SteemWorld Update / New Tool Available / Abuse Finder

There is a new tool called 'Abuse Finder' to be found in the Homescreen on SteemWorld (also directly reachable via

The tool is partially still in development (especially the downvote features), but it can already be used to detect potential rewardpool abusers. The default values in the search criteria form may change in future and, of course, the found accounts in the summary list may not always only show real abusers.

Nobody should be downvoted blindly based on the results of this tool and I encourage everyone to check the abuser's posts first.

Content Type defines if the tool should search for comments or root posts.

Number Of Posts To Check defines the number of posts to be checked (ordered by payout amount descending). Currently 1000 seems to work good for both comments and root posts.

Total Payout Threshold defines how high the total pending payout of all active posts (per author) needs to be to add the author to the Potential Abusers list. Current default value for comments is 25 and for root posts 250. These settings will not always work perfectly and need to be changed from time to time.

By clicking on Find Abusers the tool begins to search for posts and filter the found results based on the given search criteria. A table with the detected Potential Abusers will be displayed.

Current results for comments:

Current results for root posts:

Below the Potential Abusers list there will be a table with all found posts (ordered by payout amount descending) displayed:

Downvoting posts directly in the tool is not implemented yet (buttons are disabled), but I'm working on it ;)

Have fun and Steem on!

If you like what I do and you want me to be your Steem witness, please vote for @steemchiller on or

Steemie currently dosen't allow you to make comments. If you want to write something, write it using another frontend (like Steemit)
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  • @amico

    @tipu curate

  • @jaki01

    Very useful tool!

  • @roadofrich

    This is a very good system. Some users are using STEEMIT to mining STEEM. I think this is a big problem and must be solved.

    It would be best if the community could solve this problem, but there is a limit due to the high Steempower of users doing abusing. I hope Steemit sees and solves this problem.

  • @bitandi


  • @steemprojects

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  • @eirik

    Haejin? Imagine my shock.

  • @d0zer

    Why is no one downvoting haejin?

  • @chriddi

    What the h... - wow! This is a very useful and at the same time quite powerful tool. Thank you!

  • @compton98


  • @radaquest

    The perfect tool at the perfect time! Great!

    Together we will make it ;)


  • @ciska

    Great! The tool misses @timetickertickin though :). In times of crisis, people tend to show their true color. Nice one Dan, hero... (notso) Big thumbs up to the Asian teams who are putting themselves on the front line! Much love from EU!
    But, more resources are needed, maybe @steemitblog can help with delegation or opening a cleanup account? I am happy to help.

  • @stuntman.mike

    Gut gemacht. Dieses Tool hätte ich gern schon vor gut einem Jahr gebrauchen können. Erstaunlich welche Accounts dort an der Spitze stehen. Einige haben vor gar nicht all zu langer Zeit, sowas verabscheut und bekämpft. Soll man diese Doppelmoral gut heißen und auf der einen Blockchain farmen und auf der Anderen gegen dieses vorgehen? Ist es auf einer kaputten zentralen Plattform legetim und auf der anderen Schwester-Blockchain zu verpönen? Sollte man solchen Witnesses noch vertrauen können, nur weil sie uns versichern es auf Hive nicht zu tun? Ist mir Scheißegal welche Konsequenzen es für mich hat, ich werde meine Schlüsse daraus ziehen und dementsprechend handeln.

  • @susan11

    As a new user, I also hope it would be the best policy or method to make the path of steemit community fair smooth & will be the place just for recreation of the mind -I feel. thanks steem rose.png

  • @xplosive

    @steemcleaners amongst the potential abusers? I thought that they are good guys by cleaning Steem from spam, scam and other malicious content.

    By the way, I call !trdo to support you for your work.

  • @steemitqa

    Haejin lol

  • @mickowen

    What an interesting idea for a tool. I am surprised by a couple of potential abusers on that list. !trdo

  • @masudrana

    This is really awesome,Just voted for @steemchiller :)

  • @menerva

    Let's fucking go. Parasite busters!

  • @dr-frankenstein

    Good work,

    We have already launched an initiative that can be found here.

    It would be great if anyone involved in fighting abuse could join the discord here to coordinate, unify our efforts, and exchange information.

    We have also developed a bot that will make the job a lot easier and catch late voters, but a lot of SP is needed.

    Overall, it's a good start. Keep it up.

  • @adetorrent

    I thought Justin wanted to remove downvotes. Isn't that part of the plan?

  • @marki99

    Great tool, would love to have it on hive too.

  • @emmanuel-jackson

    WoW! I never knew about this! I just upvoted. Thanks @steemchiller.

  • @wattersblue

    Why is this being allowed to go on @steemitblog? He's selling all this farmed steem for hive.

  • @akiroq

    Thank you for doing this! This is fantastic!

  • @jlsplatts

    Crystalliu just keeps abusing Steem. Lol

  • @michelangelo3

    I want to be able to recommend Steem with a clear conscience, I wrote that in my February post Steem - ein Loch ist im Eimer.

    The Abuse Finder is a great step in this direction!

  • @skillz

    Great, good to weed out the abusers! Resteemed! Thank you! 😇

  • @steem-supporter


  • @shaheer001

    This is a great improvement, This will again boost up Steemit and STEEM value.

  • @steevc

    I'll be interested to see if people take on haejin. His DV manna is really low right now. Crystalliu is a less abuser financially, but his spam makes Steem look bad. His rewards ought to be removed. It's a matter of whether the remaining community wants to deal with abuse or cash in on curation from it. The Steemflagrewards team have mostly left.

  • @beggars

    Haejin is the best advertisement for Hive, the kind of PR that not even a large stack of money could buy. For years this guy/girl/guy-girl hybrid has been stealing from the reward pool with his provably terrible charts and advice. Nobody here has the balls to downvote him, they all left for Hive.

    Steem is an absolute embarrassment right now. Look at the trending page, it's atrocious.

  • @sheikh27

    Its very useful toll that find out the real abuser, great update.

  • @elusiveice

    This is awesome, im not really sure what this does.. im new to Steem still figuring out all of it..

  • @crypto.piotr

    Hi @steemchiller

    Excellent tool.

    I was wondering if STINC have some idea on how to fight with regular reward pool abusers. Like haejin.

    I think it would be wise to build some blacklist and ensure that users who would end up on this blacklist wouldn't be able to upvote (their upvote wouldn't provide any rewards and it's value would be zero).

  • @pfunk has a handy list of abusers. Seems you're #1 on it though, why's that?


  • @justubong

  • @leveuf

    This tools are really making a great difference about how to get a look into an user real face. Definitely most of the recent projects will find very useful to learn more about the new developments on the SteemWorld!! Congratulations and growing admiration for your work and great contributions for Steem!!

    The best vibes, @SteemChiller!!

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  • @knitrias

    Thank You, very Much for the showcase for the Knitrias Project in SteemWorld, I'm much honored and grateful, @SteemChiller. It's a great encouragement for the work!!! <3 :)

    Your tools will really mean a lot of help in all the processes of the project, from the selection of the candidates to weekly statistics and evaluation!! Your contributions for Steem are the best keys to any succesful enterprise.

    My sincere admiration and good wishes for all your endeavors!!

    Best regards from @LeVeuf and the Knitrias Project!!

  • @satari

    hi - is there for hive ?

  • @mysearchisover

    $82.93 seems low to be #1.

  • @tudorcatalin


  • @oldtimer

    Sorry to abuse your post for my question. I don't know a better way to reach you. I have two friends who have only posting keys for their accounts. They only print out public keys. It was my mistake and I feel bad. Is there any way to recover their accounts or change the keys? I checked steemworld and it's quite complicated even for me. Thanks in advance for your answer.

  • @hone.heke

    Hi Steemchiller what is happening with the block chain brother ? 🙃