Hardforks, Communities, SMTs: Interview w/@justinw and @vandeberg

In today's episode of The Steemit Podcast we interview Steemit's Head of Engineering, @justinw, and Steemit's Senior Blockchain Engineer, @vandeberg, who explore the recent hardforks, Communities, and Smart Media Tokens.


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The Hardforks

We begin with a discussion of what went right with the recent hardforks, primarily the economic changes (the EIP) and SteemDAO and then move on to the blockchain halting incidents that occurred as a result of overflow bugs. @vandeberg explains why these halts were actually the intended response to unintended bugs.

@vandeberg then explores what we have done since the incidents to ensure that there are no more bugs like this lurking in the code, and what can be done going forward to ensure that no such bugs are included in the SMT code.


We then move on discussing the timeline for the rollout of Communities, and @justinw shares that all the backend work in Hivemind that was needed to implement Communities has already been completed! We've now begun implementing the frontend components in Condenser (the open source software that powers steemit.com).

Smart Media Tokens

The timeline for SMTs is very positive. To get a better sense of that progress be sure to check out the SMT Burnup posts that we've been releasing on @steemitblog. There are only about 8 issues left !


The testnet is absolutely critical because adding Smart Media Tokens to the blockchain will be one of the biggest changes to ever happen to the protocol. Almost every single core system that exists in Steem is being expanded or redone to support SMTs.

The potential combinations of SMT features are so extensive that we cannot hope to test all of them. The testnet will not only enable users, developers, and businesses to begin familiarizing themselves with how SMTs work through hands-on experience, but in the process they will also be assisting us by testing all of the combinations of features.

Mainnet Launch

We don't take any hardfork lightly, but this is by far the most important HF to get right because there is so much that is changing. We believe that SMTs should be tested on the testnet for at least 3 months. During that time we expect an extensive back and forth between ourselves, developers and Witnesses as we work together to finalize the most powerful, and secure, release possible.

This is just a summary of the interview, so be sure to watch the 20 minute video in full for more details.

Future Episodes

If you have any questions for the team that you would like us to answer in future episodes, please let us know in the comment section below.

The Steemit Team

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    Keep it coming guys. Communication is key to confidence. Like many I am eagerly awaiting communities as they will allow us to build something cool here. It's about the people.

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    💁❤ What a great interview @andrarchy ! and great job @vandenberg & @justinw , glad to hear their are "no more bugs lurking in the code" and will all be taken care of moving forward, Awesome! The SMT will be tested in about three weeks, but still cant believe its going to be up to 6 months away still. WOW! BUT Its still great to see that testing and familiarizing yourselves soon with how it operates is awesome news, and will be such a huge change! Looking forward to the eventual launch!! 💁 Im also super glad to see a lot LESS Malicious Bot Activitiy!!👍 👍💯 Keep up the great work guys! A definite 💯 Upvote and resteem! https://render.bitstrips.com/v2/cpanel/c01f75cb-46fb-48c6-b217-e765d364b6c9-2b851cb9-3222-436b-9bb7-ff7645be9ace-v1.png?transparent=1&palette=1

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    I find it a bit odd that SMTs weren't built far earlier. Integration would have been SOOOOOOO much easier and take far less time with fewer possible problems/collisions/bugs. With Steem as complex as it is no wonder testing will take forever.

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    Do an Interview with @roadscape the hivemind guy!

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    @steem.marketing, Thank you for both of these genius, we are now at the new ERA of the STEEM blockchain. Which is much better than HF21 and yeah they might lead us to our next milestone of SMT as well! Thank you for conducting this interview. $trdo


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    Great interview, watched it from start to finish

    Very glad people are understanding how important honest voting is (voting rewards not just going back to the voter either through selling or circle jerking etc) and how the economic incentives have a drastic impact on the honesty of voting behavior.

    Eagerly looking forward to Communities and believe it'll greatly improve the user experience on here.

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    Great to hear there are going to be a heap of configuration options. Have we seen a list of those somewhere? eg; could we see an SMT with a 104 week powerdown? 208 weeks? What sort of reward curve options are we looking at? n3? decaying?

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    Awesome interview. Great to hear insights from the team. 2020 looks optimistic for Steem.

    Smooth once said there were talks about implementing 'tip wallet' that users can tip with posting keys. Have you guys considered that or can something like this happen in the future?

    Also, tipping/gifting authors on UI level would be a great addition, especially with the higher curation rewards now.

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    Okay guys. Let me get this right. The problem is content discovery....the answer is communities. So if you join a community of "supposed" liked content you are more apt to discover what you are looking for or have an interest to read, if you read it then you are more apt to engage.

    You know what though? That isn't happening. At least not to any great extent. Maybe if you are lucky you will find a comment, two, maybe three (and even that is iffy still as to if those comments don't believe to alts of the author) What we have found though is people joining communities basically saying "I'll pat your back if you pat mine" and put those people on their auto voters. One person even went as far as to tell me he doesn't have time to read the stuff his community writes and it's his stake, his right to put his vote where he wants to. The only way you are going to solve the lack of engagement is to get rid of auto votes, that makes individuals go out and look for the content in their community they want to up vote. One guy in a community wrote a post about three bags of shit hanging from a ceiling....and his community, on auto vote, up voted that shit to over thirty dollars. You see how this is not the answer to find quality content and up vote it? It's just a new way to circle jerk. It's even made it even all the harder for anyone else as all the votes are being distributed in a circle. I'll pat your back if you pat mine.

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    Thank you very much for this podcast, but I am afraid you are underestimating the devastating effect of the failure caused by the transition to HF21. It was a textbook example of how testing in production, the wrong way, looks like. Now, it seems, the most important thing is to win back the confidence of users, which was lost. It certainly does not help when you say, that the fact that the blockchain halted was "actually, a good thing". Sorry for the parallel, but it sounds like the "propaganda of success" in the former communist countries. It was not a good thing. Actually, it was a very bad thing which undermined the confidence of users, not to mention the investors, of course, and you have to face it. To say the truth I am pretty scared that the next hard fork could happen already in February next year. If I were you I would not plan it at least until 2021. Give yourself more time to test things properly.

    The other thing you mentioned is content search. It is certainly not possible to solve properly now, when you got only five tags and they are mostly abused for things which have little to do with the contents. On the other hand, everyone knows that tags suck and the right way is to use controlled vocabularies. While this may be beyond capabilities of avarage user, it certainly is not for even a semi-skilled curator. If only a small fraction of posts had proper subject identifiers it would already greatly increase the number of meaningful queries.

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    thanks for taking us through what happened and your future plans, I'm pretty jacked, jacked to the tits about the SMT's cant wait to test them out and see how we can integrate it into our current business model

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    i eagerly await the results because so far : the price went down 2 cents, sbd is under 80 cents (cant even keep it pegged anymore?) steemmonsters came in hard (likely because UltiMatt lost first base to two peple i have never heard doing anything practically (but its possible i have missed, this thing is pretty walled, off, communities are CERTAINLY gonna make that better) , steemit inc promised NOT to sell this month and the price STILL went down a cent (yes it DOES say money on the sign-up page btw ... it still does ...) Now we get free downvotes, people using bots that never gave ROI in the first place get their posts flagged not simply by content but by how much bidbot they went over content-value (i stiill havent seen the formula for that btw, can someone give me the measurements of good content and how to calculate how much money i am allowed to throw in a pit at already a loss so it doesnt get flagged by zealots who just ride on the current hype where content is the new black)

    and NOW, the masses , who, according to ojou-sama are full of normies (while SHE actually is ... you people are pretty normal in your little niche community, you have all the traits of normality, dresscode, goodspeak, norm-al behavioural patterns to adhere to) and my mother who needs help with the remote and is an extreme normie will suddenly start buying steem cuzz SMT's ...

    ? did i get that correctly ?


    so i'm gonna vote on the post becuase it probably gives more than 0.001 curation rewards .. not because of the content because i think you people are nothing short of delusional lately

    uh-huh, well this is my opinion and the way i see things, i am clearly not a vote-sucker scouring whale-posts trying to say what i think they wanna hear ... it's also my sincere opinion that, even if you might delude your own brain to the point that it won't see it , standing in front of a train moving towards you and smiling at it in a most positive way, all the time ignoring it is there, might not necessarily not get you ran over ... but opinions on the subject might vary so , as this is my opinion i see three options :

    1. you give yours ... which comes down to useless prattle (like mine) when it comes to the one thing that foremost matters to the success of any cryptoken : price ( + cap and volume ofc as it needs to oscillate in order for gold-fever to occur)
    2. censor me with downvotes in the delusion that people who use bidbots are not actually already burning money into steem as they , after Apocalypse 21, are 100% certain to not get any ROI, not even on the few that actually GAVE instead of just promised before that) but i dont ... why would i lol, why i use a bot to get less than i put in ? for the greater good or something ?

    or (and that's my personal favourite)

    1. you can prove me wrong when the steem price hits a dollar by december again :)

    (you can also not react b/c you don't know how to react to someone who doesnt just regurgitate the current hype and propaganda but keep smiling)


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    Great interview. My question is, is anyone working on ideas/developments to further support the economics of Steem? Some suggestions I had in mind were:

    1. Sign up Steemit for the Basic Attention Token verified content creator program. SportsTalk.Social and Steemleo have already done this, and I can’t understand why Steemit hasn’t done it yet. The BAT received could be used to supplement Steemit’s ad revenue, or even better, purchase Steem from the market and burned, just like what SportsTalk and Steemleo do.
    2. Encourage more people to use the Promote function on Steemit by doing somehthing like what Palnet, SCT, SportsTalk and other tribe do. That is, Promoted Posts also show up on trending. This would give people an alternative to bidbots, and would help to burn Steem/SBD.
    3. Focus on getting Steem listed on more exchanges, especially CoinBase.
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    Thank you for the updates. I’m curious if the SMT will alter Splinter Lands (Steem Monsters). Will the game need to switch to SMTs after the hardfork?

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    It's definitely a work in progress, but it's noticeably better than pre HF 21 Very glad people are understanding how important honest voting is (voting rewards not just going back to the voter either through selling or circle jerking etc) and how the economic incentives have a drastic impact on the honesty of voting behavior.

    Eagerly looking forward to Communities and believe it'll greatly improve the user experience on here.

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    Very glad people are understanding how important honest voting is (voting rewards not just going back to the voter either through selling or circle jerking etc) and how the economic incentives have a drastic impact on the honesty of voting behavior.

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    So I know I'm a bit out of my element, but when I joined Steemit the driving reason was Dtube & the horrors that were happening at youtube at the time. Dtube had major functionality issues, and I know it was a crude front-end that used Steemit as a crucial part, and as it's token system. However, after the change, I had to make the new Dtube account and lost my subs, and a new token system appeared that is currently worthless. Did Dtube essentially hard fork from Steemit?

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