Stardate 2.3.20 Poem


guru exists inside

external guides may point to the eternal soul truth

tho ultimately it is soul guru who sez CHANGE, bitch

take the motherfucking leap

external circumstances reverberate the angel cry of insides I'm grateful for the interface, the physical being embodying the way even though sometimes I wish it to be easier, a few degrees more delicate

but do I ACTUALLY want it to be delicate? (I have little need for "nice")

or do I just wish for the easy way so I don't have to take responsibility for the work, the duty??

the right way doesn't mean the easy way, that lesson already learned...or so i thought...

I have free will, so I COULD keep ignoring the hurricane wings fluttering inside

could pretend, delude away all the externalities that confirm yes indeed it IS so...

but when the Universe answers unspoken prayers, do I really have the option to say "no thanks I'm not ready" OR "I asked for blue and THIS is pink, so I demand a refund" ???

Yeah I have choice but karma is real and to ignore truth comes with repurcussions

so on I go

I asked for adventure

leaping into the great unknown

on 3...2...1...

✨💛✨ Sara!

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  • @litguru

    Cyberpunk poetry! I enjoy the raw fragmented emotion of this piece... like a television, tuned to a flickering channel...

  • @lasseehlers

    I love this, btw

  • @riverflows

    Awesome. Reflects the heart leaps and grunts as it suffers through transformation.

    Sometimes change could be easier if we just breathe and let it flow.

    Stagnation is worse for me. I need my heart ripped open, Hanuman stylie.