Thrilling experience with Jet Ski

During my last visit to Chilika, for the first time, I got opportunity to try a ride with Jet Ski

It was quite fun and thrilling to ride a Jet Ski, and I enjoyed the ride to the fullest. The driver was very prompt to do some stunts, and I was almost wet with the waters thrown as a result of these stunt moves. My son initially feared a lot, and was reluctant to take the ride. But I forced him to go. And after coming from the first ride, he was so excited and happy that, he wanted two more rides.

Adventure is an important part of life I believe, especially for kids. We need to give them that exposure for them to overcome fear. We cannot live a life with fear, instead we have to face and enjoy. So he is now out of fear to try such adventures. Even my daughter took couple of rides, and we enjoyed every moment. .

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