Desert Island Disc Music Challenge Choose FIVE albums for your ONE year Stay

I thought I would conjure up a music challenge. This one is just a single post so no commitment for 7 days is necessary, although it requires a little more work than the previous one.


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Music is very subjective, and I’m not expecting you to like my songs, but do have a listen while you’re on Steemit doing something else. I’ll do the same for yours, and maybe something will click!

So the rules are:

  1. Name FIVE albums you would take if you were stranded on a desert island for ONE year with just a CD player, USB devices capable of playing tunes or a good old fashioned record player.
  2. For each of the albums, link a tune from YouTube or an alternate source which to you is the standout song.
  3. Provide a short story on why you like this album or the artist so much.
  4. Use the tag #desertislandchallenge on your post
  5. Nominate THREE more people for the challenge, try and pick music people!

You are free to use the template I’m using below or just make up your own.

Be as terse or verbose as you want to be; I’m quite wordy with my articles but you don’t need to be.

If you want to enter the challenge and write your own then go ahead and do so, there no need to wait for your nomination.

I nominate @steevc, @verhp11 and @bozz for the Desert Island Disc Music Challenge!

So here’s my FIVE to kick this off:

The Vertigo of Bliss – Biffy Clyro (2003)

While I’m no longer a fan of the ‘new’ Biffy, the ‘old’ Biffy (first three albums) was a completely different story. I read somewhere they purposely made their music difficult to listen to with weird time changes, inconsistencies, and a different sound that was quite unique. While their debut album sounded like a Scottish Nirvana at times, the second was in my mind their masterpiece. I struggled to choose the song of choice from this album as there are many great ones, but I’ll settle on ‘Liberate the Illiterate / A Mong Among Mingers’. What a lovely title!

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic – The Sundays (1990)

I always had a thing for Harriet Wheeler, that voice is just SO English, you can’t mistake it. Completely unique and angelic. The band like many others I love are sadly no more, but I did get to see them live for their ‘Static & Silence’ tour in 1997. It was a very small venue in Manchester, England, I was in throwing distance from the stage. Their discography is small, but that voice with David Gavurin’s jangly guitar just does it for me. My choice is ‘You're Not the Only One I Know’.

Heaven or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins (1990)

I discovered the voice of Elizabeth Fraser only in the last few years and took my time going through their back catalogue over the course of around a year. Like Biffy, they have two distinct styles, old and new. It the case of the Cocteau’s I love both and it was very hard to choose a preferred album because a lot of my favourite songs are over many of them. Why should I love someone who speaks nonsense, as that is what Ms Fraser sings? It’s that ambient sound and lovely voice combined that does it for me. If you can let me know the lyrics to this one, then let me know! My choice is "Fifty-Fifty Clown".

Duke – Genesis (1980)

I highlighted a song from this album in the wayback challenge of last week so maybe I should have chosen another one of their albums, but I feel my selections are maybe a little abnormal to some readers and I want to choose at least one song you may be familiar with. ‘Duke’ and ‘Wind and Wuthering’ are my TWO favourite albums by this band, but the song I’ll choose is ‘Turn It On Again

Deadwing - Porcupine Tree (2005)

For my last choice, the artist was very easy but the album extremely difficult. These guys are my current favourites but after a year on the island, who knows? This is another band who no longer exists and I will always regret discovering them far too late. I have seen Steven Wilson live twice but the band were just something else. The last FOUR albums were considered the ‘metal’ ones, although they were not truly metal at all. A pulsating combination of harmony, synths over heavy guitars at times and true uniqueness propel Porcupine Tree to my current number one spot. My choice: the title track ‘Deadwing

Just two albums from this century, and none from the current decade. I don’t really get along with new music. Over to you.


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  • @verhp11

    Challenge accepted, be back in a little while :)

  • @steevc

    Some I could enjoy

    The Fierce and the Dead - Euphoric Steven Wilson - Hand cannot erase Bjork - Vespertine Camille - Le Fil A Formal Horse - Here comes a man from the council with a flamethrower