CoinMarketCap, Can You Trust It? Interview w/CoinGecko

We are excited to bring to you an interview with the COO of CoinGecko, Bobby Ong. CoinGecko is doing more than any other crypto aggregator to present trustworthy information about your favorite cryptocurrencies. In this episode of The Steemit Podcast, Bobby explains how exactly they're doing that through recently announced products like TrustScore 2.0 and more.

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  • @paullifefit

    Coingecko has easy access links to the biggest movers, highest volumes as well as newest coins. I use the site for confirmation of money moving into Alts or if it’s moving into Bitcoin.

    It’s a neat app/ website. Check it out if you haven’t already πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’― E21DBE30-5E35-47D5-9A30-ADFE106CF9BE.png

  • @acidyo

    Coingecko is a very solid platform. A lot of respect from me for what they are doing because coinmarketcap is surely not making it easy for new investors to not get burned.

  • @cadawg

    Someone forgot to set beneficiaries:


  • @paullifefit

    Data aggregator is going to be a new buzz word in this space as having a platform with access to so much data on crypto and comparing it in a useful way is going to set these guys apart.

    I already use more so than coin market cap a lot of times, so I think CoinGecko is going in the right direction here. Love this guys enthusiasm and recognition of what limits coin market caps limitations πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • @hafijur-rahman

    Coingecko is a very solid and very powerful platform. Many greetings and compliments from me for what they are doing, because Coin MarketCap is certainly not gonna be easy for new investors to ignite

  • @coingecko

    Excited to see Bobby Ong being interviewed by's own @andrarchy! Looking forward for us to do more stuff together in the future.

  • @awesomianist

    @coingecko and and crossover w00t w00t!

    If you're in the cryptospace and consider yourself serious, you should know that market cap means little to nothing anymore. CoinGecko's Trust Score algoritm will be the first of its kind as the market becomes smarter and realise there is more to a coin that just trading volume and price per coin.

    Thanks boss for the shoutout about myself and @superoo7 going to Steemfest πŸ˜†. For those going, see you guys there!

  • @earnmoneyy

    aggregator to present trustworthy information about your favorite cryptocurrencies. In this episode of The Steemit Podcast, Bobby explains how exactly they're doing that through recently announced products like TrustScore 2.0 and more.

  • @yapcat

    if the whole world runs on getting shares of inflation and the mighty dollar thinks it can, but it can't and everyone keeps ignoring that, than it's only normal for daddy-money school boys to think that's just how it works, ignoring basic math and rules of nature ...

    the original concept of bitcoin / cryptoken on an immutable ledger ... was 21 million CAP and STOP ...

    so ...

    all the crypto-anarchists and cypherpunks have gone back or staid in the shadows and Crypton has been taken over by marketeers and wanna-wall-street-whale-street whales who think you can smile at a moving train and make it go away. Well, they will tell you that as they grab that backpack full of money and get ready to jump while you stand staring ... smoke and mirrors

    affiliate marketing links were downvoted until a year ago, now its featured by the-company-who-doesnt-own-the-blockchain-that-belongs-to-everyone ...

    ... you DO KNOW this is public , right, all of it, everyone across the planet can read it, you should be careful with the fairy tales ...

    the coingecko is pretty solid and the api is pretty useful but i always wondered what they brought to the platform and the value of the STEEM/SBD coin ...

    because its just more marketing and selling a brand at the cost of, ....

    i'll gladly stand corrected when the price hits $1 by december as the masses come in to play facebook(but good content!) on a paywall for the middle-classes (who for some reason are believed to be all idiots who suck up fairy tales for breakfast)

    until then .....

    i'll stand un-corrected ... what a load of shit (but i'll vote on the post b/c it gets me more curation rewards, which makes it 'good' content for someone who has nothing but lost money by buying steem so far )

    enjoy the ride ... i saw the whales have had their post rewards halved on tuesday

  • @klenthurston

    Very nice interview, I Agree Coingecko have full feature than coinmarketcap!

  • @fredkese.pal

    It's pretty trustworthy and has had no major problems

  • @seyirich

    Perfect,I will look forward to trying it out.

  • @hiteshlalwani12

    cool information dude

    loved it

  • @josepimpo

    !giphy gecko

  • @mrbit2big

    great job and much needed in the space to have right, correct statistics. PLEASE fix the link to - currently it's https://https// Thx

  • @cryptocat15

    CoinGecko is easily and simple userfriendly interface.

  • @joelsegovia

    Going to check coingecko out, till now I mostly used coinmarketcap

  • @theresteemer5000

    Awesome possom post! We are old school fans of CoinGecko. We resteemed your post. Follow us and get a better chance if being resteemed again!

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  • @darkuso

    So much good info on this post, many that probably wouldn't even know ever, lately i have noticed that is harder to find good info about crypto, mostly know is only shills and FUD.

  • @solsam

    awesome post content really healpful and put me into a perspective

  • @solsam

    awesome post content really helpful and put me into a perspective

  • @samswim

    Great post

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  • @brianoflondon

    It would be good if you could at least cross upload your videos to a Steem friendly site like @threespeak in addition to YouTube. Many of us try to avoid delivering eyeballs and revenue to Google these days.

  • @damion117

    Coinmarketcap is I feel a greatly beneficial tool that can provide accurate details pertaining to a specified cyrptocurrency. I also feel Coinmarketcap is a solid informative source here to stay.

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  • @zaryabraza

    ok good

  • @nurstee

    Good information

  • @aigosglp


  • @fernando.alex


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  • @syidin


  • @donodon


  • @pnc

    coingecko is the best crypto aggregator. They are really engaging in what they do and going deep in blockchain ecosystem. I support their steem witness.

  • @irving89

    coingecko is the best platform

  • @omrfrq18

    Thanks for this post.

  • @antonio.vlasov

    @Coingecko has a more complex shell. But at the same time he has more useful information, and I will also advise other coingecko. Thanks for the information, I will probably use it now.

  • @planetenamek

    Can you trust Steem? Interview with EOS .

  • @smooth

    @coingecko is a 50% beneficiary on this post.

    There is no beneficiary set on the blockchain. Maybe you plan to send the rewards manually? If so, please post proof of transfer after the payout.

    Also, I've been a fan of coingecko for years. Great site/service.

  • @sofi.mendoza03

    Coingecko has easy access links to the biggest movers, highest volumes as well as newest coins.

  • @andreassiahaan

    Coingecko is in singapore invest asia 2019

  • @basejumper

    Everyone knows you cant trust it, but people still seem to have it saved in their favourites!

  • @planetenamek

    @coingecko is that the gif you didn't like, or the reality I said?

    Can you trust Steem? Interview with EOS .

  • @perry0gerhardt

    I dont really trust it as I have been seeing a lot of backlash from users, im currently eyeing coinspace which would be a better alternative for cryptocurrency data.. I hope it would be out on beta this year!