Steemchiller goes witness! Let's make Steem safe again ;)

I think this is the perfect time to start a witness node on Steem. As many known witnesses decided to leave us and start an own blockchain project, there is now more than ever before a need for new engaged Steem witnesses.

I am the founder and developer of and I think I have proven myself to be an honest Steemian many times over the years. Creating drama and wars is not my thing, therefore I prefer to focus on building a better and more peaceful world instead. A world where we can all work together and grow by learning from each other. I will always do my best to bring Steem to where it should be, the top. I think we now have a good chance to finally get there. The sun is already shining, we just need to trust in the beauty of our own creations.

Justin Sun did not really have a fair chance to begin with, because the old community 'influencers' decided to freeze his accounts and attack him badly in his posts. I don't know why the old witnesses were unable to trust him, but it looks like they wanted to ensure that they will not lose control over Steem. That fear started the whole conflict and, as I stated in my last few posts, Justin's decision to secure his own investment by voting own witnesses to the top was an understandable reaction. Nobody likes to wake up and see his millions being locked by other people over night. I would have done the same.

As long as there are no strong evidences of criminal actions by a user involved, I will never support any soft- or hardfork that freezes anyone's property.

Of course, I will not give criminals a free ride and in case of criminal actions (for example, harming the Steem system on purpose or clear evidences of fraud) I will work together with other witnesses to find a helping solution.

As soon as I can afford, I will provide a full RPC node to further support the whole Steem network. Of course, I will continue to develop amazing Steem tools and always help the community as best as I can.

If you want me to be your Steem witness, please vote for @steemchiller on or

Thank you and Steem on!

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  • @hone.heke

    Yes I agree My vote is not worth much bu you have it : )

    It seems to me that a lot of people do not know what to look for in a witness and have been wondering for quite some time about what we need to know about witnesses.

    Given the recent events I am wondering what questions you would ask any potential top twenty witness to determine their suitability?

  • @atego

    Hallo @steemchiller gut Nachrichten können wir gebrauchen! Steemchiller for Witness Ich sehe die alte Wittnesse Garde auch als Schuldigen die den Streit vom Zaun gebrochen hat. VgA

  • @chronocrypto

    Glad to have you, let's build this place.

  • @stef1

    Hi @steemchiller, that is great to see such a news it was already a long time that I was wondering why you are not a witness but I can understand that you are a person who is concentrating on your work and not in all the drama around.

    The same like you, me and @myskye absolutely agree that everyone in this free world has a fair chance to show themselves, what he is and what he does and we have judge people on the results of their work and not on our personal likes or dislikes.

    We have seen what you have done for last 4 years and very glad that you now step up and would like to lead the community as a witness. You have our Vote and we know that many of our friends will vote for you too.

    Actually it is fair to say:

    Hey Steemians, everyone who uses and likes Steemworld program have to Vote for you @steemchiller as a witness!

  • @mys

    Good luck.

  • @asimpleman

    Voted I believe there was a reason why markymark was not supportive of you doing this before

  • @fleur

    You have my vote. I think you acted very fairly in this drama and were unfairly penalised by not receiving a stake in Hive, in spite of your service to so many Steemians 🙏🏽

  • @donekim

    really glad to see new witness candidacy like you, steemchiller! Welcome aboard, you deserve to be a rewardee from community :)

  • @project7

    This is such a great news! Thanks so much for your long time dedication for Steem Blockchain.

  • @virus707


  • @mehta

    I love to vote you as witness. I can do whatever in my hand to reach out you at top 20. Please update your version. I also think about to start a witness note from a week but i don't have sufficient support to reachout at top50, So I droped the idea. I am in learning stage.

    I like the steemworld app very much, your thoughts for standing strong against wrong things done with @justinsunsteemit . I Support you.

  • @jaydih

    Witness voted!

  • @tworld

    진심으로 환영 합니다.

  • @radaquest

    Good news at last!

  • @french-tech

    Hi @steemchiller, it seems that the moment is indeed interesting for new witnesses on STEEM but I still wonder if it's worth investing in it since there is no visibility on what @justinsunsteemit wants to do for the future of STEEM. I think I'll wait until I have a little more info on where STEEM is going before making a decision, if the migration to Tron is still on the way, in which case the witnesses won't be useful anymore.

    What documentation did you use to set up your server? Most of the documentation I know is very old and the Steem-in-a-box version is I guess doomed to become obsolete.

  • @hodolbak

    I support you.

  • @supergiant


  • @chekohler

    Voted for you now, I hope your projects get funded and you can continue to grow steemworld :)

  • @amico

    Of course, you have my vote. You are a magnificent example of compassionate clear vision, @steemchiller 🙏 A huge hug! 🤗

    @tipu curate

  • @xpilar

    Hi @steemchiller

    what's going on here, have you seen it? witness 63teemchiller (disabled forever)


    on this list it is correct


  • @kus-knee

    I will vote for your witness.

  • @apsu

    Yes, it's terrible if witnesses do not want a centralized blockchain.

  • @cryptopie

    Voted @steemchiller Keep it up Sir. :D

  • @justinparke

    I withdrew all my delegations and began powerdown after I heard news of the hardfork coming. I was initially pro-Hive, but during the hardfork they really screwed Steem-Engine based tribes. Many whales and witnesses dumped their SCOT tokens while discussing a hardfork with the community. I am let down with both sides and will continue a presence on both. If you intend to stay on Steem and try to keep doing good things, I'll redelegate a bit to you again to help support the future of SteemWorld. Sorry you got the short end of the stick my friend.

  • @leveuf

    I'll be brief but with a sincere heart, this is great news! The best winds for this great project and those to come!!

  • @xels

    Meine Stimme wirst du bekommen 👍

  • @blockbrothers

    We voted for your witness.

  • @faltermann

    Meinen Respekt für diese Entscheidung hast du. Ich werde dich hier auf jeden Fall unterstützen und für dich Voten.

  • @beggars

    Great! This will please dear leader Justin Sun. Make sure you run every single hard fork and piece of code that he wants to be released. Also remember to never ask questions (dear leader hates that). Run every piece of code right on the mainnet, never test it. Always trust dear leader Sun knows best. If the code he gives you does not work or causes issues with the API, it's not his fault, it's your server.

  • @morkrock

    You have my vote

  • @johndoer123

    You are my first (and only so far) wuness vote with our new Steem. I live Steem world and wish you the best. If there is anything i can do to help, please let me know.

  • @pixelfan

    Well, we definitly don't share the same opinions on some facts... but I respect yours and I think this chain needs an objective and critical voice. (as long as sun permets it, good luck with that) Anyway, you got my vote(s) and I wish you all the best! If you can make some money of deserve it. I had a wonderful time using steemworld and always found you were not enough rewarded for it. Take care and good luck!

  • @blacklux

    Yaaay! Finally! Good Luck!

  • @carapthian

    Ok, you just got my vote. Still looking for more Witnesses to vote for who are eager to continue to build the current set up of Steemit. Any tips are welcome.

  • @sashas

    I agree with you, we're meant to be a community. I feel trapped in a children's war.

  • @coreabeforekorea

    I like steemworld and your idea! Good to see you are on board!

  • @hightouch

    Perfect! You have my vote :)

  • @manniman

    Hey @SteemChiller I would never want to be disrespectful to you since I really enjoy your services for the community and your general attitude. If you see me hate on Justin or recent happenings, do never feel included.

    The Sun has risen very high meanwhile, there is a lot of work ahead of you.

    You have my support.

  • @liondani

    Creating drama and wars is not my thing, therefore I prefer to focus on building a better and more peaceful world instead.

    Staying with steemit will not avoid the drama in the near future is my honest opinion. Does censoring of posts from steemit not bother you? Are you ok with that?Even if you really believe what you said in your post, then certainly you have double standards.

  • @mykos

    you got my vote sir, if i knew how to run a witness i would. if someone would be willing to help educate me in the simplest way i'd try to learn.

  • @gungho

    I am in FULL support of you @steemchiller. I have always been from the very beginning...from day 1. I was just waiting for you to come out so I could vote you in. I've never voted someone for witness before because I was waiting for you. Thank God you are here. This man is "the dude" we can trust. He deserves it. I love you @steemchiller.

  • @whatsup

    Glad to see this!

  • @whatsup

    Hey SteemChiller I voted for you.

  • @sheikh27

    Thanks for the opportunity and give us a chance to make its part again, thank you.

  • @travelnepal

    my vote goes for you.

  • @funtraveller

    Steemworld alone is more than enough for me to vote your witness. I hope you rise up to the Top 20 to get you funded for your future development.

    Thanks for keeping Steem stable.

  • @thales7

    Du hast mein Witness-Vote. Ich finde es echt schade, dass du auf einer Blacklist bist auf Hive. Diese Leute reden von dezentralität machen aber genau das Gegenteil. Ich verstehe das überhaupt nicht.

    Screenshot_2020-03-25 SteemWorld ~ thales7.png

  • @joshman

    @justinsunsteemit did not really have a fair chance to begin with, because the old community 'influencers' decided to freeze his accounts and attack him badly in his posts.

    It's like you're watching the same screen and an entirely different movie. Have fun appealing to a centralized authority, it's clearly the type of environment you prefer to exist in.

  • @mariita52

    I got to STEEM through Steemit. I don't think I like being on another part or on another platform, I have tried several and the only one I really liked was Steemit. In addition to all your training flow and all kinds of people. I have really kept myself low key and I do what I can and I will continue to do it but here. I believe in the potential of this platform but I also know that those who are witnesses should know how to defend the platform and not want harm for it. Well anyway I have always liked SteemWorld and I have read many of your posts, and the anguish that caused you to invest all your resources to achieve an excellent job and not have enough. I think it is wonderful work and it would seem childish to me that the desire to destroy it for pride or for any other reason prevailed. I think these are times to build. So you have my vote, although I try to do it and I only see the button turn, without loading the vote.

    Ich bin durch Steemit zu STEEM gekommen. Ich glaube nicht, dass ich gerne auf einem anderen Teil oder auf einer anderen Plattform bin, ich habe mehrere ausprobiert und der einzige, den ich wirklich mochte, war Steemit. Zusätzlich zu all Ihrem Trainingsfluss und allen Arten von Menschen. Ich habe mich wirklich zurückhaltend gehalten und ich tue was ich kann und ich werde es weiterhin tun, aber hier. Ich glaube an das Potenzial dieser Plattform, aber ich weiß auch, dass diejenigen, die Zeugen sind, wissen sollten, wie man die Plattform verteidigt, und keinen Schaden dafür wollen. Trotzdem hat mir SteemWorld immer gefallen und ich habe viele Ihrer Beiträge gelesen und die Qual, die Sie veranlasst hat, all Ihre Ressourcen zu investieren, um einen hervorragenden Job zu erreichen und nicht genug zu haben. Ich denke, es ist eine wundervolle Arbeit und es scheint mir kindisch, dass der Wunsch, sie aus Stolz oder aus irgendeinem anderen Grund zu zerstören, vorherrschte. Ich denke, dies sind Zeiten zum Bauen. Sie haben also meine Stimme, obwohl ich es versuche und nur den Knopf drehen sehe, ohne die Stimme zu laden.

  • @denmarkguy

    You get my witness vote @steemchiler because I know you long hoped to run a witness here, and you tirelessly created and maintained the excellent app that is with very little support... and it was always one of the most enjoyable parts of the Steem experience, for me.

    I hope your witness does well and makes it into the top-20 so you can make a little money to help with your financial struggles. I may not agree with your perspectives on everything that happened during the recent upheaval (and I now view Steem with a lot of skepticism), but you deserve every success here!

  • @qwerrie


  • @dr-frankenstein


    Please join us here:

  • @nascimentoab

    Great! You've my vote indeed. Great job!

  • @freebornangel

    What's done is done. Let's move forward and build both, either, or neither. As long as I get out before any big dumps, I'll be happy.

  • @obvious

    Irgendwie schade, dass du hier bleibst. So viele Menschen mit Köpchen sind abgesprungen und du gehörst ja eigentlich dazu. Die Sache mit der Blacklist war natürlich scheisse, aber dafür steht auf HIVE eine Lösung in den Startlöchern. Steem wird abkratzen oder von Korea übernommen. Die coolen Leute sind auf HIVE. Komm doch auch :)

  • @gabbynhice

    Vote done! Glad to see you as a witness. It is really hard to vote now as most of the other witnesses didnt made nothing for steem yet. Nobody dont know them just they are in position because of JS. So i was happy when i saw you wanna became also. Just keep up the good work!

  • @lion200

    You will have my vote.

    • I think you were unfairly left out of the HIVE airdrop
    • I don't agree with the SF, although I understand the reasoning behind it. You simply cannot freeze someone's funds. It is against some basic principles. It was wrong. I think most of the witnesses would also confess this.
    • That being said, Justin Sun's move with involving exchange user funds to take over the chain was a much bigger fiasco than the fund freeze above. Nobody can justify the use of user funds by exchanges to vote for witnesses. And exactly this move is unacceptable for me to stay on STEEM. This move was an eye-opener, saying the guy would do ANYTHING to get what he wants.
    • I hope you are not willing to accept everything Justin Sun comes with. I hope you be honest and fair, and focus on building value for the community, instead of blindly saying YES to every demand of Justin Sun like @blockbrothers. These guys stabbed the community in the back. I will never ever vote for them, and in case you will ever walk the same path, you will be unvoted too.

    I hope keep adding value to the community! Thanks for your tools!

  • @guruvaj

    Vote for you now.

  • @schamangerbert


  • @onepercentbetter

    you shd do tat moons ago ! keep going. want to vote but having issue with steemworld witness voting , cant sign with keychain and manual login return some error.

  • @canna-curate

    You have our vote!!

  • @team-mexico

    Mexican community supports your witness, for the sake of steem. @steemchiller

    Congratulations on your honesty and commitment. :)


  • @gduran


  • @enginewitty

    Was wondering if you were ever going to be a witness. You have my vote hands down. Steemworld is by far, my favorite tool that has come out of Steem to date! I hope to see Steem move forward, and think very similarly about the situation as you.

  • @hasenmann

    Grad für Dich gevoted.

    Upvote&resteem des Posts

  • @freiheit50

    Ich habe dies gerade entdeckt und dich gevotet. Wenn du magst, setze ich dich als Proxy. Soll ich?


  • @investinthefutur

    @freiheit50 denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient! ----> Wer ist investinthefutur ?
    @freiheit50 thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !----> Who is investinthefutur ?

  • @akiroq

    I am very happy to see you staying with us. Also, I appreciate and share many of your points of view. I've voted for you as a witness, and I hope many others will as well. You are an asset to this community. Not to mention that Steemworld has always been an amazing tool, one I use daily. (edited)

  • @kyusho

    Bring Back Blocktrades... having the security to sell steem is as important as it is in buying.

  • @jhon6721

    agreeing with steemit and the changes he is making, I see that good things will come.

  • @logiczombie

    I've delegated my witness votes to you, but it appears that you've delegated your witness votes to "@chillerbot". Are you currently voting for witnesses and who are you currently voting for?

  • @ankarlie

    Glad to see that there are still developers on steemit who are brave enough to take a chance and help build a new steemit and steem. I will stay in Steem and continue to use steemit. I totally agree with you and the old witnesses did not handle the negotiations well. They started the war which they could not finish. I mean they did not even last a month. The end result was Steem landing in full control of Justin Sun.

    The incident brought out the worse of the Steem community with many coming off as bigots and racist, equating Justin's ethnicity as one of the reasons for not trusting him. Ignoring the sensibilities of other races who are also using this platform.

    It was all about maintaining power, influence and whale circle jerking party that has been running since time immemorial. Censorship is nothing new on steemit practically those who have enough power can downvote (censor) anyone without any repercussions. Unfortunately, there is a bigger whale in town. Funny it seems that censorship is okay so long as they are the one censoring now they are getting a dose of their own medicine it miraculously becomes taboo, how hypocritical.

    Let's make Steem safe again ;)

    This resonates with me a lot... the previous Steem is not safe for dissenting opinions especially against whales or their cohorts. While steemit inc is censoring post it does not bother me since a lot of them are just spamming the network. Their post does not add value that will benefit steemit users. They are just here to burn down the house which others chose to stay.

    I'd rather deal with censorship than having to associate myself with bigots, and racists. I don't want to be coerced to behave differently just to always be invited to a whale circle-jerking party or to avoid being censored by a downvoting group of megalomaniacs with their skewed ethnocentric views.

  • @darrenfj

    while I'm still around, will throw yah a vote..

  • @dj-on-steem

    Please work on reducing the number of vote to witness, e.g. 30 to 3. This is the key point of decentralization.

  • @alucian

    Ich weis gar nicht so richtig was ich sagen soll. Da steht man nämlich nur zwischen den Stühlen.

    Für mich ist es sehr Unweitsichtig gewesen, dich auf dieser Liste zu haben. Das man spezielle Kandidaten ausschließt, ist für mich der Grund gewesen zu wechseln. @ned hat gelogen, das brauche ich nicht mal zu bezeugen und deswegen bin ich auch gerne hier am schreiben gewesen.

    Ohne seine Lüge, wäre ich hier nie gelandet. Kein Ninja-Stake hat er gesagt. Und ich habe es geglaubt, weil ich zu faul zum prüfen war. Jetzt hat er den Stake jemandem verkauft, der mit dem Steem nichts zu tun hat.

    Kein Herzblut drin bei dem, so wie deines und vieler anderer hier.

    Der Gedanke an das eigene Wohl, war mir zuwider beim lesen der Beiträge dieses Herrn. Und dann auch noch die Reaktion auf den Fork.

    Mag sein das man ihn provoziert hat, streite ich nicht ab und ich habe selbst drauf gekloppft, allerdings erst später.

    Aber genau damit hat er sich Endgültig ins Aus geschossen für mich.

    Man lässt sich als Führungskraft nicht provozieren, das ist einfach nicht Professionell. Der Mann will nur seinen Tron an uns verkaufen und uns als Werbung nutzen. Kann er machen, aber nicht als "Chef" von mir.

    Deswegen bin ich soweit weg, wie es nur geht auf dem Steem. Ausnahme bildet das CC Project, einfach weil die Menschen nix dafür können und ich sie nicht enttäuschen oder zu einer Entscheidung zwingen möchte.

    Ich war entsetzt als ich dich auf der Liste gesehen habe. Weil es einfach nicht fair ist. Jeder echte Steemian hat dich hier als feinen Kerl kennen lernen können und das bist du auch und wirst es sicher bleiben.

    Ich werde auf jeden Fall nicht mit dir streiten wollen, warum, weshalb, wieso. Das bringt niemanden weiter.

    Die Tage wähle ich dich als Witness selbstverständlich und hoffe, das du dir vielleicht eines Tages überlegst, dem Hive eine Chance mit deinen mächtigen Fähigkeiten zu geben. Denn ja, es ist die alte Struktur, aber es fehlt auch etwas dort und das ist mir wichtig.

    Ich werde für dich und deine Arbeit sprechen, auch wenn du das nicht möchtest und die anderen es nicht hören wollen.

    Denn eines ist klar. Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt. ;-)

    Ich habe nichts gegen den Steem. Das wäre unlogisch. Ich habe sicher auch nichts gegen die Menschen, die hier bleiben wollen. Ich habe mich einfach entschieden, lieber ein Ende mit Schrecken, als Schrecken ohne Ende.

    Beide Chains werden überleben, da bin ich mir sicher!

    Deswegen wirst du auch weiterleben hier hoffe ich für dich. Außerdem haben wir auch viele, die beide Chains unterstützen. Sozusagen die freudigen Dritten, wenn sich zwei streiten. :-)

    Ich hoffe man kann in Kontakt bleiben.

    Liebe Grüße und für dich


    Salve vom Sascha

  • @schlees

    Lol... frag mich echt, wie du da nur minimales Vertrauen rein setzen kannst, aber gz zum Witness - LANGE überfällig ;).

  • @sgt-dan

    Well, since I like your steemworld tool and would love to see something similar on the HIVE Blockchain. I have delegated a small temporary 500 SP (HIVE ACCOUNT) to help out a bit while you wait on your appeal concerning the HIVE airdrop.

    I have very mixed feelings concerning this SNAFU (Steem Now All Fouled Up). I am just trying to do something positive in this entire quagmire.

  • @apsu

    Happy being on a centralized blockchain which is freezing accounts? And Steemit censoring posts? Steemit "being neutral" and unapproving any witness who's not willing to freeze accounts.

    Hope you enjoy your stay. You can't pretend you're surprised. You choose to support a tyrant, you get what you asked for.

  • @carlgnash

    How you like justinsun now LOL