Say Hello to New Smartsteem!


A bit later than anticipated we've pushed the newest version to our servers and we're proud to announce that:

#NewSmartsteem is officially alive!

Witness it now:

Goodbye Upvote Promotion Services

In the same breath, we've retired our promotion services, which means we've completely switched to the #NewSteem mode!

Smartsteem Open Beta

We've completely rewritten everything from scratch with a focus on making it as sexy and smooth to use as possible, mixed in some magic sauce and launched the first minimal viable version for open beta. This includes our first initial 3 Steem apps.

We'll go more in detail about each of them very soon, but here's a quick overview:

Smartsteem: Earn

Our vision is to implement multiple ways to earn SmartPoints, our own system to make the most out of smartsteem.

First feature: Delegate Steempower & Earn SmartPoints!

Smartsteem: Streem

Would you like to bring your curation experience to the next level? Don't worry, we've got you covered with Streem!

And do you know the best thing? You're able to decide whether you'd like to automate it or confirm everything manually. Woah!

Smartsteem Dashboard: Featuring Streem

Curate your favourite authors!

Follow your favourite curators!

Make Steem a better place by downvoting content based on your favourite downvoters!

Smartsteem: Jarvis

We're starting simple with our robot: claiming of rewards. But don't look away too long, he's a fast learner!

Open Beta Info

We're starting this beta out with some requirements.

In order for you to use the apps (except Earn), you need to have at least 500 effective Steempower (incl delegated Steempower) or 25 SmartPoints.

This is most likely subject to change, in both directions


Last but not least, we're always open for constructive feedback. Especially if it's about possible problems or bugs.

For that, we've got a designated channel on our discord server:

With this said: we're excited for the future! We hope you're as well!

Steem on!

Team Smartsteem

Steemie currently dosen't allow you to make comments. If you want to write something, write it using another frontend (like Steemit)
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  • @contrabourdon

    Love Jarvis ๐Ÿ˜

    Posted using Partiko iOS

  • @brasan

    @tipu curate 0.5

  • @waphilip

    Does the Steempower we delegate help us earn curation rewards, or just the SmartPoints?

  • @stackin

    Interesting, I'm going to see what this new thing you got :)

  • @mattsanthonyit

    Great and awesome #newsmartsteem lover that's what I am. Thanks for this information. We are hoping you guys work hard more for us. Thanks again.

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @aperterikk

    Is there a post or a place where we can learn what smartpoints are? I'm very confused as to what they are and what we can do with them.

  • @throwbackthurs

    what can be done with smart points?

  • @pandaparker


  • @miguelportela

    Seams a really good project, good luck with it :)

  • @markyen

    What is SmartPoints?

    I'm new to the platform and it's super exciting that there are ways to earn more Steem, but I'm a little lost.

  • @contrabourdon

    What about if you want to have your alt accounts use this serviceโ€”do they need to delegate as well?

  • @michealb

    looks cool, like the colours, layout

  • @gandhibaba

    Wow! Congratulations to the Smartsteem Team for this wonderful initiative. I was about asking if the minimum delegation was 5k Steem but upon visiting the website I realized that it could be lower.

    However, every attempt to login was unsuccessful. I don't know what's wrong anyway. I hope that I overcome that hurdle on my end here.

    Also, I hope that Smartpoints will have more use cases as the days unfolds. Cheers!

  • @kingscrown

    odd as i have a lot more.

  • @hiroyamagishi

    great news! newsteem ON!

  • @oadissin

    Great design for the web section.

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  • @yapcat

    you gotta be shitting me :

    Make Steem a better place by downvoting content based on your favourite downvoters! ??!? if i had any doubts this settles it ... sadly we can't all get along , im gonna seriously step back from this charade and house of cards the place became, maybe someone sees the light by HF23 is there's still a dollarcent to it, good luck animated-have-a-nice-day-image-0008.gif

  • @minerthreat

    This looks awesome! Love it

  • @djlethalskillz

    Congrats! loving the new UI Silky and smooth

  • @alexisfuentes

    You are HOT !! Very nice #NewSmartsteem

  • @intrepidphotos

    Interested to see where this progresses.

  • @camdadeye291

    I have not been using the platform for nearly a year because I was unhappy with the way it was operating but this looks intersting. Maybe it is time for a comeback!

  • @monster-curator

    Please help a poor monster: I have 505 Steem Power delegated but am not able to use any of the services besides "earn". The possibilities for manual curation are amazing and I would love to test it.

  • @ash

    sounds awesome, will give it a try... :)

  • @oneshot

    I'm unable to make login: why!? img.png

  • @ekushya


  • @joshman

    Nice, clean interface! I can't wait to dig in!

    At first glance this looks similar to steem auto. The follow tabs are just for my account to follow other accounts?What's the value add for smart points then? Is it related to the curate tab? You are just executing my own autovote faster because I own more smartpoints? So in short, you are seeking a delegation to perform manual curation and are rewarding people by performing preferential automated curation for them? Can you clarify?

  • @twinner

    Nice tool, would be prefer the option to toggle to a light theme instead of the dark layout :-)

  • @tobetada

    cool update, but I have a question: so the smartpoints give an advantage over other users who also use smartsteem? If that's the case, it's not so useful as there are lots of other ways to automatically vote. Also 5000 SP is quite a hurdle, giving the edge to whales...

  • @bitrocker2020

    so what are smartpoints used for ?

  • @lemeonna

    Then smart points will be converted to?

  • @vlemon

    Good job ๐Ÿ‘ and nice update which fits the #newsteem mentality

  • @baillieogrady

    Exciting to see projects like this forever making blockchain interfaces more user friendly, good job!

  • @zayarlinn1


  • @maxer27


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  • @khalil319

    Can I Download For My Android Mobile?

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  • @amzadlak

    Why i can't login smartsteem? when i'm trying to login i get error popup please try again this type massage why this?

  • @satari

    Hi - nice move and welcome future.

    Just a small hint : with my friends @red-rose and myself in my account @satari, both we could not enter to our smartsteem new accounts , niether of us could open his account by using the keychain login at which always says wrong username ?

    can you please advise us for the proper solution to login into our smartsteem account /

  • @peeyush

![Uploading bu.JPG #44]()

  • @deep4

    Problem to delegation

  • @nonameslefttouse

    What do you do with the delegated SP?

  • @throwbackthurs

    Are Smart Points balances Public? I'd like to know how many Smart Points all members have before I invest so I can know if I have a chance to get a good voting position or if I will just always be behind chasing a carrot since many members have already been loading up on Smart Points.

  • @abitcoinskeptic

    This is a subscription based curation service.

    I do like seeing the lower sp limit as it stops spam accounts and beginners who really should learn the ropes organically at first from using the service.

    This looks like an autovoting service, very similar to several other auto voting services except vote priority is given to users based on how much money they delegate to this service.

  • @jagged

    Thanks for changing the structure of your website :) I still don't get how smartpoints work (As per the question below from @bitrocker2020 - I appreciate the screenshot but the applications seem to create another layer of Steemplexity.

    Is there a deeper rationale to it?

    I'm limited L(IT)eracy in techno ;)


  • @steemnepal


  • @ilink

    Seems like a cool tool! So we should try hard to achieve 500 Steampower!

  • @shaikjeelan957


  • @gangstalking

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    This group is ran by, They are hacking people that enter this discord server . Once you are hacked they profile you long enough to know all of your activities. They introduce workplace gangstalking visits and bring it to your attention cleverly and discretely so only you get it. They are very covert and tricky with everything they say and do in this server. Some claim to have worked for or are working with the FBI and the NSA. Mixed with decommissioned traders and coding criminals, Its a scary mix of creepy people and their intent is to drive you crazy and deplete everything you have ever acquired in life, even your freedom.

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    Fyrstikken tells people they are drafted like they did with Facebook at the beginning. He says Facebook was started by forced labor and V2K controlled slaves, just like he creates with his gang for steem and crypto. "Get to work bitch" he tells people once circumvented and intimidated.

    If your an agent Investigating them, guess what? You are circumvented. They are high tech, over funded and well connected.

  • @marki99

    Amazing website! Is it possible to earn smartpoints by delegating less than 5000 Steem Power? Also, will you make a ranking of smartpoint owners? Will be useful.

  • @baldryedward

    Isnt make the beginners had a hard time using it?

  • @andrewhoward

    Another great thing !

  • @ash

    claim steem engine / steem rewards doesn't seem to work properly?

  • @ahmadmanga

    Claiming Steem-engine rewards seems like a feature I'd try... It's such a chore to do manually.

  • @igster

    Could people who actively curate and make effort towards finding quality content reply to this comment with what tags they focus on so people could explore your feeds to see if they want to follow your votes. Or recommed curators as well!

    Thank you

    E:I also hope you lower the minimum required for 100 SP to use these services

  • @lookplz

    You removed the only thing your service was good for. Now I have no reason to use your service. The point of vote selling was that I did not have to delegate power to you and lose that power for a period of time if I chose to un-delegate. I also don't want to earn your shitty tokens with it either, I want to be paid in STEEM/SBD.

    I think you could have adjusted for the new model and still done vote selling, but you probably were more worried about a model that would profit yourselves more and would be easier. Pretty fucking pathetic tbh. A poor way to have adjusted to the climate imo. Not only are you reaping the curation rewards with us having delegated to your shitty service, you aren't going to pay us the entirety of what our vote is worth to begin with.

    Pretty sad day to log back in after all the chaos and see one of my (old) favorite services go to such a shitty model. Anyone who's impressed by this or given "positive feedback" like you claim, is simply a fucking idiot who doesn't realize you've given them a big fat L with your garbage, pathetic, new model.

    Severely disappointed to have come back to something like this. I expected more care for the users tbh. I guess listening to actual people instead of claiming you've gotten all this great feedback (Which is bullshit, you've not gotten anywhere near the feedback you claim, from actual people other than your own circle.), was too much work for you to handle. Sad.

  • @trendotoken

    Congratulations @smartsteem, your post successfully recieved 0.146556 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

    @pandaparker earned : 0.0627 TRDO curation
    @ekushya earned : 0.007272 TRDO curation
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  • @jagged

    Thanks for the email. Let's ride! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @drutter

    How does this related to my dungeons and dragons gold, my frequent flier miles, and my arcade parlor tokens? If I power up my Wow-tokens to 50% do I get the SBD bonus and the +1 Steem power coins? Then when I redeem and cross-nullify my Weed-Cash-Coins and my Beer tokens, and delegate at least 500 Tokenpower to each witness, I get 200 free Laundry Medallions!! Thanks for all your help @smartsteem.

  • @thesobuz

    I was suffering from loading pages on my #esteem IOS app since today morning. Iโ€™m not sure we have another update on #IOS or what? I had made a post with a screenshot but no one replied.

    Is there anybody who can help or advise if the IOS app is making errors or any short of problem during surfing esteem?

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™ in advance.

  • @rmsbodybuilding

    Smarthole :)