Resigning as a witness

For some time I have found that external demands have made it challenging for me to devote the time and attention necessary to be a conscientious and committed top 20 witness. With the recent sale of Steemit Inc. to Justin Sun (Tron), it seems apparent that there will be new short- and long-term challenges facing witnesses, likely increasing the necessary level of time and commitment, which I would find very difficult to sustain. For these reasons I will be stepping down as a witness effectively immediately.

If you are voting for my witness, please re-allocate your votes to another deserving witness to help secure the chain.

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  • @jackmiller

    Respect & hats off to you. You have been dedicated to Steem from as long as I can remember and deep inside I know that you are always keeping the best interests of Steem at heart in all that you say and do.

    Sorry to read this, yet at the same time, fully support your rationale and decision as an individual.

    Can't wait to say "Welcome back" when/if you decide to do so.

  • @fredrikaa

    Sad to see this happen. But respect the decision and also appreciate your own respect for the commitment needed to be a top witness.

    I hope you will still be around to provide your opinions and thoughts regardless. They are much appreciated and needed.

  • @lemony-cricket

    From the moment I discovered that you were involved with Monero development, I knew you were one of the good ones. We've not had much direct interaction, but I am personally saddened by this nonetheless.

    Your decision to step back, rather than become unable or uninterested in performing your responsibilities, should be taken as a general example for anyone involved in any organisation. Unfortunately, every time someone with that kind of integrity steps down from anything, it makes room for someone slightly less worried about that sort of thing.

    Alas, that is how society eventually, inevitably separates those who should lead, from those who do.

    Thank you, so much, for all you have done. Be well.

  • @justyy

    Sad to see you leave but hope to see you stay around for a bit longer. Witnesses come and go. And thank you always for your witness vote since my early beginning as a witness. All the best.

  • @gtg

    Thank you for your invaluable contributions!

  • @good-karma

    Thank you very much for everything you have done for Steem. We will certainly feel and miss your wise, invaluable, objective guidance!

  • @jaki01

    I am sorry to read that!

    Thanks for your good work and dedication to the STEEM blockchain and the many interesting discussions we had (and hopefully still will have in future).

  • @drakos

    Sad to see you quit as a witness, you've been undoubtedly the MVP of this blockchain with your valuable inputs. I hope you'll stay around for fruitful discussions about STEEM and its community.

  • @vikisecrets

    Thx for your hard work and open and responsible notice, all the best :)

  • @aggroed

    Thanks for your time, effort, and feedback smooth. I've learned a ton from you and am very grateful for the opportunity.

  • @mcfarhat

    We haven't interacted much, but I've seen you voice in invaluable feedback in here, with well established methodology, thought process, and knowledge. I have also seen you being appraised by prominent steemians and so many around. It is definitely sad to see you take this decision. On the hopes you would change your decision down the road, best wishes!

  • @enforcer48

    You'll still comment when people invoke you, right?

  • @c0ff33a

    Very sorry to see you go as a long standing original bastion of the block chain and valuable member of the top 20. I do hope you will remain as a community member and keep posting.

  • @pfunk

    You were the first witness I voted for, and that was the third ever non-mining transaction I did on my account. You also have the most chat lines in the Steemdevs slack, if you didn't know. You've been a great voice for reason around here since the start. Frankly I'm surprised you stuck around this long given all the crap with Ned. Anyway, I'm sad to see your witness go. Thanks for all you've done as a witness. I hope to see you stick around nonetheless.

  • @azircon

    Seriously? Why?

    Please tell us the real reason, as I don't buy the reason your wrote. Sorry for being abrupt...

  • @chireerocks

    @smooth.witness, Thank you and good wishes from my side. Hope that you will going to have pleasant and relaxing journey ahead. Stay blessed.

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  • @steevc

    Sorry to hear that. Thanks for all you have done.

  • @jodipamungkas

    sad and respect for you ^^

  • @d-pend

    Thank you for all your hard work over the years and for being so forthright about your decision. All the best!

  • @tarazkp

    Thanks for being here, you have been one of the few witnesses I have voted consistently for 3 years. I am hoping that you are going to stick around as you are one of the most reasonable minds on this chain and offer a great deal of insight into a great many things.

  • @lordbutterfly

    What do you know, what have you heard???

    Joking aside, even though we disagreed on some things you were probably one of the witnesses i would last consider removing my witness vote from. I hope you still stick around and continue providing your valuable insight into things...

  • @luegenbaron

    thank you for everything! but you stay on steem?

  • @oflyhigh

    Thank you for your contributions. And look forward to your rerun of the witness one day.

  • @joeyarnoldvn

    You can't be a part-time witness? Like if witnesses worked more like seeds found on Bit Torrent, then more people could run all or some of Steem whenever they want and get paid for it. There should be incentive for people to participate and it should be customizable as opposed to simply all or nothing kind of thing.

  • @bitcoinflood

    Exit scam on steemits part selling out like that. Legit steem company has been one of the worst run companies I have ever seen.

  • @valued-customer

    I appreciate your forthright and timely announcement, and am sad you cannot continue as a witness.


  • @afiqsejuk

    Thank you for being an excellent witness and securing the STEEM blockchain. I wish you all the best for your next endeavour! Upvoted!

  • @marki99

    I'll keep my vote on anyway, there aren't enough others worth being a top 20 witness.

  • @nonameslefttouse

    Well I'm actually happy you're quitting. Just kidding.

    I could say a few things and I'm sure they'd sound much like what so many others here are saying. Plenty of folks here respect you, and I'm one them. Witness or not, you still have our approval.

    Don't be a stranger.

  • @quochuy

    Oh gosh. I understand your decision and hope you will be able to turn that node back on one day. Thank you for all the contributions you made.

  • @waybeyondpadthai

    Really sorry to hear but hope it's the best decision for you. Thanks for all the work :)

  • @roelandp

    Dear smooth.

    I find it hard to believe you are stopping. As a long term supporter of your witness I will re-allocate my vote.

    Thank you for all you did for Steem from the get go, whether it be @team-smooth, your very valuable insights, opinions and reasoning, and your support to @steemfest in pure liquidity.

    It has been a pleasure to "work" with you and I hope you stick around sharing your views.

    I wish you a prosperous time ahead with many real life experiences.

    Stay strong, stay healthy, stay smooth. see you at steemfest!

  • @reddust

    You have been an even keel in so many storms. Thank you for all the hard work. I will adjust my votes accordingly.

  • @teamsteem

    Peace Smooth!

  • @freebornangel

    Noooo! #nedstrikesagain

  • @oldtimer

    Very smooth.

  • @daudimitch

    Sleep over it, Steem has taken an emotional toll on a lot of members. This period emotional is quite emotional, you can feel it from the comments and posts, especially for the folks that would have invested a lot of time and money to ensure that this becomes a success.

    I feel like having your around, more or less ensures we have a stable head around but also understand your time would be better serve elsewhere.

    Sleep over it

  • @guiltyparties

    Thank you for your work and for always being there.

  • @angryman

    Best wishes to you whatever path you choose to take from this point forward, and hopefully, this is the right choice for Steem/Steemit as well.

    Many of us are sensing huge disruptions on the platform upon seeing all the breaking news (soft-fork etc)

    Ned and company might be seeing a new battle in the courts soon from Sun and company if recent actions by the witness' screw up the availability of his stake.

    Interesting times....

  • @liberosist

    Thank you for the several years of supporting the chain, you have been one of the best witnesses. Regardless of where Steem ends up, hope to see you around in the future.

  • @michealb

    felt strange up voting your resignation post :)

    thanks and hope to see you around, i read a lot of your comments - they make sense to me

  • @hightouch

    Even if we did not talk too much I always had a lot of respect for you/your intellectual capacities, I would like to thank you for what you have done until now. I hope you will stay around and keep giving your opinions.

  • @onthewayout

    Do what is best for you and thank you for the heads up. Time to look for another witness vote to allocate.

  • @kingscrown

    just recently voted you up to keep in high place and this now :/ if you comeback and need the vote, pm me

  • @thecryptodrive

    Dear @smooth, you have been a friend and a brother to me and I have had the honour of serving at your side as a witness on the Steem blockchain. I trust you will remain in the community and keep active in the chats, I do not want to lose you completely.

  • @steemitqa

    Have a smoooooth transition back into real life godspeed and thanks for all the hard work!

  • @firepower

    Thank you for your immense contribution to this platform and all your help and support over these years to everyone in the community. I hope you will stick around in our community irrespective of where Steem goes from here. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • @joythewanderer


  • @sumit1998

    Hope you will back soon after every thing is fine and stable

  • @steemzzang

    그간 수고 많았습니다. 이순간 자리를 박차고 나오는것을 보니 그래도 당신의 진심을 조금은 이해를 할거 같습니다. 잘했습니다.

  • @bluabaleno


  • @eeks

    Thanks for everything you did over the years, you're been a rock. Good luck!

  • @decentralizd

    noooooooooooo smooth dont do it!

  • @grintsch

    It's tough to see you go. It clearly will take additional time and efforts to keep it going from here on, even though it may also become more interesting and lucrative going forward (but I guess, most witnesses aren't in for the money anyway).

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  • @kennyskitchen

    Thanks so much for all the time, energy, and care you've put in over the years! I hope we'll still get to hear your voice on some of these important changes as they unfold.

  • @pharesim

    Thank you so much for everything you did, and all the best for your future endeavours!

  • @bluengel

    잘가요~! 안녕~!

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  • @abbenay

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