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The rather unimaginatively named ‘Home Café’ is situated close to Wat Pho in Bangkok, on the busy strip which I imagine is a step out spot for tourists after they visit the temple attraction.


After walking up and down trying to decide where to eat, we were drawn in by the lure of yet another TripAdvisor sign and the promise of free Wi-Fi.

Obtaining a panoramic shot of the outside was testing for me.


If @goblinknackers' arse wasnt in the way this would have been more suitable as the main one.

Too far away and you won’t see it due to the amount of billboards and advertising on the street.

Too close and it doesn’t give you an idea of the surrounding areas in context with the restaurant.

I had to compromise with closer photographs lest I ended with none at all.


Inside was quite busy and the air conditioning pleasant.


...'what happens if you don't press the button... you just sit there forever?'...

We sat and studied the menus while connecting to the free Wi-Fi that worked admirably.


While @goblinknackers ordered a large Chang beer, I went for a Latte and was glad I did.


...'oh... now this was good, and I mean really good'...

Yes, it’s just a simple hot drink but it was one of the finest I have ever cared to taste.

They do know how to make great coffee at the Home Café.




Like many restaurants in Thailand, the dishes tend to have a photograph each and so I took just a few snaps of these as samplers.



@goblinknackers was feeling extra hungry (or should I say greedy) and ordered a Tom Yung Kung soup at 120 BAHT, followed by a main course of Green Curry with Chicken at 85 BAHT as well as a side of rice.



I ordered a Stir Fry Noodles with Pork at 85 BAHT, not being such a lover of rice.

His food was delivered quickly while I was left feeling hungry and frustrated.

’if I can say something negative about Home Café it’s that I had to remind them to deliver my food’

After prodding a waiter, the food appeared as if by magic.

They either have some ingeniously way to cook food in 2-3 minutes or the turnaround and demand is such that it’s always ready.


Having seen @goblinknackers’ food I was a little disheartened, it didn’t look as good as his, damn.

You can’t always judge a book by its cover so I dug in to the Stir Fry Noodles with Pork hoping it tasted better than visual impressions.

While it was tasty I found the noodles a little slimy, though I did finish the plateful.

The level of spice was minimal and I felt the dish was lacking something.


’not to slate the restaurant, I felt I ordered the wrong dish’...

There were no apologies in order about the lateness of the food or the fact that they had entirely forgotten about me.

It wasn’t a big deal and I put this down to differences in culture.


...’want to visit the toilet? You need to get past me first’...

The other diners were a mixture of westerners and what I might consider to be natives or locals.

The atmosphere was pleasant and I feel this restaurant has some legs and is quite popular.


480 BAHT is ($15.85 US or £12.25) cheap for a meal for two including drinks.


I would happily give the Home Café a second try if only to experience that coffee again!

Restaurant Information

Home Cafe score 1, 17 Wat Bang Pho Alley, Khwaeng Bang Sue, Khet Bang Sue, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10800, Thailand

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  • @article61

    Do you have to prove yourself to the guardian of the toilet before you can enter? Great review and I’m not sure which I want more now, a beer or a coffee..

  • @steevc

    Do they drink a lot of coffee in Thailand? I guess it's big everywhere these days. The food looks good anyway.

  • @nathen007

    How much???!!!!!! It just shows the massive differences down town to everywhere else!

    As for the coffee @steevc . There are little coffee shops everywhere but it's as if they were jumping on a trend . The really top quality small coffee shops do ok but generally coffee isn't big. Most coffee shops sell more iced drinks and frappes than hot coffees.

    Nicely decorated place though and that is often the difference.

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  • @adetorrent

    I like how the food you get actually look like the ones in the photos :)

  • @bozz

    That is too bad that you don't feel you made the right choice. I hope you at least had one really decent meal while you were in Thailand. It seems like a very diverse place with lots of things to choose from.

  • @tattoodjay

    Not that I have been there for maybe 20 years but i found prices real cheap there back then, I guess they have of course gone up since then, and compared to most places thats a really good deal

    great review !DERANGEd !BEER

  • @beerlover

    View or trade BEER.

    Hey @slobberchops, here is a little bit of BEER from @tattoodjay for you. Enjoy it!

  • @waybeyondpadthai

    I go to Tha tien and around there every so often. I think I have seen this one but never really given it a go. Maybe I should just go for a coffee next time :D

    ...’want to visit the toilet? You need to get past me first’...