Limited mobility | Unlimited stories: Felt my heart beat again

I couldn't postpone it any longer: after trying to get strong and flexible again, a thing that was very very necessary after sitting on the couch for so long in order to rehabilitate from my foot accident, I also needed to up the cardio game. It's hard to get your heart pumping when you can't make a lot of steps (so walking/running are out of the question) and many classes that offer small-group training do a lot of jumping and such.

Swimming is hell thanks to the swimming pools not having enough lanes to actually be able to swim at your own pace. And bicycling in a country where bicycle lanes are aplenty but also traffic lights are a huge thing... I just couldn't find a way to move in order to get that heartbeat up again.

Sometimes I would pick up my Kettlebell - but without someone commenting on my posture it always had to stop after a few weeks when my back began to hurt and signalled I was doing something wrong.

So I knew I had to go to 'The Gym' at some point

Not just to get the heart pumping, although that's reason number one, but averaging a meagre (not @actifit proof) 2000 steps a day in the past 12 months also means weight added on to the body. Aside from not enjoying the added weight, a few extra kilos also means more pressure on those feet - those feet that I can't use to lose weight, but if I lost weight I would surely feel some improvement in my feet as well?

A lovely circle I have been in for quite a while, indeed.

So there I went

Today. On a stupid stationary gym bicycle. Ugh. It was both boring and very confronting, because I wanted to give up after 7 minutes (maybe the random 'start level 5' the machine gave me was too ambitious, but still), then continued on to 12 minutes, then took a break, then did another 10 minutes on a different but still stationary bicycle.

22 minutes of interval training after not feeling my heart pump for 3 years now - I am actually feeling super tired and still hungry after a decent meal, so something clearly did happen in my body today.

It was a start. And starting is important. I'll take a week to research some beginners schedules as I now have seen The Gym and was able to check out which machines they have. I'll write up a simple to follow cardio schedule for myself and will take advantage of some of the weight-lift machines when I'm there as well.

Who knows, maybe in a year or so I'll be a totally different person - fit and strong and averaging 3000 steps a day - that would be a huge 50% increase from the past 12 months and something I can't even imagine happening ever again.

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  • @tarazkp

    Try burst training on the bike with intermittent sprints as it makes it more bearable .... I should do the same.

  • @cnfund

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  • @riverflows

    @artemislives was trying to talk me into cardio for 'reasons' yesterday. I think seeing this post in my feed is a sign from the universe I have to actually do something to REALLY get my blood pumping. Noted. Thanks - we're gonna sign up for gym soon, although I really, really don't want to....

  • @alfonzo

    Just keep swimming 🎵🎶🎵😉

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  • @sukhasanasister

    So impressed!

  • @niallon11

    You have to start again somewhere. I know it can be daunting to start again from nothing but making the first step is the most important. Hopefully you can keep it up after this trip and it helps to improve the situation.

  • @yidneth

    I need to find my way back to health and exercise but I still feel so tired I can't break through my own lack of will snif

  • @melinda010100

    Bravo! Good for you! I'm still on the couch.

  • @naturalmedicine

    You’ve been visited by @trucklife-family on behalf of Natural Medicine. Well done on starting your journey towards better mobility, you have had a great start to it, very impressive that you pushed pass your limit on the first day. It will only get easier after this xxx Did you know that Natural Medicine now has it's own token, rewarding natural healing and health wisdoms? You can check out our front end, If you've been involved in our community over the last year, check your wallets for LOTUS and stake them to start earning curation rewards! Discord Delegate Here