Esteem app: New Update


If you are @esteemapp user, then you will definitely see a big difference on its appearance.

Once you open the app, you will see an animated logo of the app and then will proceed on entering your password.

They also changed the position of some of the buttons like the create button which is now located at the bottom center.

The editor screen has also changed which look quite similar with the esteem desktop surfer. is7tq4.jpg

They also added another way of earning ESTM token which is the referral. You can ask other steemit users to use your referral link. Then once they log in they need to accumulate 250 ESTM points then you will receive 100 ESTM points. 9lhu09.jpg It is a great way to earn extra points and at the same time a good way to invite and encourage people to use the esteem app.

They also added a free spin to get a random amount of ESTM points which refresh every 24 hours. p2x7kg.jpg Another thing that I noticed is this little pen. It now allows you to edit the setting of your profile like profile picture, cover photo, about, and display name 9j2er0.jpg


The notifications are now much detailed compared to the other versions which is really good. mulsic.jpg

Overall I love the updates and improvements they did in the app!

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