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Splinterlands is MANUALLY CURATING!

Meet the Team!

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All of us, plus @aggroed & @yabapmatt and other Splinterlands Team Members (when they have a chance), will be seeking out AMAZING Splinterlands content. Amazing. We aren't looking for a pic of your daily rewards... Unless you can somehow wow us within that. We want creative content! We want statistical content! We want fan fiction and art!

These upvotes are serious business. We have the power (muahahahahaha!) to reward you up to $10 USD (or thereabouts) and that number is bound to continue to grow. The upvotes will come from the OLD @steemmonsters account (as that's where the VP is vested). Everything else happens at @splinterlands!

A Note from Carrieallen ...

from last week regarding upvotes and participation.

And now...

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We want to see comparative articles (posts) between Splinterlands and other games. They can be crypto or blockchain-based games or just your everyday run-of-the-mill games folks have grown accustomed to.

Make sure you tag #splinterlands when sharing outside of steem!

Speaking of...

Where should you share it?!


Literally, anywhere. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Twitter
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  • Snapchat

There are TONS of places out there! Share! Share! Share!


How do YOU get an upvote?

  • Create AMAZING Splinterlands content on the STEEM blockchain.
  • Make it look good. Need help formatting?
  • Tag the post spt so you get rewarded in SplinterTalk Tokens too!
  • Drop your link below.
  • Please note: You do NOT have to share outside of STEEM OR write about the specific prompt for an upvote. We are manually curating often. If you want your post to be seen drop the link below. However, those who DO follow the prompt and DO share outside of STEEM with be eligible for larger upvotes. ๐Ÿฅฐ

How do YOU get a 100% upvote?

  • Do ALL the things above plus
    • ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰Write an article comparing Splinterlands with another game.
    • Share the post to ANOTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM.
    • TAG it #splinterlands. (Let's get TRENDING!!)
    • Include a link to your shared post in a comment below.

Now go! Out into the night! Create the content! Share the content! Grow the Splinterlands!!!!

๐ŸฒHighlights from the Week ๐Ÿฒ

Need examples of quality posts? It's here!

Splinterlands: Recent News & Updates by @rentmoneySplinterlands - Comparison of Battle Interface by @mawit07Splinterlands Meta Snapshot: End of Season by @darthgexe
Splinterlands: Lyanna Natura (FanArt) by @jordangerderBaby Pixie by @yanes94Splinterlands- Batting is so much Fun by @alokkumar121
The Splinterlands "Share your battle" Contest: Don't you know how to participate? I'll help you! by @libertycrypto27My Best Fights in Splinterlands by @ahmadmangazapI found my second legendary card! - Ho trovato la mia seconda carta leggendaria! by @libertycrypto27
Splinterlands- Awesome Fun Game and Enjoying it very much by @reeta0119A Detailed Strategy Guide and Analysis into Splinterlands Reward Cards for Investors & Players On A Tight Budget by @vimukthiSplinterlands Card Review - Neutral Untamed Rares by @stever82
The Story Of Little League - Splinterlands Fantasy Story (Animated) by @ashikstdThe Kingdom of Splinterlands - Weekly update by @axemanMy thoughts on new changes in splinterlands rewards system by @xawi

Places to learn more, connect and play!

SPLINTERLORE Website: It's lore galore!


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  • @certain

    Thank you for your wonderful gaming platform. I really enjoying alot and learning day by day Here is my this week's activities steemit-https://steemit.com/splinterlands/@certain/why-splinterlands-gaming-platform-is-better-than-other-gaming-platform Twitter-https://twitter.com/certain95674252/status/1226243813343055872?s=19

    have a nice weekend

  • @eliana-art

    Thanks to @splinterlands for leading this contest and giving us the opportunity. Here i leave you my last publication steemit: Splinterlands Art Contest! -Week 70- Dragon Battle

  • @jordangerder

    Thank You so much ๐Ÿ˜ My new Entry

    Twitter https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmb7Jz5QJiBi4NfJBnaaZsJLJpdtPe3jNBJZLFokd7Hfgd/4%20sin%20t%C3%ADtulo.png

  • @yanes94


    New fanart, this time from the Mischievous Mermaid card, I hope you like it. https://steemit.com/hive-174578/@yanes94/splinterlands-art-contest-mischievous-mermaid

    Shared on Twitter: https://twitter.com/YanesCarmen94/status/1226370375870767109

  • @fsc69

    My entry post: https://steemit.com/dtube/@fsc69/6pz9fkc938y Shared on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/100024729519601/posts/610992153068430/?app=fbl

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  • @claudio83

    Here my entry!

    Steemit: https://beta.steemit.com/hive-140217/@claudio83/my-cafe-a-nice-game-for-you-smartphone

    Tweet: https://twitter.com/Cloudsystem83/status/1223719030554492928?s=19

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  • @mistakili

    Hi Splinter-Fam here's my submission for this weekend challenge. Enjoy.



  • @chireerocks

    @splinterlands, Kindly find my below piece for your reference team.


    Twitter Promotion.


    Have a blessed time ahead team.

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  • @mawit07

    My entry for this week:https://steemit.com/spt/@mawit07/splinterlands-versus-monster-strike-weekly-curation-challenge Thanks!

  • @alex-hm

    I share my post and the links of my social networks where I also publish them.




    https://www.facebook.com/groups/2040800966250159/permalink/2463958223934429/ https://medium.com/@alexhoyo/the-darkest-mage-and-his-jailers-splinterlands-art-contest-5b61c3a3e623


  • @sayee

    I wrote a tips post https://steemit.com/steemmonsters/@sayee/why-the-selection-of-the-cards-and-the-position-matters-tips-for-new-players-on-splinterlands https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/card_art/Mitica%20Headhunter.png

    #POSH https://twitter.com/annapoorneswary/status/1226761752295006209 shared on facebook gp also

  • @cryptoyzzy




  • @ahmadmangazap

    Here's my latest article for #splinterlands: My Opinion on the Loot Chests Reward System

  • @burn-it-down



  • @yonilkar




  • @burn-it-down



  • @stever82

    I got my last review done for the untammed set thanks for checking them out to anyone that has been. https://steempeak.com/spt/@stever82/splinterlands-card-review-neutral-untamed-epic-and-legendary

  • @darthgexe

    Hello, I share with you the battle statistics of the untamed cards during these last 30 days.

    https://steempeak.com/spt/@darthgexe/splinterlands-meta-snapshot-the-untamed-cards https://twitter.com/DarthGexe/status/1227316369647165443

    Thanks for everything.

  • @trendotoken

    Congratulations @splinterlands, your post successfully recieved 0.06181313 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

    @cryptoyzzy earned : 0.04120875 TRDO curation

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  • @xawi

    Hi Thanks, splinterlands for such an amazing initiative for the splinter freaks

    https://steemit.com/hive-177682/@xawi/my-favourite-untamed-epic-monster-of-the-week https://twitter.com/xawikhan/status/1227219205222805505

  • @reeta0119

    Hi Thanks for this wonderful challenge and highlighting my last posts.

    This is my entry for this week- steemit- https://steemit.com/hive-140217/@reeta0119/splinterlands-fanstastic-game-to-play-and-have-awesome-time

    twitter- https://twitter.com/reeta0119/status/1227636908064272384

  • @burn-it-down



  • @rehan12

    My Recent Splinterlands journey update in-short

    Steem Post


  • @anouk.nox.spt

    Howday ladies! After 12 days (can you believe it?) here's my post of today:


    Hope you're all good!


  • @yanes94


    New speedpaint of the Spirit of the forest card, I hope you like it. <3 <3 <3


    Shared by Twitter: https://twitter.com/YanesCarmen94/status/1228004873318338561

  • @ahmadmangazap

    Here's my second entry for this week. How to rent Monsters/Summoners with Peakmonsters? This is my first post of "What to Rent" series, in which I talk about which cards I rent from peak monsters and why?

  • @jay.ell

    https://steempeak.com/@jay.ell/malric-inferno-splinterlands-inspired-themes https://twitter.com/jayell_k/status/1228133911500214274

    Sharing a tune inspired by a sentimental favourite of mine, Malric Inferno. First summoner I maxed out ... that was the moment I got a lot more serious about playing the game.

    I'm hoping in the coming week or so to share something a bit different and special, hope I can find the time for it!

  • @burn-it-down

    My Post About An Exclusive Melee Mayhem Battle.



  • @fsc69

    My entry: https://steemit.com/splinterlands/@fsc69/playing-splinterlands-share-your-battle Shared on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/100021517237638/posts/564414837619086/?app=fbl

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  • @alokkumar121

    Hi, Thanks for your support. I am bigtime fan of this game. Here is my this week Entry- Steemit- https://steemit.com/hive-140217/@alokkumar121/splinterlands-gold-league-for-the-first-time Twitter- https://twitter.com/alok9811/status/1228370126476431373

  • @guurry123

    Here is the link Sharing my experiance on @peakmonsters bid option...


    Link to twitter https://twitter.com/guurry123/status/1228507060305715200?s=19 Thanks for your kind support..

  • @peakmonsters

    Are you sure about this picture thing?... it's a bit much. Don't you think the attention should be on the people submitting not a big continuous self advertisement.


  • @alex-hc

    I'm just starting in Splinterlands and I already won my first orb, I share my first post, I hope you like it.