Paycent Integrates STEEM!

STEEM is now live on the Paycent App. This makes STEEM accessible and useable globally through Paycent Cards and the associated mobile App.



Paycent has delivered over 60,000 crypto-fiat cards which are used globally. Paycent Cards enable users to convert digital currencies into local currencies for use online or withdrawn from automated teller machines (ATMs) with real-time accessibility and convenience while adhering to the highest level of security standards in the industry.

Providing one of the best services in the cryptocurrency market, the Paycent team continues to strive for mass-adoption of digital assets for the unbanked with real daily life utility.

Purchase Gold and Silver with STEEM

In addition to being able to add your STEEM to a widely accepted debit card, you can now also purchase digital Gold (XAU) and Silver (XAG) with STEEM via the Paycent Android or iOS App.

Promo Code

In celebration of its launch of STEEM integration, Paycent has issued the $5 OFF Promo code 0cTC6 to the first 2500 customers who order their very own Paycent card.

Visit to order your very own crypto-debit card and #PaywithSTEEM today!

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  • @abrish

    I think it is not limited to specific locations; rather works for global users yeaaa???

  • @golden.future

    Good news... Congratulations Paycent and STEEM!

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  • @masterthematrix

    Great News!!!

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  • @enforcer48

    Devil's advocate here.

  • @healer2678

    Really awesome news, am excited to know about Paycent

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  • @canon12

    thanks for informations

  • @stablewon

    I live in Korea. Can I get a card in Korea, too?

  • @sharkmonsters

    Sweet! Only need like 100,000 Steem to buy anything with it these days!

  • @justinashby

    Something is better than nothing. I wish it was a better something though.

  • @igel2017

    Really nice

  • @donald.porter

    This is huge for @reggaesteem members— Paycent is one of the few crypto debit card services that deliver to Jamaica 🇯🇲

    We #JAHM’in!

    Cheers !BEER

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  • @beerlover

    View or trade BEER.

    Hey, here is a little bit of BEER from @donald.porter for you. Enjoy it!

    Join Steem Power Up Day at the 1. of December and power up BEER

  • @abdullahyusuf

    Very nice...interested...

  • @chekohler

    Great stuff team, now to get yourself on Celulias, Nexo and :)

  • @whyaskwhy

    Bravo Another important milestone scaled!!

  • @thecryptodrive

    Nice, thanks for making this a 100% @sbdpotato beneficiary post!

  • @honusurf

    Wow!! Good News!! I need one!

  • @greatesteem

    If you don't hold it, you don't own it. This truth goes for cryptos AND precious metals.

  • @mattsanthonyit

    Great initiative. Weldone Team 💪

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  • @tezmel

    Didn't know about all this. This seems interesting.

  • @steemmillionaire

    I have never seen a card provider with so many fees. If you transfer money to someone, I expect they are offering you all kind of services for free, even pay you some cash-back to keep you money with them....

  • @nathen007

    Interesting they use Union Pay. Its quite big in Thailand now with some of the banks using them as their preferred middleman. Will have to check this out :-)

  • @maxer27

    Excellent news!

  • @games3d

    This is my first time getting into the world of block chain and crypto currency so this seems like a big deal, I hope it proves to be a viable option.

  • @majowonline

    Cool, when priec

  • @sksabbirahmed103

    Very interesting. Really awesome news, am excited to know about Paycent.

  • @mijaildiaz

    Cool 10/10

  • @frankbacon

    Highly rEsteemed!

    Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 11.41.33 AM.png

  • @uwelang

    Any PR is good PR - as long as it helps to spread the word about the best blockchain with the most loyal community and we attract business to invest here. The potential is here - we might simply need to add some more marketing campaigns - my words since I joined over three years ago.

  • @mintdice

    I love seeing this kind of increase use cases for the SteemIt app / blockchain technology and all that good stuff. Good to see the progress coming in a very real life form!

  • @nolimit909

    Will they be offering a cashback incentive? I get 2.5% cashback on all purchases now thru USAA

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  • @sexycarmen

    Nice article and Paycent credit card for I can finally withdraw my steem dollars through this credit card as well. What makes it great is it's global and maybe it will work here in Asia as well. Maybe we should start registering to and get a debit card there... Anyway, I already have a Visa card, can I use it with my steem dollars friend? Actually, it's a great motivation to receive our reward or pay from our work at the same time.

  • @paragism

    good news

  • @hilladigahackles

    wow cool!!!

  • @deepwaters

    This is all very interesting! The STEEM algorithm is in a large way design to be used as a stable token. Sound Money. Therefore implying that the creators were designed a burnable, fixed inflation currency that in some ways would be very much like a fiat currency in its liquidity responsiveness. So any project leveraging on that nature of Steem, I think adds commercial value, certainly!

  • @bigdaddy

    STEEM will go up a lot with this

  • @yousafharoonkhan

    i wana place my order

  • @justtryme90

    Can paycent cards be used in the US?

  • @healthiswealth

    Thanks for sharing @steem-marketing I will be applying for a paycent card asap!

  • @ctyptouniverse

    That’s great news

  • @vibeof100monkeys

    About time I will check this out thanks 💯🐒

  • @juliog

    Does the card apply to any part of the world?

  • @jgmt9608


  • @thesobuz

    Good to know but there are limitations in countries as many county aren’t aware of this

  • @jeanglou

    no doubt they are advancing in the expansion, congratulations to the whole steem team

  • @olpsxtian10

    is this a new c ICO?

  • @omerfarooq

    That's incredible with paycent card now anyone can reedem his cash through credit card. Whats a surprise from steemit which collaboration with the paycent company who are already working 60000 crypto currencies what a number. Steemit and paycent give the real ease to the users thanks.

  • @yamgum

    Super fantastic

  • @errickravi

    cashback incentive?

  • @knircky

    Good deal!!

  • @artgirlnyc

    I don’t see this being anything special for our community. If anyone has information otherwise please let me know

  • @vishalhkothari

    Great news

    Resteeming for more visibility

  • @geneeverett

    Sorry but this looks scammy AF

  • @geneeverett

    You can buy metals using bitcoin easily through JM Bullion or many other large known metal sellers. This extra step isn’t needed

  • @lucius

    Thats pretty cool

  • @jaybird

    That's cool news, a step forward towards integration !

  • @enmy


  • @papaghanda

    Hey look $98 post for account.

    Yup, they really care about STEEM.


    I see nothing has changed here. Come join EOS

  • @donchate

    Don't see this ending well.

  • @ianballantine

    Thank you for a most interesting report.

    I love the way fellow steemians are embracing Steem innovation, and finding ways for us all to enjoy our experience on this decentralised platform.

    UnionPay is accepted here in New Zealand. One of our largest trading banks is Westpac. Their ATMs have been accepting UPI cards since 2017, and EFTPOS payments using a Payment Express hosted platform. Check out the details here:

    As a premier tourist destination country, NZ will see increased usage of cryptocurrency payment cards. Awesome that Steem is now going to be part of that global industry!

  • @ubani

    That's a big plus. Congrats.

  • @justclickindiva

    Hi This sound very interesting. I'm not familiar with Paycent or either crypto-debit cards. Are these cards accepted worldwide, i.e. in the U.S.?

  • @laloelectrix

    This is awesome !!

  • @bangash

    Wowwww great news.... It will expend the steem all over the world.

  • @kakeku2005

    very good

  • @mark.ember

    Interesting! Happy steeming!

  • @waraira777

    Gran noticia, digno de compartir.

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    I don't understand :<

  • @marcocasario

    Solid!! =]

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  • @wahedshuvo

    Based on reviews about paycent, I am worried it might be another scam! Transaction fees are quite high compare to others. Though, I am pretty much fan of Wirex.

  • @naciimo

    Hello My name is Naimo or Naciimo I am new here and don't know where to start. Lol I will figure it out one day and thank you all in advance.

  • @jbeltran

    Pues se ve bien.

  • @muzito08

    The project is about IT(information technology) where by i need to start and already i have started with little i have in my community. So i have a vision that if me i introduce this in my community it can help me my community members and youths in my community who is idle, going in bad things, and even to help those who don't have school requirements to get something to purse in this world. So we start small project and later will grow sorry by sorry into a big institution in our country and in our community at all. and i need to help needy people in my community which they don't have food, clothes, school requirements, so with this project am planning to start the small am going to get from i can support other like those basic needs in their lives.

  • @dtccrypto

    Nice Articel... VOTE me..

  • @hanen

    The good news I have been waiting for :D Finally!