SGL Week 11 Winners Announcement!

Hello everyone, well it has been a little bit crazy of late here in the SGL family. I think were all hoping things will settle down soon, so we can get back into the swing of things again. So please bare with us during our crazy days :D

Also I'd like to mention that @zipporah's reviews will be out soon, so keep your eyes peeled for them and remember to go and show her some love <3 This week @pechichemen also couldn't post but again, he did manage to get his result in on time so we have included them of course.

This was truly an amazing week for entries, I know many of the judges struggled for some time with their selections. So without further delays, here are our winners for week 11 of SGL!

First Place:

@davidsuarezms - Sonic Groove Live Week 11 - "Primavera" (Original composition on guitar) by @davidsuarezms

First Place Wins:

  • 5000 Sonic Groove delegation for 4 weeks!
  • 100 Steem
  • 100 Creative Coin
  • 200 Sonic Groove
  • 30 HLPE token
  • Winning post will be featured in SGL's weekly winner's announcement post.
  • Winning post promoted on
  • Winning post resteemed by SGL account to sit as the top post for at least 3 days
  • Winning post will be tweeted by the SGL twitter account and pinned for 3 days
  • Winning post will receive a 100% upvote from the Helpie account


"Cool pinch harmonics and a beautiful composition....soothing and emotional. I also love the ambience of your outside performance."


"Davidsuarezms brings us a guitar composition called "spring" you can hear the inspiration of nature. A long-term trance that could be the soundtrack of a movie or short film, can also be the perfect piece to relax and shape ideas."


"Well you just never cease to amaze and impress my friend, you have such a phenomenal gift and to be able to share in your music is just such an absolute honour. I am never sure what you will bring us, when I see your entries - but I always know it will be something truly incredible.... and it was!

I loved reading the little intro to the piece, it's so awesome to hear your thoughts and emotions behind the music. Because without lyrics at can be more open to interpretation, but I have to say with your music it really does speak for itself.

You have this uncanny ability to create emotion from and through sound, it is truly remarkable to watch and behold. I am honestly always stuck just sitting there watching and listening to you as you play, it's as though you're right there playing just across from us.

The sounds of children playing is really insanely perfect with this song, they ebb and flow so well with the music you have created. It really just creates this freaking amazing feel and sound, transporting the listener along with you for the journey.

This is really an incredible composition, I could listen to it on repeat for hours and not grow tired of it. You have created such a dynamic sound that is honestly phenomenal and just so bloody amazing I can't get over it, I feel so damned lucky to have you entering SGL and sharing this amazing work with us.

I want to just close my eyes and be taken away, there is almost a magical element to your music. It is honestly hard for me to find the words I want to explain how brilliant your music is, I have no idea how you are not world famous - it really baffles me that no one has snatched you up, I just can't believe how insane your music is.

I really have to say I am just constantly blown away by the amazing things you create and share with us, I am a massive fan and really cannot wait to see and hear more <3"

Second Place:

@eugelys - Sonic Groove Live | Week #11 | ¿Y cómo es él(ella)? (Cover) by Eugelys

Second Place Wins:

  • 50 Creative Coin
  • 100 Sonic Groove
  • 20 HLPE token
  • Winning post will be featured in SGL's weekly winner's announcement post
  • Winning post promoted on
  • Winning post resteemed by SGL to sit at second post place for at least 3 days
  • Winning post will be tweeted by the SGL twitter account


"You really do have the voice of an angel...such beautiful vibrato and a lovely, emotional performance."


"Wonderful interpretation of a song by José Luis Perales in the angelic voice of @eugelys , every week you play the instrument better, how wonderful, I applaud your perseverance and the love of your work.

When I have listened to Eugelys on certain Discord servers I have seen how he expresses his apology for being the one who is playing the guitar, however I want to let you know that every week is a visible step for everyone but denotes many steps that you have walked with your instrument and which is getting sweeter and more focused, keep it up!"


"Ohhhhh lovely you did it again, just blowing me away with your stunning vocals of late. It's really been so much fun watching you perform these past few weeks (obviously before as well), but it's like you've really been trying to take things to another level and to be fair you have been succeeding, you've just been phenomenal on every level.

You have this amazing voice I am just a little obsessed with, you have an incredible vocal range and even better your control is just freakin unbelievable. I am in awe when I listen to you sing, its really just incredible and you make it all look just so effortless as well.

I love hearing you so the versatility of your range, hitting some lower notes in this performance. But then you just smash out the high notes as well, it was stunning to hear. There is one moment where you had been singing lower, than you flip into the high and on top of that there's a super stunning vocal embellishment - that just shows the incredible control you have, not to mention the breath.

To pull that off you need so much air, for those who don't know but want to - when to take a breath in a song can be at times really difficult to time and place perfectly, then add a transition from a full low note. This requires an incredible amount of air, you can control it somewhat but to make the sound full it uses breath.

Even more air is required for a flip from chest voice up to head voice, you have a thinner sound but because the higher you go more air is required even though it sounds thinner it can be more air - then just to add more on top of that you have to have plenty of air in the tank left to be able to do vocal gymnastics, let alone the stunning trill you performed in this song.

Just a massive wow on every level, you have an incredible voice and better yet you know how to use it - you make it all look so easy at the same bloody time, which is just incredible. A massive thanks for entering and a hell yes on this song and performance, you are brilliant and I cannot wait for more <3"

Third Place:

@lk666 - Sonic Groove Live Week 11 - Original Country/Folk "Use The Demon"

Third Place Wins:

  • 50 Creative Coin
  • 75 Sonic Groove
  • 10 HLPE token
  • Winning post will be featured in SGL's weekly winner's announcement post
  • Winning post promoted on
  • Winning post resteemed by SGL to sit at third post place for at least 3 days
  • Winning post will be tweeted by the SGL twitter account


"Love the dark country feel here and the emotion in your voice. Great lyrics too."


"I am just loving your music mate, you have such a different sound to most of our entrants and I just love it. Most people wouldn't guess it but I tend to mostly listen to metal myself, so just love hearing darker and more emotional music - it also doesn't hurt when the music packs a punch as well.

Now all that said this is a more gentle song for you, in some ways at least. It still has that classic metal feel to me, but its more of a metal ballad - all be it one with a bit of tongue in cheek, I like seeing your humour mixed in with your music and I love hearing your original compositions.

Personally I couldn't stop laughing, I thought this was a classic and just so enjoyable to see and hear. Best line in my opinion at least is "Don't get your panties in a twist, Just let that demon scratch your itch" , just brilliant mate - sums it up perfectly in my opinion.

I love the melancholy tone of the guitar throughout, coupled with your awesome deep vocals. Just really created an awesome sounding song, that tells a story that made me have a chuckle at the same time. Maybe it's my crass Aussie humour but this is up my alley, just another kick ass entry mate I loved it!"

Communities Choice:

@exoelias - Sonic Groove Live · Week 11 · Cover Hero/Héroe by @Exoelias

Communities Choice Wins:

  • 200 Sonic Groove
  • Winning post will be featured in SGL's weekly winner's announcement post
  • Winning post will also feature sponsor promoted comments/review left on the original post in SGL's winners announcement post
  • Winning post is already promoted on
  • Winning post is resteemed by SGL to sit at fourth place for at least 3 days
  • Winning post will be tweeted by the SGL twitter account

This weeks Communities Choice Judge - @ylich

"I like to see you growing up day by day and developing a style of yours, with a beautiful artistic personality. This is a really nice performance!"


So there you have it awesome people, another brilliant week of fantastic musicians! They really just keep stepping up the quality of their entries, I am so amazed by the sheer brilliance of some of the music I am seeing and hearing <3

So a massive thank you to all that have entered, you guys are amazing and share such phenomenal content each week. We're just so lucky to have you all with us, not to mention the amazing team behind SGL - another massive thanks to the team that keep this going each and every week, @isaria, @ausbitbank, @zipporah, @pechichemena, @joseacabrerav, @paintingangels and @krystle.

Please remember submissions open Thursday 1 am CST / Thursday 6 am UTC and will close at Saturday 1 am CST / Saturday 6 am UTC, remember you can record in advance and schedule your post's to be sure you submit within the open window.

Please check out our amazing artists that performed this week and show them some love <3


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  • @exoelias

    Believe me I did not expect this result, it is already the third consecutive week that I appear on this list and I do not believe it yet. I can only give "THANKS" to the incredible @ylich for the support of this week and the great team @sonicgroovelive for giving us so many emotions every week.

    Créanme que no esperaba este resultado, ya es la tercera semana consecutiva que aparezco en esta lista y no lo creo todavía. Solo me queda dar "GRACIAS" al increíble @ylich por la apoyo de esta semana y al gran team @sonicgroovelive por darnos tantas emociones cada semana.

  • @esthersanchez

    Congratulations to all the winners!! <3

  • @lk666

    Thanks guys, it's always nice to be chosen from among such fantastic musicians. \m/