My accounts are on the Hive blacklist

Will there be a SteemWorld on Hive?

I'm on your beloved witnesses blacklist, guys. Do I need to say more?

Why are you blacklisted?

Maybe because I took part in de-escalating the situation and therefore voted for both sides (4 of Justin's witnesses). Freezing accounts in a "decentralized" blockchain is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. They are responsible for what is happening now and they obviously cannot handle the truth.

There is a reason why Steem, despite the clearly superior technology, was not in the top lists by market cap. It's not just a random occurrence. It looks like they don't want to lose control and by keeping the community small it is much easier to accomplish that.

"Divide and conquer the world" is their mission. Many who are taking part are not even aware of this fact. I have seen enough.

I love Steem and will continue to work on SteemWorld. Putting a developer like me on a blacklist shows that they won't give people a chance who share different opinions. The existing dictatorship in the core has now become clearly visible to the world.

As they lost control over Steem, they needed to start an own blockchain. Many worker bees blindly followed and continued to work for the same old self-chosen kings as before. Bring us only the honey we love or die.

I stay true to myself and will do my best to bring Steem to where it belongs. It's time.

Much love,

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  • @chriddi

    @tipu curate

    ... und viele, viele Kopfschüttler! Das ist nicht zu glauben und zeigt exakt, worum es geht! Und immer gegangen ist... 😔

  • @therealwolf

    AFAIK the blacklist was strictly who voted in favor of the sockpuppets (i.e. pushed us into a corner to force the HF). I understand the problems around it and I hope it can be resolved later on. We just had to move fast for now.

  • @andyjaypowell

    Bist Du nicht für mich, so bin ich gegen Dich. Krank ist das.


    Mir fehlt etwas der Durchblick bei diesem Thema. Aber generell finde ich es schade, wenn sich die Fronten so verhärten und alle unversöhnlich miteinander umgehen. Ich kann beim besten Willen nicht beurteilen, wer da nun Recht oder Unrecht hat. Womöglich geht es anderen auch so. Allerdings tendiere ich ganz klar zu dezentralisierten Strukturen. Ich fühle mich dort am besten aufgehoben, wo das am besten gesichert ist. Aber wo wird das sein?

  • @jarvie

    I'm pretty sure no person put you on a blacklist... the IF THEN mechanism of the decision simply had you on that side of the code and they couldn't pick favorites so save or otherwise. Sounds like they wanted to make sure there was no picking and choosing.

    I really want to see you and your project on Hive... I know there are a lot of people who'd love to support you and what you do. Your site is wonderful.

    I've seen people talk about how they'd be more than willing to support the recourse for you to get hive tokens equal to what they could have been.

    However it does sound like you're not interested and that makes me sad... but I suppose that's your decision.

  • @ausbitbank

    You're perfectly welcome to join us on Hive, the "no free airdrop" list was using consistent rules for everyone. Directly supporting the bad actors performing a hostile takeover is not de-escalation. Despite that, you're perfectly welcome to join everyone on Hive, and we have an appeals process for those unfairly affected by the air-drop.

  • @mindtrap

    I think it’s up to you bud. If you want to develop steemworld even further on the HIVE side then I am sure you’ll be removed from the blacklist. Keep throwing accusations one to another makes no sense atm.

    What’s done is done. Personally I’d love to use your tool on...the other side. And I know many feel the same. Through discussion we can sort things out. If however you choose to stay one Steem, I totally respect that.

  • @carapthian

    It is refreshing that we can see some posts showing the other side of the coin in the feed. Until yesterday only posts bashing Justin and Hyping Hyves were visible. I don't condone the censorship Justin is doing now in the main feed as I think it is contrary to the set up of an open content sharing Platform like Steemit should be.

    But I am happy with the side effect of this censorship, meaning that finally some other voices are shown.

    Let's hope the censorship is just a temporary thing and will see some improved Steemit, with good content in the feed and maybe a continuous improvement in user interface. Onboarding Steemit should be made much more easy for new users.

  • @xels

    Ich hoffe das lässt sich noch schnell ändern 🤬

  • @meins0815

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  • @investinthefutur

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  • @freiheit50

    Das kann doch nicht wahr sein! Ich will es nicht glauben!! Ich hoffe sehr, dass es sich um einen Irrtum handelt. Einem der treuesten und besten Entwickler den Stuhl vor die Tür zu stellen, ist nicht nur dumm, sondern kriminell.

    Ich protestiere!

    Auf jeden Fall werde ich dich mit meinen Assets auf steem weiter unterstützen und hoffe, dass dieser Fehler korrigiert wird.


    P.S. @seo-boss steht auch in der Blacklist! Das muss auch korrigiert werden.

  • @investinthefutur

    @freiheit50 denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient! ----> Wer ist investinthefutur ?
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  • @cryptokannon

    Keep on doing what you are good at and stay strong💜

  • @josua1

    Sorry to hear that, but this unnecessary "war" is getting on your nerves!

    Some users will dance on two weddings, others will choose a side, but this warring among each other can't be good for Steemit or the new hive, at least that's my opinion.

  • @danielhuhservice

    Für mich der Beweis das "HIVE" nur von eigenen Interessensgruppen erschaffen wird und nicht ehrlich ist.

    Hier wird Geld aus dem nichts erschaffen!

  • @btcmillennial

    I voted for two of Justin Sun's witnesses. Have 10 votes total. Now I'm being told my perspective is wrong for acknowledging a large stakeholder and hoping for an alternative solution.

    Terrible precedent. Not everyone is a warmonger.

  • @wherein

    This time I was very sad, the community was busy fighting and seizing power, and ignored SMT is the future of Steem.

  • @nokodemion

    Exactly... Stay on steem... You did the right thing.

  • @steemprojects

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  • @abitcoinskeptic

    I really liked steemworld and still appreciate your efforts. I'm really sorry you were unable to get along with the witnesses and large stake holders. You even mentioned you were willing to opensource your code after some point.

    I think if later on, if or when you want, you submit a proposal on Hive to get your airdrop and some extra hive to make a hiveworld, it will happen.

    I'm probably not the only one who thinks like this.

  • @apsu

    It's a shame, Steemworld has been one of the best services on Steem. Even if we see differently regarding Justin Sun's attempt to centralize Steem blockchain and actions taken by witnesses in attempt to prevent it, I think it would be great to see you on Hive.

  • @klye

    If you drew your line in the sand by supporting witnesses that were trying to undermine our community it makes sense why you wouldn't be 100% welcomed with open arms into the new community after showing your colours.

    You can't be rooting for Sun and simultaneously expecting a hand out from the people whose community Sun tried to destroy.. It doesn't work like that and it's absolutely fucking asinine to expect to be treated well and given a token handout when you don't deserve it.

  • @team-mexico

    I support the sock witnesses and some steem witnesses for the sake of the Steem community and I'm not on the list, I really want to be there.

    Why wasn't I blacklisted @team-mexico? I guess I'm not important or they are naive hahaha. Everything will be fine friend, do not fight for something that is not worth it. In the hive they will be pure wasps that sting and do not produce honey.

    I love Steem and as a community I will work hard to bear the fruit it deserves. I am committed to @team-mexico.

  • @irgendwo

    Some questions:

    With steem I have seen it is possible to freeze accounts (could be basically the account of anyone) and with hive I do see a blacklist. So, there are witnesses which can decide who is good and evil, without any further discussion.

    • How this should continue?
    • How do I know the power will not be abused in the future?

    That Justin Sun gets forked out with all his accounts, ok, I do understand that.

    • Just, how do I know after that it might do not could hit the wrong people?

    And it does look like there are accounts on the list that should not be there.

    • Why this list is only short before the HF aviable?
  • @luegenbaron

    Komm auf den Discord, oder dann auf Hive, sprich die Sache an und du bekommst sehr wahrscheinlich von der Community nen nachträglichen Airdrop! :) Ich setze mich für dich ein :)

  • @lifeaef
    // Accounts excluded who voted a minimum of two sockpuppets or proxied someone who voted a minimum of two and who didn't unvote before the hive announcement with more than 1k sp

    The Rules of the blacklist is too harsh, it's ridiculous. 1000SP before the announcement is $130. That's nothing. @blocktrades and whoever is behind the hardfork need to revise this ASAP

    I think removing the ninja minded stake, is only the first step

    Moving to the new Blockchain, we expect a safe place for free speech and free opinion. We can take sides, we can vote for whoever we want even for Justin Sun if he decides to onboard hive.

    I expect Hive will be a completely better version of Steem not just a hardfork. We don't want Steem Blockchain code, we had millions of problems with it. We want the community, its values and its experiences; @steemchiller is part of that.

    If Hive will be another centralised Blockchain under different names, I will be leaving it

  • @grider123

    I resteemed your post so others can see it. The whole thing with the blacklist is a bit sketchy IMHO. We could protect the chain by simply allowing only one 100% wittness vote per Steemian and if you vote multiple times the percentage gets divided between your votes. This should be enough to prevent a large stakeholder to overtake the chain...

  • @sanjeevm

    I think, there is a process in which, you can raise concerns, and it should be sorted out. You must come to HIVE. And if you want to continue on steem, I think, its ok to be on both sides.

  • @pundito

    Hi @steemchiller, I'm pretty sure the decision to put you on the blacklist is discussible and thousands of users will support you.

    If anybody deserves to be on #hive including the airdrop it is you.

    Calm down, come over and let's discuss the situation. Nothing is written in stone. Corrections can be done.

    Of course, I'm not the person who makes decisions but you have my 100% support to convince the decisionmakers.

  • @donekim

    As already seen in SoftFork 22.2, the forkchain called HIVE is a very centralized chain with no respect for token holders.

  • @flugschwein

    While the Hive completely failed due to that list, I would argue that the Steem isn't any better seeing that company developing the blockchain is censoring certain posts because they don't agree with their opinions. To be honest they both degraded to bullshit in the last days.

  • @lordbutterfly

    As a wise man once said:

    "play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

    ... Or in this game win no prizes at all.

    It's very unfortunate that you will be left out but you made your bed and now you have to lay in it.

    I loved your service and would love for you to join us. There will be a dev fund and I'm sure you will be able to take advantage of it. I'm sure you will have community support like you had here.

    People sometimes make stupid mistakes and have to deal with consequences unfortunately.

  • @johndoer123

    This will probably cause me to sell all my hive tokens. I don't need to be a part of Steem1.1. Seems like this new place will be the same as the old.... Follow the leader....or off with your head.

    I guess it makes a lot of sense why they pickked the name hive....

  • @coffeea.token

    coffeea Lucky you @steemchiller here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

  • @sheikh27

    Very sad to know that you are blacklisted in hive, but true love & respect for you from whole steemians.

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  • @eii

    This is unfairly and stupid.

    $trdo !BEER

  • @clixmoney

    The thing I can't understand is why @binance-hot is not in the blacklist while they supported Justin even more than everyone else. I don't see the other exchange huobi there as well.

  • @digitalgoldmine

    "Divide and conquer the world" is their mission. Many who are taking part are not even aware of this fact. I have seen enough.

    The pot calling the kettle black springs to mind. I totally agree that is HIVE's only mission and motivation. Nothing to do with the protection of the Blockchain.

  • @costanza

    This blacklist literally killed all my excitement and hopes for Hive honestly.

    How can you make a new chain claiming you finally want to be more decentralized while blacklisting individual accounts based on criteria that make no sense and include everyone that actively took a neutral stand. This will kill so much moral or social support the project had going for it right now and hold back future serious investors as it just makes hive look very shady.

  • @alexs1320

    Enjoy the real Communism


  • @flemingfarm

    I love Steemworld but I don't see how you can look at the results and not understand why it happened. It is written out and plain to see that by voting for the sock puppets it put you at odds with the vast majority of the users on Steem. It will be sad to see you go and for Steemworld to lose most of its traffic. I hope you can come to terms with your decisions and find a way to move forward.

  • @tonytrillions

    !giphy awesome

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  • @lukestokes

    When I first saw the criteria for the list and the number of people on it, I tried to convince those involved to just stick with the Steemit ninja-mined stake only. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful at convincing those doing the coding to change their minds.

    I think Steemworld is a valuable tool for the community and it's unfortunate your account was included, but I at least appreciate the criteria was set and followed without any special favorites or exceptions. The funds are air dropped to the HIVE DAO as part of the code and my hope is the community of token holders who disagree with what was done will create proposals to airdrop back on to the accounts that deserve it.

    Freezing accounts in a "decentralized" blockchain is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. They are responsible for what is happening now and they obviously cannot handle the truth.

    I respect your opinion on this, though I disagree with it. For v0.22.2, I supported temporarily disabling voting and disabling power down until we could come to a resolution. Disabling liquid transfers was added later and Tim and I both disagreed. He disagreed strongly enough to run v0.22.3 which didn't freeze the liquid tokens (but did prevent voting, power down, I believe). He was voted out of consensus which does seem to indicate the token holders supported v0.22.2.

    To me, what's dumber than a temporary freeze to avoid a stated threat is sybil attacking the chain so it's controlled by one person. That's not even a blockchain any more. I don't know why anyone who cares about blockchain technology would ever support that.

  • @pixelfan

    Hi @steemchiller,

    All emotions set apart, and I don't want to give any opinion, just want to say that a lot of average users like me (you know them, the silent majority) will really really really miss you and steemworld on hive. I always see discussions between extremes here... but not a lot from the average users who just enjoy posting on steemit/Hive/steempeak/... and others.

    I can only hope you will reconsider and try hive too... I'm 100% sure that a lot of people will support you! I know I will personally do whatever I can to support you if you decide to join hive...and a lot of others will follow.

    You made a wonderful piece of software that is used by many... many of wich don't even know or understand they will not have access to their favorite UI on hive...

    So please, reconsider my friend!

  • @blacklux

    Being neutral is a crime in the blockchain it seems! I'm in that list too for being neutral. Both sides have valid points, both sides made mistakes, both sides are playing "who got bigger balls". If having a mind of my own, remaining neutral and not letting anyone use me as a pawn means I will be blacklisted and treated as a traitor by some people, so be it!

  • @ewkaw

    Would be a shame not to have you and Steemworld in Hive. You created the best and most user friendly explorer.

  • @radaquest

    Waiting for changes...


  • @tabris

    Yeah they advertise their propaganda like "Capital vs Decentralized Community" - but really? "Decentralized?" "No Censorship?" 🤦🏻‍♂️ I feel disgusting when I see the people who act differently from what they're saying..

  • @afrog

    If someone keeps a blacklist to keep certain miners away from a block chain, that block chain is neither decentralized nor managed in an inviting sense. The Hive disqualified itself before it even got off the ground. It's a shame that there are always crazy idiots who can't let go. Why would I switch when it's just as wacky there as it is here? I see no more reason to do it.

  • @afrog



    I stay on Steem and look what will come.

  • @nuthman

    Oh man! This sucks. I hope this gets worked out. Steemworld is an app that I use every single day. It is a huge asset to the community.

  • @actnearn

    Agreed. There should not be any blacklists

  • @chireerocks

    @steemchiller, In my opinion when a Human Being speaks his/her mind it makes them really unique and real being. I want to appreciate your truth and your expression because we are in the World Of Opportunism and when Opportunism overtakes then it breaks the true self of a human being and push them to act in selfish and dominating way. Your consistent work towards SteemWorld deserves lots of appreciations brother. My good wishes are with you and stay blessed.

    @theycallmedan, @blocktrades and @gtg, I don't know if i am right or wrong but in my opinion @steemchiller don't deserve this. Stay blessed all.

  • @pfunk

    Maybe because I took part in de-escalating the situation and therefore voted for both sides (4 of Justin's witnesses).

    No, you used your stake to prolong an attack on Steem which necessitated the creation of a fork that excluded the balances of the accounts that voted in support of the attack.

    Your account is still there and usable. The balance that you irresponsibly used on Steem has been excluded from the fork's airdrop. Don't blame anyone but yourself.

  • @aidasfg7

    That was not mistake . This is Hostile Hard Fork They planned this censorship



  • @joshman

    Maybe because I took part in de-escalating the situation and therefore voted for both sides

    Participating in a sybil attack orchestrated by a single party is an interesting method of de-escalation. As they say, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. It's a shame despite creating a very useful tool for steemians to use, that you chose to play both sides. Rather than help solidify the final stand of the community, you chose to hedge your bets.

    I hope you get nothing, but that's the opinion of one person. I know you have a lot of fans, so most likely we'll get to experience your whining on Hive at some point in the near future.

  • @condeas

    Ich nehme mal an, dass auch das SPS (DAO) nun unabhängig auf beiden Chains läuft. Wäre ein guter Zeitpunkt für einen neuen Versuch ;)

  • @untalpeque

    don't worry, even if the shit changes latrines it's still the same shit.

    they fill their mouths saying they have a new "100% decentralized" chain but they gave token only to those who supported their new chain, THAT'S CALLED CHANTAGE.

    Why didn't they make their new chain from 0 with ICO and AirDrops? To see how many people would invest in the chain, they just copied and pasted information, to take the people away.

  • @bifilarcoil

    another day of divide and conquer.

    And everyone is going along with it...

    Be divided one more time, then another. and keep doing so until we have nothing left to unite about...

  • @sn0n

    As soon as I saw the list I called out your name for being on there, a LOT of people in the chat agreed you didn't necessarily belong on there and mentioned they would be disputing your not getting the airdrop. The politics of this whole fiasco is a bit.... Theatric. Good for both chains IMO. But what do I know, I'm an anarchist at heart.

    I do LOVE steemworld and use it daily. Keep rocking fine sir, you are loved and appreciated more then you know.

  • @onepercentbetter

    @steemchiller keep going man ! you been creating tremendous value for tons of users with your tool! problem create opportunity! you can do it.

    btw saw the empty 300x250 for awhile, maybe time to turn on the google ads ? or are you looking at custom ads space buy ? if it's the latter, probably good to show some analytics stats to draw advertiser.

  • @whitelightxpress

    Well, I always enjoyed using your Steemworld @steemchiller; it is one of the apps that helped make Steemit/Steem easier to use and manage. Regardless of whether you end up also making a version for Hive or not, you made a really great app!

    Bright Blessings!

  • @cryptopie

    I think steem will not go away @steemchiller we still have a good community here. Best regards to your continued service :)

  • @roleerob

    Good evening (here) @steemchiller. With the precious little time I had this morning, after seeing this heading in my feed, my heart sank. With a bit of time later on, I read it and thought I would need some time to properly compose some sort of reply.

    We live in seemingly ever more insane times, my dear friend. And my commitments in the "real world" have kept me to pretty much a part-time role "in here." Lately, I have been almost "out on my feet" in weariness, so didn't think I could write anything worth reading until morning. Maybe even then, the words will not come ...

    Here at the end of a very long day, however, that did not seem right to me. I can only say, for now, how very sorry I am that this has happened. You and I had a brief exchange over this whole mess awhile back and I've written a couple of posts about it, but ...

    To what end? In the face of the "oligarchy" we all struggle with inside this "social experiment" and the "herd mentality" that is far too common with far too many others, nothing ...

    Perhaps I will think of something better to write in the morning. I just want you to know how much I admire all of your dedication and commitment. And how much I have enjoyed our exchanges in the past, during my "journey" here on the Steem blockchain.

    I hope this will not be the end of those exchanges ...

  • @mykos

    I thought about a similar approach. However i decided not to participate at all because i don't support the voting system. So eventhough i'm not on the list i'll be giving away anything i get or don't get. I'm not interested in "decentralized" witchhunts. I wish both sides well. However they both seem off to the wrong start to me. So overall i have a greater concern about the future progress of these type systems. They seemingly have been stuck in a certain gear.. even prior to Justin Sun's arrival. So i think i'll just be an observer and see what happens.

  • @brittandjosie

    GOODMORNING friend, i read the blog and all i can say since the sun came on the blockchain all sides lost a great deal. A lot has been said, true or false it made content. I was and am a fan. I know reasoning was hard, proposal comments and all sucked, even payments. Do know that there isnt a single account on the chain that didnt use your tool, so for that we say or ought to say THANKS and for the future, there will be trouble, but dealing with a virus in the real world i must say, look ahead you might be surprised whats ahead. Have a great weekend Britt

  • @transisto

    Freezing accounts in a "decentralized" blockchain is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

    Well guess what, It wasn't decentralized. Now it definitely is.

  • @trafalgar

    While they're certainly free to include/exclude whomever from the airdrop, that list did seem excessive to me.

    Many weren't so much 'supporting centralization' but rather were voting in a way to prevent HFing away certain accounts, or voting both sides to encourage mediation, or were inactive and had proxied their votes beforehand ignorant of the drama, or just didn't entirely subscribe to the prevailing narrative of a hostile takeover.

    Of course it's within their right, but I don't know if uprooting and leaving behind people who voted slightly in a way contrary to their views, many of whom were long term investors and supporters of the chain, is in the spirit of decentralization and respect for property rights.

    I believe you'll get enough support to get your HIVE, I'll definitely vote any such SPS to that effect. I just hope other less recognized people affected, especially in the Chinese and Korean community will also be able to make successful claims.

  • @mehta

    Very well explained the truth @steemchiller. I am 100% agree with your opinion and vision. I have also voted 7 old witnesses before this issue and after this i add 20 new witnesses (7+20). They want to rule the chain.

  • @fingolfin

    As someone who is staying committed to Steem, what are your thoughts on the changes to the Terms of Service?

    14.1. When accessing or using the Services, you agree that you will not commit any unlawful act, and that you are solely responsible for your conduct while using our Services. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you agree that you will not:

    14.1.7. Use our services to promote third-party platforms or to promote each other without our written permission.

  • @stef1

    hi @steemchiller du hast schon so viele positive und negative Rückmeldungen erhalten und wahrscheinlich genug davon. Ich wollte dir nur sagen, dass wir immer noch in Steem posten und so lange aktiv bleiben, bis die Lichter hier ausgehen. Dein Programm ist absolut erstaunlich und mit Abstand das beste “tool“ hier in steem, es hat uns regelrecht süchtig gemacht, alles auf einen Blick zu haben. Wenn du hier aktiv bleibst, dann erhältst du auf jeden Fall unsere Unterstützung. Jetzt kannst du sehen wie die “guten Wale“ versuchen Steemiens zu zwingen sich Hive anzuschließen ( spamming ). Dies ist kein guter Schritt der Hive-Gemeinde und macht mich krank. Ich bin ein freier Mensch, und wenn ich mich entscheide einer Gemeinschaft beizutreten, werde ich es tun und möchte nicht dazu gezwungen werden. Wir wünschen dir viel Glück und hoffen das "Steemworld" noch ein langes Leben vor sich hat :-)

  • @quillfire


    Hey mate.

    There are a LOT of people on Hive already missing SteemWorld. A LOT. I've lost count of the comments (in posts, comments and on Discord) expressing such sentiment.

    Take heart, not everyone is buying the Party Line and NO ONE with an IQ over 2 thinks you're a villain.

    I wrote the following article before the Hive launch announcement. You are mentioned in it and I think it is apropos given what has recently transpired:


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  • @hightouch

    Yo @steemchiller, Can you please join this discord and dm me? I have tried to find you but without result :)

  • @famigliacurione

    HIVE Could Face a Massive Class Action Lawsuit for Intellectual Property Theft


    A group of rogue members of the Steem blockchain community have unilaterally copied the intellectual property of millions of content creators without even the slightest decency to even attempt to seek their consent...