Who Do I Follow on Steem & Why

This is my post in response to this post made by @theycallmedan

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The link will take you to communities, so if you have not started on communities, I would recommend you try that.

Here are some of the people that I follow who matter to me : @timcliff , @steemchiller , @acidyo , @jrcornel , @prabalmallick and of course you @theycallmedan

Let's get to the why part :

I joined steem almost two and half year back, and I was very excited about the project. And then I started to spread the words at my place, trying to onboard new people. But onboarding people was not that easy at that time. It would take weeks to get to the blockchain and some times, even some was even not getting the mail from steemit inc. @timcliff at that time was very much active and was always available to help on steemit chat. He always guided the right thing to do and it helped me a lot to onboard new people. I see him active today, but not as active like those times ( its my opinion though) . I expect, he would be more active on a daily basis as we move ahead.

Over my period of stay here, neither I have done a lot of posts nor I have earned a decent earning by posting ( of course no expectation here). I invested some amount in steem, I have bought steem at a varied price, and was interested to see how much I earn from curation etc. And https://steemworld.org/ done by @steemchiller has been very helpful for me, as I do not understand all the complexity of how the rewards are earned. I still use it on a daily basis to see how much I earn. Though not a big amount, it just gives me some sort of encouragement, that my investment is earning something.

Over my stay here, I have seen OCD doing a great job, apart from @curie. There have been some other curation projects like @curangel that have also impressed me and that is how I came across @acidyo. But then I used to interact with him through some of his posts on curation , communities and that is how I have landed up here in this OCD Community. And certainly he is the talk of the topic of downvotes, lol 😁😁

While I am not that great at posting, I still like steem a lot. I have invested and still want to invest more. Of course these are not big investments, but whatever I can afford to loose 😁😁. But markets are not in our clutch and its very hard to invest without market knowledge. But its not equally easy to gain market knowledge, so I started to look for some content on BTC trends on this steem blockchain and that is when I discovered @jrcornel. I do see his analysis, but honestly I did not follow his post to buy BTC at @6800, even though I had 5k$ USDT deposited in my WazirX account. And the result - the value of USDT has shrinked 😁😁. Yet to decide when to buy 😁😁 Steem was at 12 cents, that time, I would have got lot of steems in the same investment !!!

All of the above people are active on the chain, but I honestly miss @prabalmallick here, whom I came across just by coincidence. I just saw him once in a place where he was teaching his students painting. He is an water color artist. I was impressed so much that, I just stood for couple of hours to see he finishing his paintings and there was a wow factor in his hands. It was those early days of steem so I thought I should bring him to this platform. And I was successful in doing my job. But probably he did not get addicted to this platform, and today is not active that much. I like him so much, and even we speak sometimes, and I remind him to come back and post regularly, but he seems not to be convinced. He is a person who follows his passion. He did his education from IIT, did a job in software industry with a very good salary, but at the end, he gave up everything for his passion for painting. Today, He does not have enough money, but he is happy. That inspires me to realize, how life can be full of happiness without a lot of money. You just need to constrain your requirements.

And last not but the least I follow you @theycallmedan to see your initiatives on this platform. I need not say a lot about you, but I like the way you have invested, stepped up and take all the action to make this place better and better every day.

All this was a spontaneous writing and I am not a very good writer though. All opinions are my personal opinion, so don't take it by heart 😁😁😁😁, if it hurts you by chance.

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