Mayhem Tuesday NO FIESTA Today....

Evening everyone....

So late last night I got a call for some work from a very good custom of mine. They decided they are going to sell the house. Which makes me a little nuts since I just did there Kitchen a little over a year ago. For the second time that is....

Their realtor told them the deck was an issue many of the boards needed replacing and it needed to be powerwashed and stained.

I was there first thing this morning to see what material in needed. Went and got the lumber, I needed twenty ten foot lengths of decking.


My phone started to blow up with calls about the viewing tomorrow. While I don’t mind helping out, everyone is calling me and not his son Dennis?

So after two straight hours on the phone with countless different family members and almost no battery left on my phone I got to work.

Replacing boards on a deck is much harder then building a deck from scratch and my knees right now can prove it. Seven hours later the job is done. I recommended a guy to powerwash and stain the deck for him.

Sorry needed to vent.......

Here’s some shiny for listening to my rant...


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  • @saffisara

    WOW.. 😍.. OMG... I absolutly LOOVE this silver... Badass my friend... I really am 😍 want one 😁 LMAO

    Such beautiful detailed.. Grrr... Lol

    About the work... Geeze.. NO wonder you need to ventilate πŸ€ͺ you had a crazy time and just vent all you want... I feel you.

    I hope you get some relaxing time and get to enjoy your week my friend, well deserved. Thank you for sharing this badass with us... Really love it. Take care of yourself and much love to You πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ€—

  • @summertooth

    It's not always easy being the good guy man. You can only do so much and if some of these folks aren't able to connect it's not your fault either. Get yourself a sixer ready in the back of your fridge for tomorrow night.

  • @silvertop

    I think the Silver skull is rather fitting, because of the rush that they needed everything done!! Everything last minute and fast @silverd510 Lol!! I am glad you got it finished in time ..... Very awesome Silver skull!!!πŸ€—πŸ˜€

  • @elizabethbit

    It's great that you had a job come your way! I hope that you had knee pads to soften the surface, but even with them, you might still feel it. As for the viewing; it's likely they are looking to you because you've been helpful in this whole thing. Deep breathes and things will go smoothly. Take care my friend and don't forget to breathe.πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—