Limited mobility | Unlimited stories: Felt my heart beat again

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  • @tarazkp

    Try burst training on the bike with intermittent sprints as it makes it more bearable .... I should do the same.

  • @cnfund

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  • @riverflows

    @artemislives was trying to talk me into cardio for 'reasons' yesterday. I think seeing this post in my feed is a sign from the universe I have to actually do something to REALLY get my blood pumping. Noted. Thanks - we're gonna sign up for gym soon, although I really, really don't want to....

  • @alfonzo

    Just keep swimming 🎵🎶🎵😉

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  • @sukhasanasister

    So impressed!

  • @niallon11

    You have to start again somewhere. I know it can be daunting to start again from nothing but making the first step is the most important. Hopefully you can keep it up after this trip and it helps to improve the situation.

  • @yidneth

    I need to find my way back to health and exercise but I still feel so tired I can't break through my own lack of will snif

  • @melinda010100

    Bravo! Good for you! I'm still on the couch.

  • @naturalmedicine

    You’ve been visited by @trucklife-family on behalf of Natural Medicine. Well done on starting your journey towards better mobility, you have had a great start to it, very impressive that you pushed pass your limit on the first day. It will only get easier after this xxx Did you know that Natural Medicine now has it's own token, rewarding natural healing and health wisdoms? You can check out our front end, If you've been involved in our community over the last year, check your wallets for LOTUS and stake them to start earning curation rewards! Discord Delegate Here