Steem is in trouble. Here's how to help.

A lot happened on/to Steem today. I personally was in the cinema/offline all day, and when I got back online, driving a tram towards my dinner, I saw some hints of confusing stuff happening.

Of course, for me it was at the end of the day, others woke up to this news. Or went to bed with it. Or are still waking up to it.

Anyway. I don't want to/can't provide you with a very well-written summary of all that happened.

The current witness list shows it best:

Screen Shot 20200303 at 00.06.43.png

Basically our chain got taken over in a hostile way, namely by having 20 'fresh' witnesses voted in to consensus positions thanks to Justin Sun convincing exchanges this was a needed/planned/usual Hard Fork.

The wording of the above sentence might not be 100% correct once we get all the information, but that's how it looks for now.

All the witnesses WE VOTED FOR OURSELVES even after the controversial Hardfork 22.2 have now become non-consensus witnesses, so spot 21 and later.

This means WE, the Steem Community, have lost the people we want to represent us, and we are now 'represented' by one single person/entity.

This is bad.

The best thing we can all do, for now, is forget who we like, dislike, voted for/against in the past, because in reality we have all have one single enemy now: the freshly voted in top 20 witnesses. One is even called 'nicetry001'. Talk about a big F*ck You from Justin Sun.

We want them out. We might not make it, but we have to try, as if we try there might be a crazy whale on our side adding that last boost to his stake and making it happen?

We'll really never know unless we try.

Therefore: vote for the first 30 witnesses after the above screenshotted 20. In other words: everyone who runs anything else than 22.5 should be voted IN.

I've heard in the 7 hour long (!) discussion that witness voting went waaaay up the last few hours so let's just keep on pushing.

How to vote?

Since nodes are offline and stuff is happening it wasn't easy to find a way to make witness voting work. What worked for me was:

  • Open the keychain extension in my browser.
  • Go to 'preferences' and chance RPC node to steemd.minnowsupportproject
  • Go to and vote on those after the top 20. You can even unvote everyone who is lower than the top 50 so you can push even more of your SP towards people who might actually make it to top 20. (Of course when danger has been averted you can vote back in your favourite witnesses <3)

What else can you do?

I've personally tried to tweet a few things. Binance and Poloniex and Huobi have received funds after which they voted on the 'new' top 20 witnesses. Rumours are they used STEEM that was held on the exchanges to be powered UP so they could vote!

We can't confirm if this is true, yet, but IF it is true that's horrific and a huge shameful thing to do - pretty much hurting their reputation. People like Vitalik are joining in the discussion, and many crypto sites are already reporting on the 'hostile takeover by Justin Sun'. We should leverage the attention that is being given to us and make a lot of noice/ask a lot of questions to exchanges, especially questions about 'where did the STEEM I held on your exchange go to? Did you vote with my stake?'

Follow the #steem tag on twitter to learn a bit more. The discussions are flowing. For me this plus the 'vote your witnesses' was the Call-To-Action I wanted to share quickly before going to bed.

Tomorrow is a new day with new insights and new words to share with all of you. It's also a new day to fight for our right to decide on the fait of our own blockchain.

Let's not be quiet about this.


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  • @soyrosa

    Screen Shot 20200303 at 00.30.52.png (This is how angry I was, LOL)

  • @bob77

    According to the Bible, The Crucifixion of Jesus: Is it on the stake or on the cross?

    Watch the Video below to know the Answer...

    (Sorry for sending this comment. We are not looking for our self profit, our intentions is to preach the words of God in any means possible.) Comment what you understand of our Youtube Video to receive our full votes. We have 30,000 #SteemPower. It's our little way to Thank you, our beloved friend.
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  • @fenngen

    I support this!! Hope this gets more attention, the Steem community needs to get together on this make decentralization happen!!!

  • @jacobpeacock

    Your stake in Steem on centralized exchanges was just used to take over the Steem Blockchain #steem #steemfraud #news

  • @zedikaredirect

    Good call to action. Voting for witnesses is something new users don't bother much to do and it may be an excuse to use it for the first time. Witnesses are miners that mantain the blockchain running and also develop third party applications. Every user as 30 votes to spend which delegate or support a certain voting power (not the regular one around here) on the "rules" of the blockchain, which are not suposed to be always changing but according to consensus and from time to time, with proper discussion before hand. Since there was no pre-warning about all this, the witnesses are supporting a different version of the blockchain which is what is already built, and with some temporary block (1/2 weeks?) i supose on the major voting accounts which should be clarified how they are suposed to function. So hopefully this is a call to action to new members to use that feature of steemit, see the work done, and suport the witnesses that are already here.

  • @viking-ventures

    666 words, well done! No, seriously... thanks for your very-well-thought-out post, and your recommendation for the path forward. We can retake Steem for Steemians!

  • @phortun

    Thanks for this call to action Rosa. Four hours later, your info seems still accurate. Like I mentioned in my rant, we can hope to get some of SunĀ“s enemies on our side. They might like the idea of him losing this war...

  • @amico

    If we can regain control of the "our" blockchain, we will prove to be a strong community! Thanks for the post, @soyrosa

    @tipu curate !BEER !trdo and a huge !giphy hug! Resteemed

  • @qwerrie

    done re-voting for 21-40 in the list.

  • @fionasfavourites

    I went to bed watching this unfold and wake up to even more happening. Thanks for this. I revisited my witness list and will do so again today.

  • @chekohler

    they picked the wrong group of toxic people to mess with lol I don't mind catching a case, i'm from the streets

  • @trayan

    Cheers, folks! :)


    @soyrosa can I suggest you as a proxi for people who are less able/willing to select witnesses themselves?

  • @adetorrent

    I did this yesterday. I believe we can get at least Yab to spot 20 by today, maybe even spot 19, and blocktrades on 20.

  • @steevc

    We should be angry, but try to maintain the moral high ground. Justin has been disrespectful to the true witnesses by calling them malicious hackers. We should not sink to that level.

    Things will be different going forward, but I hope we can retain some of what we have built up through years of effort.

  • @steemitcuration

    I think you missed the point where they tried fuking him over first. Instead they ended up having to bend over themselves. Also last night in the 'community' meeting they eluded to that fact many a time but then ignore it. If you read through the chat it was not unanimous about what happened and future moves. But as usual these 'witnesses' just want whats best for themselves. So what have these top 20 witnesses done. Take this 'head of communications' other than posted pics of his cat wtf does he communicate. So Justin outsmarted these morons Do you wanna be led by morons? Or a guy that can out play em? Probably morons so get yourself a shit side chain. Etc? Bcash? Exactly. Now to justin himself i could not give a fuk about him. But why not give the guy a chance? If he was called james white from new york and did exactly the same moves would you all feel the same? Would you fuk As for the 'community' why is everyone been asked to go to facebook and twitter to make a point? Coz nobody read the shit on here. Whos fault is that? Your previous fab 20. Sorry i have written a whole post in your comments but if i wrote a post i would not get a single comment unless i was sucking off the fab 20. Which is precisely my point about this platform. Its made by the whale for the whales and everyone is so bought into it your blinded. Furthermore none of these comments are directed at yourself just a general comment about the whole system.

  • @urdreamscometrue

    But if you call this "hostile takeover" by justinsun, what was HF22.2? HF22.2 was against private property, both was crap decisions but the "witnesses" started that crap.

  • @akdx

    Steem was always in trouble and this incident has made it worse.

  • @trendotoken

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