Metal Weekend: AC/DC, Porcupine Tree, Megadeth


So here are my THREE offerings for this weekend. Why not checkout the @detlev post and send some new tunes to listen too?

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My tastes tend to be more to progressive metal and alternative so this is what you will probably expect from me today and going forward.

AC/DC – Touch Too Much

I mentioned this song in my recent article The Kwiksave Chronicles of Slobberchops - Part Six so it seemed a good time to play it again and awaken my memories from 1982 when I was first introduced to the older Bon Scott material.

It still sounds great today. I’m a fan of the Brian Johnson era too but Bonn Scott had a unique gritty voice that suits this kind of music so well.

Porcupine Tree – Even Less

While I’m on the subject of my seemingly never ending series of ‘The Kwiksave Chronicles of Slobberchops’ some readers may have noticed that I quote a lyric from a certain song at the start of each episode.

‘Some kids are best left to fend for themselves, and others were born to stack shelves' always makes me smile when I hear it, and reminds me of my dire past.

I love this song with its gritty guitar while retaining that melody you find in most Porcupine Tree songs.

Megadeth – Hangar 18

Back the metal madness with one, crazy guitar sections and a bit in the middle at around 2:48 where is goes completely over the top makes me choose this one for my final selection.

Pump up the volume, PLAY IT LOUD!



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