TSP: Interview w/SteemPress Co-Founder @fredrikaa

The @steempress Team has released several important updates lately from their roadmap and growth strategy for onboarding the masses to today's post about their new referral system, guest accounts, and website improvements. That's why we thought today would be the perfect time to release our recent interview with @fredrikaa.

In this 16 minute interview @fredrikaa talks about their goal to onboard the WordPress blogs and websites that make up 30% of the internet. They plan to accomplish this by providing a unique and compelling product and creating an onboarding process that is easy and effortless for new users and their audiences. @fredrikaa believes there are 4 key factors to achieving this, namely; exposure, conversion, retention and network effect.


Audio only version


@steempress is a 50% beneficiary on this post. Special thanks to @fredrikaa for coming on the show!

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  • @acidyo

    Man, steempress got me so hyped right now.

  • @dandesign86

    This could be the key component that becomes the turn around case for Steem . Impressive work !

  • @fredrikaa

    It was my pleasure to be on the show @andrarchy!

    I really am feeling hyped these days. Both from seeing a new and better culture on Steem where people seem to look forward again, and because I believe we've solved many of the crucial obstacles to growth over the past year, and are now bringing together the pieces that got me hyped about Steem to begin with.

    Its about time that we provide a compelling vision, make it a tangible strategy and allow the community with opportunities to participate! Whether it is from helping improve the user experience on the platform through feedback, or helping grow the userbase by contributing to increasing exposure, retention and network effect. So to anyone that has something more they would like to do to help grow Steem, let me know!

  • @scipio

    @fredrikaa believes there are 4 key factors to achieving this, namely; exposure, conversion, retention and network effect

    I agree completely!

  • @steemitqa

    Awesome job Steempress and great interview!

  • @teenagecrypto

    I like the new steemit

  • @cryptospa

    Will have a look at the interview later today.

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  • @gbenga

    I hope this make a very big difference on the steem blockchain.

  • @ahmad575447


  • @beerlover

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  • @wiizzyy25

    Great ideas... But time will tell. Spectator mode.

  • @nephzkyzz

    thanks for sharing😀

  • @seyirich

    This is nice and welcoming.

  • @coininstant

    I need to learn how to use all of this!! wow

  • @lemouth

    One of the best Steem project, IMHO. :)

  • @trendo.marketing


  • @baillieogrady

    Exciting stuff, just added this plugin to my WordPress blog baillieogrady.com/blog, works like a treat!

  • @devawnm367

    They new Steemit just keeps getting better and better. I really believe exsposure is the number 1 key to global adoption! Congrats cannot wait for Steempress!

  • @zen.fit

    Do you guys have a detailed guide on how to use it? I'd appreciate that, thx for the value.

  • @yousafzai1122

    Can you help me improving my steemit account please?

  • @paullifefit

    So am I right in saying we get rewards for powering up, curating, publishing AND referrals? Woo hoo what’s not to like??

    Loving steem and steemit the longer I’m here. Feeling proud and respected to be a part of this community. Keep up the great work, you’ve made a fan out of me x

  • @samswim

    Great post

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  • @jodac

    That's awesome! I am so excited with steemit, i see great future ahead.

  • @hempy

    Congrats on pulling another 1000 STEEM from the reward pool!! Keep up the exceptional posts!

  • @medikatie

    I notice that all the bidbots and former-bidbots-turned-manual-upvoters are piling their 100% upvotes onto all these types of insider posts. It's easy money for them (they get half their upvote value in a week), so it makes sense. And thanks to HF21, all posts that don't make at least $10 (like all of mine, and 99% of the rest of the users) get pillaged to pump up these insider posts even more. These posts can't lose, and neither can people who upvote them. Is this how the curation system is supposed to work? Everybody just upvotes the insiders posts, for max profits? Is that finding unique hidden original content gems? Or is that just insider cronyism? Don't bother answering me, or even considering my question. Just write me off as jealous or something, so you don't have to face the reality that there's no real curation possible on the Steem blockchain anymore. It's broken, but the people who could fix it are making too much money this way, so it'll never be fixed. THAT is why Steemit is dead, unique users per day is falling every month, and STEEM just fell even further, now under 13 cents.

  • @agussalim2511