eSteem: Interview with the Founder @good-karma

The eSteem Team has been putting out a lot of exciting updates lately like the announcement of their new ESTM token and a new release of their eSteem Surfer desktop application which enables you to surf Steem without using a web browser. So we thought this would be the perfect time to release our recent interview with the Founder of eSteem: @good-karma.

Audio only version

eSteem is the longest running mobile application for the Steem blockchain. It's a great way to access and post to the Steem blockchain from your mobile device or desktop. They have a lot of exciting announcements in the works, so be sure to follow @esteemapp on your favorite Steem interface.

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  • @sathyasankar

    Esteem is a great application built on steem blockchain. Many steemians owe their existence here to @esteemapp.

  • @alucian

    Is there a way, to get the Esteem App on a Blackberry OS? :-)

  • @melinda010100

    Fantastic interview! I have used eSteem since I joined, and it has been pretty incredible to watch it evolve into what it has become today!

  • @bluemoon

    Yes, eSteem is my first choice for a long time.

  • @deepwaters

    I use eSteem almost exclusively for its enhanced User Interface. I connect with it almost everyday. What a great application. My fullest Bravo! goes out to the eSteem App team! @esteemapp

  • @karisatti

    Nice interview 👌 bro

  • @foxkoit

    It was cool to look this video :) .... I hope we see soon more some videos come from esteem :)

  • @alokkumar121

    eSteem is my favourite app and I use mobile and surfer both. Today upgraded the surfer version and its just amazing. Looking forward to get updated for Android too..

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @ash

    Audio only is not a clickable link in esteem Android... :)

  • @steevc

    I have been using the desktop app for a long time, but meeting the team at Steemfest 3 got me more enthusiastic about it. The points are an extra incentive.

  • @krazypoet

    Always have loved it always supporting and great connection to community as well.

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @healthiswealth

    Thanks for the post, very reassuring of future of STEEM. Merchant adoption is for sure the Doorway to maas-adoption.

    I would like to request a presentation file to give to my merchant business contacts.

  • @yonny

    I vant to gsuck your blood

  • @joe.public

    What plans do you have to remedy the rampant abuse of the platform as whole and some of its users by @themarkymark and the @ngc / @berniesanders thousands of account?

    I understand that @fulltimegeeks accounts were partitioned off some how unfairly.

    How about we reinstate his accounts and partition off the real abusers ?

  • @raiter

    I've been looking for a company like Seem, very interesting.

  • @yttr

    good interview, esteem app is like a node very good idea

  • @amitporwal

    Please support my blog

  • @clumsysilverdad

    one of the most important people on steem, easily … thank you

  • @steemgroup2

    Everyday I use @esteemapp. The app condition is very great and many many profitable. So everyone please use it and you stag steam and get many many steam token

  • @jluvs2fly

    I use eSteem daily as my first choice when posting. I usually deviate only when making an Actifit post. I wish them much success.

  • @forykw

    😜 🤩 Awesome to see you facing the crowd @good-karma... no fear! Well done!

    What a journey you made... It's really nice to see STEEM app developers like you guys, creating new businesses and opportunities that are changing and will revolutionize the world. In 10 years, the world will not be the same anymore. Prepare your children!

  • @yangyanje

    Wondering.. Is there any app apart from using discord or steemchat in the pipeline that will allow us to communicate or does everyone think discord is enough and that there is no need to migrate?

  • @luca1777

    Sounds good, Esteem. Gotta check it out... The cable headphones win ;) Watch out with that wifi radiation, especially close to your head...

  • @project-goblin

    esteem is awesome

  • @moodballs

    here is some feedback esteem is amazing so much faster and you have the chance to reach higher audience with Esteem great platform thank you

  • @hdmed

    The introduction of ESTM token will boost the use of esteem app, finally a new way of receiving a reward. Good continuity.

  • @luro900

    Some official application, by the way it would be good if there were easier ways to use the platform, for people with little experience. I know it is not difficult, but there are for example housewives who want to write certain content and they find it tedious the current form or a new user that is captured by a simple google search.

  • @brianphobos

    @good-karma is one of the best members of the STEEM community! I'm glad to see he is near the top of the witness voting! Great job!

  • @trudeehunter

    Exciting to hear the future eSteem plans and just what we will be able to do with it now and down the track. You now have a great track record and I believe new steemians can have every confidence in @good-karma and his team of developers to deliver. I especially believe the idea of expanding mobile applications will be a big draw card.