Steem Consensus Witness Statement: Code Updated

This statement has been co-authored by the Steem community, which includes witnesses, developers & stakeholders.


Consensus witnesses are bound by our task to maintain the integrity of the Steem Blockchain.

Fellow Steemians, With the recent purchase of Steemit Inc by the TRON Foundation, the Steem blockchain obtained a new major stakeholder. As another major player in the decentralized space, the TRON Foundation's interest in the Steem ecosystem has the potential to bring marketing power, resources and other potential benefits to both companies. It is thrilling to think of what will be discovered and shared with this introduction between our two vibrant blockchain communities.

While these opportunities are exciting, in these early stages the most important task for witnesses is to ensure the security of the Steem blockchain. To this end, we have updated to a temporary protective protocol to maintain the status quo currently established in regards to Steemit Inc's stake and it's intended usage. This update is reversible, and is simply to be used to ensure that the security and decentralization of the Steem blockchain remains intact.

Communication on the company acquisition is scattered and conflicting at this time, and we believe it is important to be proactive, rather than risk a possible security threat to the Steem blockchain. Since there are many new developments in the ecosystem, this is an ideal time to take a look at one of our long term impediments to decentralization with the involvement of the entire community, old and new. With this announcement, we're providing a detailed look at this soft fork update, why it was implemented, and how you can get involved as the voices of the Steem community.

What A Soft Fork Is, and What Soft Fork 0.22.2 Does:

A soft fork is a fully reversible code update, which is an excellent way for Steem consensus witnesses to deploy changes for the community to review and give feedback on, which may include changing their witness votes if they do not agree. What is especially important when considering a soft fork is to remember: it does not require any exchange to update their node, and all 0.22 versions running now will continue to operate. A soft fork does not mean that anyone running a backup witness will suddenly disable or necessarily miss blocks!

In general, Soft Fork 0.22.2 and transactions on the Steem blockchain will continue smoothly across the board for everyone with absolutely no change to a majority of the current Steem code. With the soft fork running, if any of the below clearly defined set of transactions happen (it is unlikely that they will), they will not be processed by the consensus witnesses. As there is more community feedback, and the Tron Foundation and Steemit Inc have a better chance to detail their roadmap and their plans for the future, this temporary soft fork can be adjusted to fit whichever direction the future holds for everyone.

Here are the Technical Details of Soft Fork 0.22.2 :

Relevant Accounts

  • misterdelegation
  • steem
  • steemit
  • steemit2
  • steemitadmin

Excluded Operations

  • account_witness_proxy_operation
  • account_witness_vote_operation
  • update_proposal_votes_operation
  • vote_operation
  • withdraw_vesting_operation
  • set_withdraw_vesting_route_operation
  • transfer_operation
  • limit_order_create_operation
  • limit_order_create2_operation
  • transfer_to_vesting_operation
  • transfer_to_savings_operation
  • escrow_transfer_operation

The GitHub repos for comparison and consideration:

Files Changed:

Why Was This Soft Fork Deployed?

With the recent developments for Steemit Inc with the TRON Foundation acquisition, there have been a lot of uncertainties around the company and its continued use of the assets it controls, as well as plans for the future. This makes it an excellent time to return to a long standing situation that has had lasting repercussions for the Steem blockchain: Steemit Inc ninja-mined stake. In an ecosystem where we are moving towards true adoption for decentralized technologies, this large amount of stake, mined at the beginning of the blockchain with an "unfair" advantage, has always been problematic in terms of creating a potential for heavy centralization.

The Steemit Inc ninja-mined stake is a special case, as up to this point it has been clearly declared on many occasions as earmarked solely for the development of the Steem ecosystem, and to be non-voting in governance issues.

There has always been a good-faith trust by the community that this would remain the case into the future. This social contract was defined by Ned in the 2017 roadmap, and has been an important background factor for the Steem ecosystem for many years. With the changes in the company ownership, this is an excellent time to transition the good-faith agreement into a truly trustless one, utilizing blockchain code, and taking further steps to help Steemit Inc support even better decentralization and the development, onboarding, and expansion of the Steem blockchain.

For now, because there has not been a clear declaration from Steemit Inc on the use of this ninja-mined stake, Soft Fork 0.22.2 has been deployed to allow for the entire community to discuss how best to achieve the original goals that this ninja-mined stake exists to support.

This reversible soft fork will not process certain transactions related only to Steemit Inc ninja-mined stake as listed above, and is simply the due diligence required by consensus witnesses in regards to centralization that could have an impact on the integrity of the Steem blockchain. It is very likely that the soft fork code will not impact any transactions at all, and that there will be further announcements from witnesses, community members, Steemit Inc, and the TRON foundation in the near future.

Let's talk about the future of Steem!

We have a vibrant platform (with many front ends) which gives us all the ability to voice our concerns and excitement while discussing topics like this one in a public manner. We encourage you all to do so! No matter if you are a witness, a content creator, a business owner, or new community member — if you feel these actions are not representative of your vision for Steem, be sure to express that and vote for witnesses accordingly. As consensus witnesses were elected to represent you and to uphold the security and integrity of the Steem blockchain, we are here to support everyone in our ecosystem. Please get involved by voicing your thoughts, and using your votes.

All rewards from this post will be sent to @null.

Steem on!

The Steem Consensus Witnesses

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  • @berniesanders

    I fully support this update. Here is my statement.

    Witness @nextgencrypto is updated and running this version.

  • @steemychicken1


  • @themarkymark

    I fully support this update.

  • @emrebeyler

    As a STEEM witness, I've implemented the related soft fork, and support the statement in this post.

  • @good-karma

    I support this! Edit: more details

  • @guiltyparties

    This is an excellent representation of witnesses coming together to ensure the sanctity of the Steem blockchain. We are in full support from all aspects. Running on this version.

  • @pfunk

    While I was hesitant at first to this idea, the signals that TRON has been sending about the future of Steem and Steemit say to me that the blockchain is under threat from their newly acquired stake and I must support this for the sake of Steem. My witness server is running the updated software from the SteemDevs repository.

    I wish for the best outcome both for Steem and its stakeholders, incuding Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation. I look forward to the cooperation between us and hope for the best for TRON as well as the Steem blockchain.

    Edit: I have done my best to fill in the context of this collective decision. Please see this post for more details:

    The Case For the Temporary Soft Fork

  • @followbtcnews

    We support this update

    All nodes updated also RPC at updated

  • @mindtrap

    Perfect timing and thumbs up to all witnesses who stepped up and acted fast.

    Better be safe.

  • @actifit

    Actifit supports this update, and our witness has been accordingly updated to run the soft fork.

  • @therealwolf

    I fully support this update. Here is my statement:

  • @liondani

    STEEM witness @liondani supports and runs softfork 0.22.2 !Screenshot from 20200224 010708.png

  • @yabapmatt

    I support and am running this update.

  • @steempress

    We support this conditioned on it being a temporary limitation made until it has been made clear by the new ownership of Steemit Inc how the stake will be used, and where sufficient guarantees has been made to ensure that it will be used as promised.

  • @theycallmedan

    I support this change and support the witnesses in this update.

  • @cervantes

    We fully support this update

  • @ausbitbank

    I fully support this update and I'm already running it on all my servers. I'm proud we were able to organise this and come to consensus independently of Steemit INC . Historic days :)

  • @netuoso

    I fully support and stand by the decision made collectively by the Steem witnesses. It has been a pleasure working together with you all to get this protective soft fork executed and I believe this is clearly in the best interest for all Steemians.

    Looking forward to the next steps!

    Sun's response:

  • @timcliff

    My position on the soft fork:

    I do support the overall mission that the top witnesses and community/stakeholders are trying to achieve: Finding a way for Steem to progress in a way where the security of our governance and blockchain is not under the constant threat of a single stakeholder.

    I however am not running the changes on my witness node. My post along with my explanation can be found here.

  • @aggroed

    In support and running it.

  • @geekgirl

    So those accounts can’t even power down, transfer and sell the stakes? Is there anything they can do?

  • @bryan-imhoff

    I support the intent for sure. But we’re any of these operations being utilized by the accounts previously? The lock to some of the withdrawal & transfer operations may be defensive against stake being moved around to circumvent this soft fork, but seem like they could impede regular business operations as well.

  • @preparedwombat

    To clarify, was this was approved by ALL consensus witnesses?

  • @clayboyn

    I am so glad to see this finally happening. I wish it would have been done about 8 months ago, but regardless this is an excellent move for the integrity of this blockchain.

  • @lukestokes

    I am currently supporting this temporary soft fork and have been working with an amazing group of Steem witnesses, community members, and stake holders to come to this point. You can read more about my perspective here: What is property? Is it defined by consensus?

    I welcome questions about my perspective and look forward to useful conversations with the Tron Foundation.

  • @tarazkp

    Well, this is going to get interesting. Never a dull moment.... :)

  • @steempeak

    We are looking forward to seeing the Steem blockchain become an even more decentralized place to develop our interface. We believe these moves can produce a step in the right direction ... the early mined stake of Steemit INC has not been used for 4 years to impact the governance of the chain and it was kept that way as trust based agreement with the community that luckily worked until now, we were always at risk but the risk never came to fruition. NOW... We feel much more secure with it being a trustless system in the future.

  • @r0nd0n

    Justin bought this stake, and if you want to counter it, buy more steem. Or, at least be consistent and include all ninjamined accounts.

    To be clear, Justin's actions and FUD have made me greatly concerned about the future of Steem. But we all knew about the huge Steemit Inc stake and its potential for abuse. This is a stake-based platform, and in doing this, it will set a dangerous precedent in the future of the platform.

  • @riverhead

    Witness @riverhead supports this update.

  • @azircon

    As a stakeholder and activist, I am good with this. Thank you!

  • @trumpman

    So instead of making a simple change like limiting the maximum number of witness votes an account can cast (which effectively would stop Justin from taking over) you lock his stake (that he bought!). Sounds like commie bs to me.

  • @isnochys

    I fully support the actions of the Polit Bureau

  • @inertia

    What a joke.

    One of the things we could always say about Steem is that it was censorship resistant. Even if you got a downvote, it's not censorship because what you said at least made it to the blockchain.

    But now, we have witnesses actively engaging in censorship by intentionally and preemptively ignoring operations to head off what amounts to a "what if" scenario.

    Got that? Witnesses are willing to abandon the principles of blockchain technology just because they're scared. Now it's up to us, the community, to demonstrate we still want to uphold the principles of the platform.

    Your choice: a) preserving chain integrity or b) destroying chain integrity

    If you would like to dump these witnesses, consider setting me as your witness proxy.

    How to set me as your witness proxy.

    Browse to and scroll to the very bottom. You can choose me as your proxy by typing inertia and clicking Set Proxy. Doing so authorizes that I may vote for witnesses on your behalf. Remember, this will reset your current witness selection.

  • @ats-david

    It was good to finally see some coordination to address blockchain security risks. I, @ats-witness, am in full support of the actions taken and have an official statement posted. I invite anyone to read it and leave me comments and I will answer them.

  • @abh12345

    Alright, onwards!

  • @blocktrades

    I fully support this update.

  • @gerber

    good moment to pick few witnesses to vote on :)

  • @d-pend

    This is amazing. Real strength of this chain is shown right here. Gratitude for all the hard work of dedicated witnesses to make this happen and protect the Steem community.

    Note—I also would like to see the views of those witnesses who have qualms with how things are being done to make sure there is not overreaction/overextension of limitation going on.

    EDIT: Something that concerns me a bit is the "preparing for the worst scenario" mentality. It is possible that Sun and Tron intend to use some of those stakes benevolently in delegation or otherwise. (Actually, looks like they would still be able to delegate.) I know being optimistic is often seen as naivety, but by comparison it is equally imbalanced to expect a negative outcome.

    The other quandary that comes up is whether or not this is setting a bad precedent for the future of this chain's politics. Especially in the scenario of substantial appreciation of the token value, I could see a devolution into petty squabbles among factions of witnesses ruining the integrity of the chain and undermining investor's trust in its viability as a store of value.

    Self-upvoted for visibility.

  • @toofasteddie

    Excellent approach, thanks to the witness community!

  • @acesontop

    That's great news in times of total silence from Tron Foundation and Justin Sun. I hope that this update will ensure Steem's decentralisation further into the future and promise to readjust my witnesses votes as of tomorrow. Glad to see Consensus and community related actions. Thank you all.

  • @drakos

    I fully support this update and will write my statement soon.

  • @oresteg

    Hay que apoyar esta proyecto, asi es


    I fully support this. Way to go!

    Please investigate the Matrix-8 Platform as a possibility for future governance of Steem. Find out more here:

    Namaste Atma

  • @acidyo

    Been a long weekend and discussions before that, @ocd-witness is also fully supporting this update, hoping for the best outcome for both chains and communities.

  • @nelyp

    This is getting interesting. Waiting for some users' comments

  • @geekgirl

    At first look, my reaction is that witnesses have gone mad. While I understand the reasoning behind this, I think it is an extreme measure that undermines the blockchain integrity. Once acquisition happened those stakes were no longer ninja-minded.

    If this is a negotiation tactic to bring the other side to table to work out a mutually beneficial and long term solution, I think it is smart.

    I don’t think this is a good permanent solution. Sounds like “we were scared of a hostile take over, so let’s attack first”.

    Let the power battles begin!

  • @blockbrothers

    Any Hard (or Soft fork) that proposes to fork out any account or limit the actions of an account on the Steem blockchain we will oppose now and in the future and anyone on the Steem blockchain should be able to do with their stake whatever they want.

    We would have liked to have seen more communications and talks between Witnesses, Steemit Inc. and the TRON foundation.

  • @abitcoinskeptic

    Time for negotiations with SteemiTron on equal-footing. The witnesses have spoken.

  • @deniskj

    Looks like an old school Mexican standoff. Love the idea of being prepared for a possible hostile take over.

  • @soyrosa

    For who is reading: We are discussing the Soft Fork NOW at / the PALnet server.

  • @roelandp

    I support and run this update on my witness @roelandp. It has been an intense 10 days but great worker with a big group of long term Steem stakeholders, consisting of investors, community members, witnesses.

    I will issue my own views shortly on my account - but the gist is:

    1. This is a preventive temporarily measure - softfork nonetheless
    2. The Steemit inc stake is a special fund, just like @steem.dao is and should have had been coded with special ruleset long time ago.
    3. Mixed signals from the new owner of the Steemit stake rise the risks in irreversible use of the stake.
    4. Again: this is temporal and done for the s(t)ake of the Steem chain. Your chain, our chain.
  • @stackin

    Supported!! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

    Posted using Partiko iOS

  • @threespeak

    We support this soft fork, based on it being presented as a win win for Steemit inc (under Tron) and Steem blockchain. Steemit inc / Tron has an opportunity to publicly demonstrate its support for true decentralization by supporting this fork. Based on this, we expect this current soft fork to be temporary and removed based on the successful outcomes of future talks between witnesses and Steemit inc / Tron.

  • @justineh

    I fully support this Important update to ensure the security of the Steem blockchain. C-squared is in the process of updating.

  • @raj808

    Relevant Accounts: misterdelegation steem steemit steemit2 steemitadmin
    Excluded Operations: account_witness_proxy_operation account_witness_vote_operation


    giphy (3).gif

    It was essential to prepare for and preempt any coup style witness voting from the stake acquired by Tron. Given the deafening silence from them on what they plan to do, I think this was the right decision!

    I see some in the comments section talk about ownership, and how this decision goes against the spirit of decentralisation.

    I'm gonna shout out for the people who gave this place the data that fuels its function. What about the fckn ownership of people's content, and their right to have a say in the platform they have chosen to place their thoughts, dreams and words on? What happens if someone who has had nothing to do with this blockchain's development simply votes in sock puppet witnesses to shift the whole direction of this place somewhere I don't want it to go? I have no option to destroy the content I've published here, so I'm pretty invested in keeping steem developing in a positive direction.

    The question of ownership does not only apply to Justin Sun. But I guess my concerns over intellectual property don't count as I'm not a blockchain millionaire!

    I truly hope that JS is looking to develop and market steem as a separate blockchain to Tron to grow the value of his stake, and maybe forge partnerships between dapps that are mutually beneficial to both ecosystems.

    But we don't know anything at the moment, and silence is unsettling.

    I fully support these measures, until a statement of intention and maybe a contract can be drawn up between Tron foundation and the community represented by consensus witnesses.

    I'm hoping for a decentralised partnership between Tron and Steem, so that together both blockchain communities can become greater than the sum of their parts!

  • @coinchaos

    Wow. This is awesome. Tron is shaking things up. lol

  • @nonameslefttouse

    No comment. sigh of relief, or was it just gas.

    I hope you folks know what you're doing. NoNamesLeftToUse - Fork.jpeg

  • @m31

    Thank you witnesses for having our back! Ninja mine should have never been there in the first place. Having such a concentrated chunk of SP in hands of one entity that has given mixed signals and constantly spreading confusing information about Steem becoming Tron and that they basically have acquired blockchain instead of Steemit Inc the company has been stressful for us all. We all have worked hard on Steem both the chain and the community and Tron foundation will have to take it seriously and have better communication and plan of how to move forward.

    I support this change, thank you all! <3

  • @flemingfarm

    Most importantly I think is the fact that we have a LARGE number of the active witnesses working together to come to a consensus to do what they feel is in the best interest of the chain. This seems like a kinda historic moment.

  • @quochuy

    Seeing all witnesses ignore their differences and work together for the security of the chain was great.

    However, I don't feel comfortable with blocking anyone stake when the reason for doing it is a potential risk that isn't confirmed yet.

    As a low ranked witness, my decision won't affect much anyway so I decided to not upgrade to this soft-fork and wait for more info from Steemit Inc and Tron. Just like @timcliff I'd love to come to an arrangement between all involved parties.

  • @balte

    I support this action- we should all try to make a win-win out of this!

  • @steemitportugal

    The Portuguese Community also supports this update!!!

  • @soyrosa

    Can any of the (current) Consensus Witnesses share with me if there has been an attempt to try to set up a communication channel with Justin Sun before taking this action?

  • @viking-ventures

    Awesome news! Thanks for your continued support of Steem.

  • @anyx

    I am currently running this soft fork, as a temporary measure.

    I would also like to note that this is an instance of network availability (of utility) and that this measure does not affect ownership of property.

  • @informationwar

    Let the InformationWar begin!

    Upvoted by @aagabriel

    • Our purpose is to encourage posts discussing Information War, Propaganda, Disinformation, and Liberty. We are a peaceful and non-violent movement that sees information as being held back by corrupt forces in the private sector and government.

      The 2017 roadmap link took me to:

      I think it is meant to link to:

    • @jackmiller





    • @rotfl

      Witness @rotfl fully supports this update.

      Adam of Team ROTFL.

    • @preparedwombat


      Justin Sun’s next tweet should be interesting.

    • @eirik

      This is going to be very interesting.

    • @ospro

      we fully support this update

    • @ragnarokdel
      • withdraw_vesting_operation
      • set_withdraw_vesting_route_operation
      • transfer_operation
      • limit_order_create_operation
      • limit_order_create2_operation
      • transfer_to_vesting_operation
      • transfer_to_savings_operation

      What the fuck? That's theft.

      Preventing voting is one thing, preventing transfer is another thing. I know I dont matter because I'm small fry but I will be removing my witness vote from people supporting this.

    • @c0ff33a

      Having assessed all available options and seen both sides from the community, @c0ff33a Witness and backup Witness has update to soft fork 22.2

      I do appreciate all arguments either way, but this is a reversible fork that simply ensures that the Steem Blockchain and it all it's stake holders are treated fairly. My impression is all parties need clear and public discussion to ensure all our stakes are safe.

    • @teamsteem

      I wish this would have been done earlier when Steemit Inc was in charge. Also, Steemit Inc shouldn't have been allowed to delegate or vote.

      Tron shouldn't be allowed to delegate but they should be allowed to withdraw at a certain pace which is slower than other accounts.

    • @thelogicaldude

      As a member, non witness, I fully support! It’s awesome to see all my witnesses supporting as well! This shows true strength of this community and chain!

    • @davedickeyyall

      So in layman terms you're just gonna fuck Justin out of what he bought?

    • @manniman

      Holy cow

    • @jaguar.force

      Jaguar Force supports this update and congratulates all involved. This is what making history looks like. Onwards!

    • @roger5120

      There are few witnesses powering down that i noticed, but why are they still up for voting if they are going to leave?

    • @lordbutterfly

      Those are some fucking balls on you guys. Took you a while but i cant be more proud. Hope you dont let up and i hope that the words of us from the community had at least a small effect on this decision.

    • @smooth

      I stepped down as a witness due to concerns over the ongoing time commitment as well as anticipated increase in witness demands connected to this fork and the recent sale of Steemit more broadly.

      However, as a stakeholder, I support the actions taken, I am voting for witnesses running the modified code. I believe that firm action to address Steemit's lack of transparency and candor, repeated empty and broken promises, mismanagement, and exploitation of the community should have been taken long ago, though, unfortunately, consensus to do so could never be reached for a variety of reasons. Better late then never, I guess.

    • @buggedout

      BOOM! There is nothing quite like an existential threat to bring everyone together. Well played sirs and madams.

    • @tcpolymath

      Even apart from the totally ludicrous conflict of interest issues in witnesses who are voted in by Freedom deciding to fork out other ninja-mined stake because it might be used to choose witnesses...

      Does nobody who runs this chain understand how a blockchain works? If something truly dastardly were ever done by the new owners of the Steemit Inc. stake, the witnesses could always choose to fork by restarting the chain from the preceding block. Nobody has to prepare for it ahead of time.

      You might lose the support of exchanges by doing it that way, I suppose, when they would ignore this method. But if that's the real concern here then hiding it in the background while making arguments that have no technical standing is basically fraudulent.

    • @enjar

      While I am disappointed the other side did not implement the mechanics to do this on their own accounts as an olive branch. With them making statements ahead of time of how they support decentralization as a PR move. I can understand how poorly the first 72-hours were handled by their top shareholder. It is at least nice to see these actions were not done right away as a knee-jerk reaction.

      I just hope we don’t see consequences such as critical funding and other forms of help withheld to advance quicker the blockchain as a whole. The majority of people tend to flow where the money is. This is something this ecosystem has always struggled to have a lot of.

      As a content creator, I have spent a lot of time with some amazing people out there in our ecosystem. It has been hell for them with many looking for alternative options to branch out into with how things were handled by Justin and his “PR” team. I can only hope this will in the short term cause them to regain confidence and continue building their brands up with Steem being home base.

    • @konti

      I support this update

    • @angelica7

      Seeing everyone together here for the same cause, of strengthening our beloved blockchain, makes me feel that I have a human chain close to it, worried about keeping this ship afloat and each one from its space brings positive things. All this attitude builds trust. The changes are accompanied by fears, but fear allows us to know that we are alive, to continue to be better and to reach our transformation positive. I love STEEM and what I can support as a small user here I am. Good vibes for everyone and lots of good energy to protect our beloved blockchain.

      Buena vibra.
    • @whatamidoing

      It is probably a good idea but I think we should make an effort to communicate to the Tron team that this is not antagonistic.

      We should make every effort to work with them if they are willing to respect the will of the community but also create some leverage for ourselves in case they don’t have any interest in doing that. But we need to communicate in as many ways as we can that we want to work together if possible

      We should make every effort to work with them if they are willing to respect the will of the community but also create some leverage for ourselves in case they don’t have any interest in doing that. But we need to communicate in as many ways as we can that we want to work together if possible

    • @joshman

      I feel like this is something that should have been done against the steemit stake from the very start. I will take it one step further and say that:

      That PRE-MINED stake does not represent governance rights, it has always been an attack vector against the the true governance rights of the community.

      I have read the comments from some of the detractors in regard to censorship and I understand them. I disagree. The reason I disagree is that the original intent of this stake was made clear. It was to be used as a funding source only, and would not be used for governance. That expectation of this stake continues regardless whether or not that stake was sold as part of the Steemit Inc. purchase.

      Steemit, by their own definition, does not qualify as a stakeholder in terms of governance. Steemit being sold to Justin Sun doesn't absolve them of this compact they made with the community.

      That being said. I am a man of my word, and this was the exact kind of signal I was looking for to restore confidence in this endeavor we call STEEM.

      I am therefore halting my powerdown, and will continue to accumulate STEEM and participate as previously.

      There are no guarantees in life, but this sends a clear message that the STEEM community does not want a TRX-powered Publish0x clone, which I believe would have been the end result of a Tron-powered STEEM.

      Thanks to all involved for finally enforcing the covenant to which we have all relied and agreed on. I hope in time, that inflation, sales, and airdrops will render this measure moot.

    • @sgt-dan

      This gives me a great deal of hope and even more confidence in our witnesses. Thank you very much! Much better than crisis management. I salute all of you for being proactive instead of reactive.

      Your implementation of this soft fork shows your loyalty to the blockchain and its users. I can not thank you enough!

    • @jacobpeacock

      To @therealwolf & all other Witnesses that supported this measure.

      I have seen a lot of unpopular moves done in communities over the years by those responsible for the security and safety of said communities. There are always folks (usually those either not well informed or those with an over-inflated sense of being informed) who 'after the fact' dislike the decisions that were made for the protection of a community which often leads those same folk to taking up a stance of confusion, doubt, hostility and purporting a general lack of faith in the decision makers.

      There are also those folks who tend to either take some moral or ethical 'high ground' whilst espousing that they would never make such decisions which in my not-so-humble opinion amounts to a sort of cowardice and failure to take action and do what needs to be done regardless of the blowback or potential risk to themselves... which is exactly why those folks are not in a role of responsibility for the security and safety of a community to start with.

      In this instance a Super Majority of fairly voted Witnesses have made a difficult choice and executed that choice in a non-hostile fashion with the hopes of maintaining the safety and security of the community and all any of us should really be doing in this moment is saying thank you but hey I am not here to tell you how to live or what to do so please feel free to behave/misbehave however you want to!

      If these Witnesses had not voted on this protective measure and something horrible happened with the ninja mined stake everyone would be blaming them for failing to protect the community... call me a liar on this PLEASE!

      "When there is a loose canon on the deck of a ship you chain it down before it can go off and sink the ship with it." ~ Unknown Sailor

    • @remlaps

      It's too late to matter now, but it strikes me as a really really bad idea to launch a financial war with a billionaire.

      This move probably just made it impossible for Steemit to continue to refrain from voting, once JS purchases a controlling interest and installs his own slate of witnesses. Fiduciary duty now almost certainly makes it necessary for Steemit to begin voting for witnesses with their stake. I hope I'm wrong, but I suspect that the consensus witnesses just ushered in the change that they claim to fear.

      My stake doesn't matter much, but for whatever it's worth I have unvoted all witnesses running 0.22.2, which makes me sad, because there were some witnesses there that I really wish I could continue supporting.

      Bottom line: I do not support locking out a legitimate stakeholder under any circumstances, and even if I did, I suspect that this was a strategically bad move.

    • @heimindanger

      Powerful move by the witnesses! It should force Mr Sun to come talk on STEEM more often :)

    • @sayee

      Its a victory for the community and the witnesses. It shows how much they care for us all. I am sure this is a good leap for steem and those who believe in it

    • @pnc

      I salute the work done by a consensus witnesses to come up with a measure that proactively protect the integrity of Steem Blockchain. You are doing what you where elected for. Therefore, I support the soft fork 0.22.2 while the discussions are going on.

    • @relaxkim

      I don’t agree with you.

    • @bashadow

      Economic sanctions rarely work, quite often they lead to war and devastation. With the witnesses living in many countries, and a lot of you are a lot smarter than I am business wise, what do you think would be the results if Justin decided to challenge your actions in a legal arena? The sale of seems to have been a very legal process conducted between two very diverse countries, China (Tron), and America (Steemit). The sale evidently did not violate either Countries legal System. The witnesses with this action, if I read/understand correctly, have basically Frozen's assets. In most parts of the world it takes a court order to legally freeze an individual or companies assets.

    • @supergiant

      oh, it is good news for me.

    • @shofiqul346

      I support this.thank you for share.take love brother❤❤❤

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    • @shoemanchu

      I fully support this update and now I know how Steemit Inc got that Steem ass ninja ish, I feel it us void and a scam.... I dont even recognize it.

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    • @zord189

      Thank you for looking out for us.

    • @norbu

      I support this move because I feel the "Ninja mined" steem were unfair to begin with, and now has a strong chance of being misused for controlling the steem block-chain, due to the conflicting declarations and certain moves which have been taking place on the tron block-chain itself. In fact, I would have preferred if the whole lot was burned!!

    • @whatsup

      Regardless of how you feel about Justin, Ned or this situation.

      What we learned today is that a small group of people can make a decision, write code and execute it without a single public conversation.

      I am very thankful today for this lesson in our governance model.

      Thank you for bringing that to light, it will be discussed when everyone has forgotten about what their first reaction to Justin was.

    • @roger5120

      No, I think the only way to reach them is via With me not having access to it, there is no way to get there.

    • @davemccoy

      I am nobody. Small fish, no importance. But I don't like this. I understand the witnesses/big money are afraid of losing their power, but changing the rules and locking a guy out seems to me to be wrong.

      He bought his SP just like everyone else did, and now he is excluded because you're afraid of how he might vote it. Its bad karma.

      "First they came for your neighbor, then they come for you".

      Like I said, I'm nothing. But frankly, I'm even more disgusted with Steemit by the way people are acting on this issue. I will never forget this lesson and I'm sure it will taint the chain forever (or as long as it lasts).

    • @theabsolute

      This is an epic thread

    • @byzantinist

      Is there an article that provides more information and explains the history and context of the Steemit Inc ninja-mined stake? I've heard lots of rumors about it for awhile now but I think a lot of the small players like me (I guess we are "minnows"?) don't have all the facts or details about exactly what happened. Thanks in advance.

    • @kramgelo

      Sun buy power, now he is "restricted" to use that power... He might put it on "for sale" now.. haha.

    • @hone.heke

      You start off with

      As another major player in the decentralized space

      Yet you have just demonstrated the centralized power controlling account behavior here in Steemit Land is in your hands. Not a good look from where I am sitting.

    • @prameshtyagi

      Here is my take on this softfork. I support with caution

    • @stoodkev

      I fully support this update and am now running it on my servers.

    • @rosepac

      This seems great to me.

      But. When will witnesses realize that they must be "workers" and not direct beneficiaries of the content, nor the soul of Steemit?

      More than anything because it should be assumed that the more participatory people, the more benefit to the Witnesses? If not. We have a big problem

      Personally, I'm interested in these things ... Even if it's just out of curiosity. And I don't mind seeing it, even reading it. But.. if my partner, for example, reads this.

      He runs out of Steemit and never returns..

      Isn't it time we started ordering strictly technical publications about Steemit? And not make these contents monopolize the platform completely?

      What happens if a Witness community is used? For example ... and maybe so. Can we start trying to sort the contents of the platform ...?

      Does anyone see Facebook or Twitter passing their Trello boards through the social network? Well, surely, this is how maybe some Steemit users feel..

      Because Steemit always eats himself? Isn't it time to get out of the shell? and try to make Steemit something more professional, focused on external users.

      I do not know. It is only a thought.

      Try to make Steemit something more professional, focused on external users.

      A more serious platform. More NATURAL in its use. In your participation.

      I do not know. It is just a thought.

      It is really necessary that "curators" invade the cover, labels and now also the new communities.

      Seriously? Still having changes.

      Will anyone start using Steemit with a healthy conscience ..? Nobody is going to try to change their attitude of seizing the platform, instead of trying to create a nice platform that attracts more users?

      Seriously? This is told by someone who has been watching Steemit from the shadow for two years.

      If there aren't many people inside Steemit who start considering certain attitudes.

      Or we take advantage of the situation and we all start looking at our belly button and serious changes begin to be made. About the publications and the way of publishing.

      Or it is absolutely impossible for this project to grow, no matter how much the future can contribute. Or @justinsunsteemit Or tron. O Jesus Christ.

      While the people who control most of the publications and those who earn the most money are the witnesses themselves, while the communities are controlled by the witnesses themselves. While each Witness continues to focus the labels as he pleases.

      So. It will be impossible to move forward.

      Now more complicated. If each community is going to take its users to publish within their own community ...

      To continue segregating more and more instead of unifying ... So that the contents can be fed back.

      Steemit's path. It is being a cat eating its own tail. Forever?

      It seems. Because if the platform tries to make changes, but its users use those changes for their own benefit, instead of the benefit of the platform itself.

      It is impossible to evolve.

    • @ganjafarmer

      Indeed. Thanks guys and let's move forward in a good way. I appreciate you all for coming to a consensus.

    • @clixmoney

      I fully support this ! I'm the founder of @dcooperation community. I think we have the right to protect our investment that way. Steem blockchain should work as it is always and forever. That's what we are fighting for here and that's what will make us steemians in a decentralized blockchain run by people, but not by a company !

      Steem to the moon !

    • @thecryptodrive

      I hereby support this softfork update

    • @sjacob

      Thanks for sharing the Steemians opinion I'll stand with the community for betterment of #STEEM

    • @kingbit

      This soft fork is not right. Is it for a truly decentralized system? If you were a witness, you should have at least listened to the community. Collusion between a few Witnesses is bad. This is only for the benefit of a few.

      What did the Witnesses do? One person has had fewer achievements in the last three years than he has done in two weeks. Is this normal? What did the Witnesses do to promote Steemit? The only thing you can do is whining who moved the cheese?

    • @mondoshawan

      Steem just lost a lot of spine! Thanks Yall... Time to Vote "witnesses"!

    • @okean123

      Thanks to the witnesses who have organized and planned this!

    • @zaibkang

      Soft Fork 0.22.2 is good for steem blockchain steemit users Stakes protection

    • @hari54321

      I really appreciate you!!!!!!!

    • @firepower

      I will run this fork on my witness @firepower. It would've been great if Inc themselves had chosen to do these things years ago. Well we're here now and I hope the meeting with Justin goes well but his response in his post to the community is appreciated.

    • @broncnutz

      100% support

    • @boosta

      The Steemit Inc is not only ninja-mined stake owner here. What about @smooth and others? As always lots of hypocrisy here. Unbelievable!

    • @mahdiyari

      I'm already running this soft fork. And it's not a bad move. Steemit always promised to not use their (unfairly mined) stake in voting and changing witnesses. Now someone comes and threatens Steem's existence by owning ninja mined stake. By this soft fork simply we make sure Steemit will not break their promise. This soft fork should have been applied months ago.

    • @chrisamuda

      when you community is developing, you personally will keep going forward, i hope this development is the betterment of all steemians. kuddos!

    • @oadissin

      The soft fork proposed has a sense especially after all the discussions the communities had concerning the coming updates. Thank you for the detailed information you provided above.

    • @forykw

      Memorable moments... =) I am starting to record these with high fidelity (more than 4K) for this prosperity to be remembered. Let's hope this all reaches a happy future.

    • @ammonite

      It is moments like this that show me the true power of Steem. I will add my voice in support of the soft fork. Until we get a better idea of what plans Stemmit 2.0 has for the blockchain I think it is a good idea to halt the use of it's stake. The ball is now in their court. Edit(I do however have concerns of what this will mean for any future investors in Steem. I wished there was a way to just halt witness votes while allowing the other uses of the tokens even if that was a powerdown.) I will be watching this story with interest.

    • @deanliu

      genius move! fully support.

    • @gtg

      I support this update as a precautionary, temporary measure.

    • @greencross

      Full support!. Fork them up.

      edit: since HF22 I removed almost all my witness votes. Now I am giving them to all the supporters of this temporary measure.

    • @cloudspyder

      I support fork 0.22.2 it is a sign of true freedom.

    • @ura-soul

      As a witness, I see all sides of this situation. Given the information available it is acceptable to me to support this soft fork. I will be updating my server asap. I also think that action should have been taken very early on by the community to not stand for ninja mined tokens at all (years ago) - it is unfortunate that so many were forced to go along with the ninja mined pool existing in the hands of steemit inc. (or anyone). The fact that it was informally agreed that the tokens would not be used to manipulate the Steem community is important and the fact that Tron has not commented on it gives me the impression that possibly Ned did not mention the situation to Justin at all (or Justin just doesn't care to talk about it for his own reasons, which is part of why is giving our community an uncomfortable feeling). One issue I would like clarified is what this means for the already delegated stake from this pool - will it be 'stuck' being delegated and not be able to be edited until the next fork?

    • @ura-soul

      I commented on this here. As a witness, I see all sides of this situation. Given the information available it is acceptable to me to support this soft fork. I will be updating my server asap. I also think that action should have been taken very early on by the community to not stand for ninja mined tokens at all (years ago) - it is unfortunate that so many were forced to go along with the ninja mined pool existing in the hands of steemit inc. (or anyone). The fact that it was informally agreed that the tokens would not be used to manipulate the Steem community is important and the fact that Tron has not commented on it gives me the impression that possibly Ned did not mention the situation to Justin at all (or Justin just doesn't care to talk about it for his own reasons, which is part of why is giving our community an uncomfortable feeling). One issue I would like clarified is what this means for the already delegated stake from this pool - will it be 'stuck' being delegated and not be able to be edited until the next fork?

    • @skepticology

      Serious question for the witness cabal, if Justin subsequently buys a large amount of STEEM over the counter from exchanges to gain a majority share over the network, would the witness cabal freeze those funds too?

    • @paragism

      I support this update.

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    • @eeks

      This is great, thank you all for doing this.

      "The Steemit Inc ninja-mined stake is a special case, as up to this point it has been clearly declared on many occasions as earmarked solely for the development of the Steem ecosystem, and to be non-voting in governance issues."

    • @ervin-lemark

      An epic move indeed. With one swift gesture you have shown that you really care about the platform and that your can work as an efficient team.

      I have to admit this is a very pleasant surprise :)


    • @beerlover

      View or trade BEER.

      Hey @softfork222, here is a little bit of BEER from @ervin-lemark for you. Enjoy it!

      Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

    • @moemanmoesly

      Thanks for explaining the situation so well @softfork222

    • @future.witness

      @future.witness is not supporting this fork. Tron has payed to have these tokens, he can make what he wants with. If you had payed several millions for something you can expect to do what you want with them, it is normal. This is the capitalism, come on guyz. And now he has more interest than all of you to to develop the project, what are you afraid of? To loose your few tokens? And all of you were aware of this ninja mining when you start steem, you did nothing until now except to start a war agains bigger than you. You start the war to prevent the war, not really a good idea. The history will remember that it is you and not him who start the war, but sorry for you guyz, I think he is smarter than that and will not response to your war declaration. And can we speak about the witness centralization? Voting between each others? If you want to do something for the decentralization, switch from top20 to a top100, set up temporary delegation instead of lifetime. Welcome Tron, thank you for your interest in this project, and thank for your help to develop this blockchain for the mass adoption.

    • @justyy

      I support this proposal and thus have upgraded my witness node to 0.22.2!

      As a backup witness that is ranked more than 50, my main concern is to be able to produce blocks - i.e. secure the steem blockchain.

      I can understand why most Top 20 witnesses are in favor of the proposal and want to protect the steem blockchain for the best interests.

      IMHO, this is a compromise and temporary solution - we want to protect the blockchain also we want to be censorship resistant.

      Steem On!

      See My full Statement


    • @witnesstools

      Hello @softfork222! You are superb!

      command: !thumbup is powered by witness @justyy and his contributions are: More commands are coming!

    • @grintsch

      I admire the swiftness with which these decisions have been made and implemented. If anything, this serves as a proof of the health of the community and its major stakeholders.

      Whether or not there is an actual threat is written on a different sheet of paper, but is had definitely caused @justinsunsteemit to react with an open letter.

      Great work done here!

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    • @joythewanderer

      Protecting the chain is great. Happy to see we stand up for ourselves. But one question: how about freedom? steemyoda? systema? whatever other account that “isn’t” made clear officially steem inc’s stake?

      Just because it’s not official doesn’t mean they aren’t any threat.

    • @classic.canadian

      inaction is NOT an option.. Everything can be worked out with diplomacy and tact

    • @karega

      This only benefits the current set of witnesses. This is why this chain never really became popular

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    • @farizal

      Even @berniesanders approved this. I'm amazed. Sorry for the late reply.

    • @drutter

      I read it twice but still need some translation help.

      What does this mean, to a simple content-creator like myself, who doesn't understand much of the technical jargon?

    • @joanstewart

      "Better safe than sorry", thanks for looking out for the many who you represented in decision making.

      Many points raised in comments most are not even unaware of, so thank you!

    • @pqlenator

      When Steemit Inc, decided to open source the STEEM Blockchain, that is the moment that Steemit Inc begun to benefit (after pre-mining their Ninja Shares). That is when those shares took a value that could raise or lower or indeed be rendered null and void. There was (and is) not ever a guarantee that any tokens will have a value or specific use, and with the STEEM Blockchain being open source,..Steemit Inc is no longer in control of how it operates, the community has decided that Steemit Inc should not be able to transfer tokens that could potentially give controlling interest to another interest (Justin Sun) who then potentially takes the STEEM Blockchain in a direction not wanted by the majority of it's users.

      This soft fork places a "for now" lock on the ability of Steemit Inc to transfer any tokens that could potentially provide majority voting rights to Justin Sun.(who could then potentially "take over STEEM"

      Justin Sun Did NOT buy the STEEM Blockchain, he bought Steemit Inc.

      This soft fork "for now" is a good thing in my view. As the only responses from Justin Sun is that "for now" ... (you fill in the rest).

    • @majkytop


    • @binkyprod

      There is a lot of technical information in this post, which I am not sure I fully understand.

      As I think I understand it, this fork will ensure the safety of Steemit as a platform from any risks a large stakeholder could put it in by doing something that would not benefit the platform? It protects the platform and us better from the unfair advantage or a large stakeholder?

    • @kebieri123


    • @julianhorack

      Crucial issue in the history of the Steemit blockchain, I see what you did there, you chose the lesser of the two centralizations to block the greater one.

    • @mintymile

      This was a brave move!! , I appreciate this move though done to protect the Steem blockchain and get clarity from tron company on the roadmap, really. Thankyou, witnesses who are protecting the Steem Blockchain, much appreciations to you.

      The future of Steem blockchain is in your hands, good luck with the meeting who ever going to meet Tron developers, please do whatever is best for steem blockchain!!

    • @mintymile

      This was the right thing to do, to protect the ninja-stake and centralization. Thankyou, for making the move in interest of a decentralised Steem Blockchain. Really, it is witnesses who are running and securing the Steem blockchain. Much appreciations and thank you for it!!!

    • @mansi94

      I have participate and always with you @softfork222

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