Postcard pretty Goes, The Netherlands. Visiting Goes where my Parents ‘in law’ will ...

... be loving in a few months time, noticing a scene that’s so familiar to me, the Dutch style brick houses with water and boats in front of them. taking a picture not because it’s going to be sooo original, but simply because I can’t resist it. Truth is, being on Steem makes me appreciate sharing ‘Postcard pretty photography’ a little bit more because I know I’m talking to people who have never and might never see this small corner of the world.


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  • @pele23

    Oerhollands! Mooi

  • @krazypoet

    That's a good shot of the cool spot.

  • @guchtere

    Goes 😍

  • @yidneth

    Beautiful, by the way following you "again"? I dunno I swear there is this glitch on steemit where sometimes I find that I have unfollowed people but I haven't... now I need to check alter if now I did the wrong way again LOL hahah or if it had to load or whatever :)

  • @phortun

    I have seen this place so many times in photos that it feels like I have already been there :D Beautiful capture :)

    Btw, Rosa, what is your Discord name and number please?

  • @bluefinstudios

    Every day, seeing the water!!! brings joy to my heart