nicht Deinen Ärger herunter schlucken, für Deine Fans ?

  • @jasonshick

    Awesome tool, your continued hard work is greatly appreciated. any plans on a similar Hive tool?

  • @mundharmonika

    Wieder mal erstklassige Arbeit, vielen Dank! 👍🏼 Das ist eine sehr gute Idee und eine wertvolle Ergänzung zu den Curation-Trails.

    Ein Problem hatte ich vor einigen Wochen: In der SteemWorld stimmt die Uhrzeit idR nicht mit der Zeit auf steemd überein, wo anscheinend die Blockchain-Zeit (UTC) abgebildet wird. Da ich in Georgien bin, habe ich 4 Stunden Zeitverschiebung zu UTC. Und diese Ortszeit wird in der SteemWorld angezeigt, jedoch nicht als solche deklariert, wodurch eventuelle Zeitdifferenzen nicht offensichtlich sind.

    Da ich bestimmte Blöcke gesucht habe, fiel mir diese Diskrepanz auf, da ich dadurch erhöhten Suchaufwand hatte. Sogar bei System-Umstellung auf WEZ (GMT) hatte ich fallweise eine Stunde Differenz wegen der Sommerzeit. Es wäre hilfreich, wenn du darauf hinweisen würdest. Ideal wäre folgende Wahlmöglichkeit bei allen relevanten Daten:

    • Blockchain-Zeit mit Darstellung der Zeitdifferenz zur Ortszeit
    • umgekehrt.
  • @steemcurator01

    Thank you for another great addition to the Steemworld tool set.

    And thank you for your continued work on

    The Steemit Team

  • @preparedwombat

    I saw a screenshot the other day that looked like a Hive version of SteemWorld? Did my eyes deceive me?

  • @mondoshawan

    Since you're a witness on steem i'd like to invite you for this...! CannaWitnessForum.png

  • @isabelpena

    What a good tool steemchiller, I hope to get a lot of votes jiji

  • @mllg

    Thanks for the new tool, @steemchiller

  • @offgridlife

    Awesome. Thanks. Will give this a try. Voting Trails does not work for me....

  • @clumsysilverdad

    u guys got me out of delegation, so thanks (although it takes a shit load of time to show up in my wallet, bullshit) .....

    this was supposed to be better than the political bastards and the fed


  • @glory7

    Amazing. Thank you!

  • @pfunk

    You got censored from Steemit, hypocritically now run the retard version of steemd (you seem to think you have to? lol), can't get enough community support to get above me in the ranks (after I reliably missed blocks for a long time) and can't even get a vote from your daddy Justin Sun. Who is a child as you accurately mentioned, so what does that make you?

    You even haven't even noticed this blockchain is a pointless centralized inefficient database yet. Read a blockchain white paper or two (not Tron's though :) and figure out why they're pointless with a single person controlling consensus, much less a child.

  • @florian-glechner

    Dein Steemworld, ist echt eine interessante Webseite mit vielen Vorteilen gegenüber Steemit com weil man deutlich mehr Einsicht in seinen Account bekommt. Planst du Steemworld auch für Hive zu portieren?

  • @akiroq

    Thank you for all of your hard work. It is greatly appreciated!

  • @greenhouseradio

    I just saw the little space you are experimenting with as promotions for posts and such and I love the idea. Please let me know how I and others can take part. Would be happy to pay for it as many others would as well.

  • @jaydih


  • @ili0braz

    search settings are not saved for some reason

  • @elusiveice

    love it im down upvote!