Dutch Female from Rotterdam, The Netherlands? Here I am, speaking English better than any other non-native English speaker!

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  • @pouchon

    Actually I moved to the US more than 25 years ago. I have kids and I do enjoyed reading and never stop learning. Your question doesn’t apply to me but #steem allows me to stay put and continue to improve. English is not my first tongue but while back I felt that I am thinking in English. Awake from sleep I will talk to you in English.

    I speak French as well and other tongue. Glad to have people like you in steem who push English and help many more.

  • @okean123

    I wonder how people out there live with speaking only 1 or 2 languages lol

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  • @michelmake

    Sometimes, I'm just very proud of our country! We're up on so many cool lists like this ^^

  • @markkujantunen

    #7, Finland. Slightly lower placement than on average in this decade.

    What's interesting about native and non-native languages is that they exist in different parts of the brain. Different networks are responsible for them. A friend of mine is married to a nurse who used to work at a care home for the elderly. Some of the patients had dementia and had lost their native tongue as a result. But a number of those people still had access to a foreign language they had learned. It was usually English and my friend's wife was able to communicate in that language with those patients.

  • @roleerob

    "Fun fact" post @soyrosa! I had no idea about what country might rank the highest.

    Was surprised at this ...

    "... believe it or not, I'm very very often very insecure about my level of English - both writing and speaking."

    ... as, while I have no idea about how well you speak the English language, you are certainly a very proficient writer in it!


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  • @riverflows

    You certainly WRITE English like a boss. Here in Australia we barely speak it at all. As for other languages.. pfft. Embarrassing. Biggest regret of my life.

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  • @fotostef

    Wow! 22 out of 100! Not bad for our little Griekenland :) Thanks for the link! Although the question that really needs an immediate answer is what is your new studio name? (I am a curious guy)

  • @phortun

    "Dutch and English are best, then Spanish and French, a bit of German, and from then on only single words in many many languages plus the ability to decipher Cyrillic."

    Wow. I thought @evecab was the "Steemian language champ" but I can see she has some tough competition here :D Kudos to you girls, you rock!

  • @betterthanhome

    I can confirm this. I’m German and whenever I’ve been to Amsterdam or met dutch people somewhere I found their English pretty good.

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  • @hans001

    Unbelievable that the Dutch English is the best of 100 countries with the English Dutch sentences talking in English and ending in Dutch 🤣😂

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