Splinterlands Ambassador Program Announcement

Splinterlands proudly introduces our Brand Ambassador program. The objective is to convert current players into evangelists for the game and help Splinterlands cover more ground, grow the player base, and create relationships with local businesses.


The goal of the outreach is to work with two general types of companies that have fewer than 5 franchise locations.

  1. Gaming stores that sell trading card games.
  2. Entertainment facilities that have ticket redemption systems (play a game, get tickets, redeem tickets for candy, plastic toys, and drones).

What would a brand Ambassador do?

You'd take promocards and a poster that we send you to these local businesses and ask them to share the cards and hang the poster. If they accept you'll log contact info for the store.


it's 18x24 inches. It looks like this!

General Pitch

Hi, I'm Jimmy, I'm a Splinterlands Ambassador. I'm working with local businesses to bring the Splinterlands game to players in my hometown.

Splinterlands is a trading card game. The game started in 2018. To date we've played 12 million games, the players have traded more than one million dollars worth of cards between eachother, the cards are worth over 5 million dollars, and the game has hosted tournaments worth almost $100,000 for the players.

Accounts are free on Splinterlands, but if players want to earn prizes they have to unlock an account upgrade. Normally these upgrades are $10 but these promo cards make that upgrade free.

As players rise up higher in the ranks they can earn more and larger prizes. To rise up in the ranks many players buy booster packs.

The code on this card unlocks the account upgrade, and also tracks who brought players into the game. I can log these codes to this store and a portion of any sales of booster packs that come through players from these codes will go to the store.

So, unlike Trading Card Games that went digital and cut out the retail stores, Splinterlands makes you parters in the success of the game.

I also have this poster that if you hang it and players scan the QR code they'll be tied to this store and a portion of revenue from what they spend on packs will go to the store!

So, I'm not asking you to buy anything. I am wondering if you can distribute these cards and hang up this poster?

Who are we trying to get to play?

With this campaign we're looking for people who like physical trading card games and are willing to explore a digital game. Players should be 13 or older before they have their own account. Currently all materials are only available in English.

Revenue Sharing

  • Store - 10% of USD sales if they want checks (Minimum of $100 before we send a check) // 10% of all sales instantly paid in crypto if they sign up with a Splinterlands account
  • Ambassador - 5% referral fees for all purchases made by players that signed up via a promo card or QR code from the stores. DEC purchases not included.

Length of time

As long as the store continues to promote us the store and player will be eligible to receive referral rewards.


@aggroed is the main point of contact. If you have questions you should feel free to reach out in discord.


Those who are interested in participating can fill out the following form to apply: https://forms.gle/Nfjev6pcMrmReqHE6.

Anyone accepted into the Ambassador Program must agree to and abide by our code of conduct and community standards (detailed in the application form) and work with us to understand the role and responsibilities.

To be clear this isn't a full time job. It's taking a weekend or two to travel to game stores and entertainment facilities to see if they'll play ball. You and the store get a chance to share in the success of the game, players get a great game, and we collectively grow our ecosystem.

Should be fun.

Reserve the Right

Especially since this is just starting we reserve the right to alter the plan if the need arises.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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  • @tsnaks

    Awww the problem is Estonians generally are staying away from cryptocurrency. I know very little estonians that deal with Cryptocurrency and even less people that know about steem.

    I have tried getting my friends to play but they lose motivation really quickly when they only earn about 0.1$ a day from bronze league (which is amazing in my oppinion, that you can earn from playing a game)

    I constantly remind my friends of how well I have done on Steemmonsters and that they can do it too (I basically made a 200$ steemit account into 2400$ using mostly Steemmonsters :D ).

    Alot of my friends promised me that they will try to start playing again once they can play from an app on their mobile phones, so that's what I am waiting for.

    I am 99.9% certain that no nearby shops or corporations don't even want to hear about this idea, since it's too new and crazy sounding to them.

    Btw Estonian is a REALLY advanced country when it comes to technology and internet, but IDK why Estonians are so against cryptocurrencies. (Probably because Estonians don't want to risk with anything they have earned).

  • @jarvie

    This could work!!


    • How does the QR code thing work?
    • Will the ambassador have to come back with a poster and flyers specifically for that store?
    • Will there be a link option for people who don't like or don't even know how to use QR... (aka most people)
  • @cryptoreaper

    Great idea! Ties right into my business cards I made them to hand out to players too. Will the code they scan give them a free starter upgrade or will they still have to buy it for $10?

  • @chireerocks

    @splinterlands, That's the beauty of Decentralised Ecosystem where Users 👥 can become Ambassadors and Business or Project Leaders. This is very interesting aspect team.

    Good wishes from my side and stay blessed always. 🙂

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @rentmoney

    Its nice to read yous are thinking of new ways to reward those who are willing to put in the work. For me 5% seems low to put such work in but others may disagree.

    I would like to see yous rework the affiliate system. An official affiliate site with tiered pay structures would be great. Don't get me wrong, I'm appreciative that there's a commision at all but 5% isn't very motivating.

    I did allot of online affiliate work in the past and getting anyone to do any type of serious work for 5% commision fee is going to be a hard sell. 5% is great for the general public as a recommend your friend bonus but for those who are more interested in earning and advertising Splinterlands outside of STEEM, 5% isn't likely going to motivate us.

    I could be wrong and I wish yous the best with this new campaign.

    Length of time

    As long as the store continues to promote us the store and player will be eligible to receive referral rewards.

    Unless I'm misunderstanding something, the above I don't like at all. It reads as if you will take commisions away (stop commisions) from past sign ups once a Store stops selling/given away the Splinterlands product.

    Its not the fault of the affiliate/ambassador if a store closes shop or stops selling Splinterland products. If Sign ups are active the ambassador still deserves his commision for directly or indirectly introducing those players to the game.

  • @sn0n

    Looking forward to promoting at my local game stores. I've just got back into Friday night magic, so it's a perfect time for me to reach different shops. Excited for these times and working with the community to grow splinterlands even more! Having my hardcopies from the Kickstarter (I did a $215 spot) will help paint a bigger picture also.

  • @clove71

    This is so awesome! Another way to earn money in Splinterlands!

  • @stever82

    Very cool. I like the idea a lot and will apply. I hope that we can get a lot of local places to give this a shot.

  • @crisangel

    Wow, the program is very cool ... we will spread the vice of SteemMonsters ...

  • @vcdragon

    @tipu curate

  • @cryptonnja

    This a great news, hope you will accept me as an ambassador from France :)

  • @mattclarke

    That poster looks fantastic. Incredibly well designed. Eye catching, with just the right amount and type of detail. @o07 and I went out with a stack of promo cards over a year ago; and maybe this is just here in Australia; but the gaming stores we visited, even the smaller ones; could not have been less interested. The walls are already covered in posters; and they all have their own projects and priorities. Larger stores are all franchises, with National marketing managers in Sydney who call all the shots. I've given it a lot of thought since; anticipating something like this would arrive. I'd like instead, to hit local fish and chip shops. They're usually owner-operated, so you're talking to the guy who makes the decision. They have no competing priorities either for that wall space, or for games they're trying to promote, they're just selling hot chips and hamburgers. They're well frequented by single men, who typically have spare time and disposable income; and those men place an order, then stare blankly at the bare walls for a few minutes (or the Chiko roll poster that's been there since 1983), waiting for their bag of takeaway. Then they come back again, every few days. https://www.pedestrian.tv/content/uploads/2016/09/grabachiko-619-386.png My pitch: This is a great new game, we're trying to spread the word and find more players. If your customers join up by scanning this exact code with their mobile, you'll get 10% of whatever they spend in the game, for as long as you keep the poster up. Here's a link you can type in on your computer, to keep track of your total, and I'll be back in a year, to hand it to you in cash, or to send it to any bitcoin address you like. There's also 10 free account cards here; but save them for people who show an interest in the game, whether that's customers or friends and family.

    Edit: But yes, a cheque direct from splinterlands would make this even more attractive for me personally. No managing their keys, selling their STEEM, then handling and delivering cash. That's even better :)

  • @philipkavan

    I have read the post and I see that this program is mostly for US region and for some people who want to be a real ambassador.But I think it would be also great if you have launched a system for becoming online ambassador too.

    Personally,I have been thinking of promoting Splinterlands online by writing engaging contents and sharing different contents in social media account.If we can regularly produce contents describing why people should play this game and how it can help them earn then many people would be interested in joining this game specially from different countries with poor economy where cost of living is low.

    Some people can even start playing this game for a full time living and by including more people to our community we can grow this game.We all love splinterlands and want this game to be popular for our own benefits.

    Sometime I imagine what if we had hundred thousands of players playing this game everyday.How big the market would become if that happened.So I offer my suggestion that you also launch a plan for recruiting online ambassador who will promote Splinterlands by blogging and promoting Splinterlands on different social media platforms.

  • @antonio.vlasov

    Your greed has no limits. I thought employers in Russia were freaking out. But no, you're offering to be a sales representative, for the promise of a bright future that won't happen. 5% ? Do you think new players will run to buy thousands of dollars? I'm sure I'll spend more on the road than I'll get.

  • @apshamilton

    Great idea! Every time I walk past the cool games store around the corner I have thought of going in and promoting Splinterlands. Now I'll have the material to do it properly.

  • @stoodkev

    Great idea! Do you plan on getting the material translated so that we can reach people around the globe?

  • @shaidon

    I've applied. I can think of a few places already.

  • @lozio71

    I really like the idea, although I don't know, in reality, if the Italians are ready for this game ... sometimes I find my country a little retrograde on some things even if, in truth, I must say I already have found some Italians on Splinterland. If in doubt, however, I filled out the form and applied for your Brand Ambassador program. I await your instructions ... as long as I am selected, of course