Ramblings of a self - isolated, upset human

Once upon a time, people were social. There were maybe wary of each other first meeting as strangers, but am sure once they got used to meeting others, it became a natural thing. And one that they would all look forward to. Man came to be known as a social animal. Fast forward some time, some people turned anti-social. Fast forward more, some people turned into both depending upon the situations/their own personal nature. Fast forward even more, forget being social or unsocial, human kind as a species is today being threatened if man doesn't distance himself for another. Why? Has Mother Earth decided to force us to become antisocial? Stay away from each other. Feel threatened if somebody comes too close...

A Whatsapp forward I came across the other day... showed the Nokia ad of two hands and the text... "Connecting people"... and then the text.. Coronavirus - Disconnecting people. It was supposed to be a joke of course, but all I could think of was "Why?" What huge twist of Nature is this to cause one human to distance himself from another human? What happened to 'Divided we fall, united we stand."? Now, it has suddenly become "Divided, we live. United, we may die?" All the lessons about people and society I learnt as a kid, proven false? We have a war on hand with these viruses, and we can win this war only if we stand apart, each individual on his own? Why has it come to this globally? Why do we have such an enemy? Why are we not prepared? Why don't we have the science to fight it effectively?

What if we don't practice isolation? End up gifting each other the virus and sometimes death? As it is breaking my heart to see and say so is happening in different parts of the world even as I type my next letter on the keyboard?

What if we physically isolate ourselves, but mentally stay connected, providing support to each other, we will be still standing united as we through our medical, political and scientific research warriors fight this virus on steroids. And win. Will we? May that be so, I tell myself. I will understand. I will stay at home. I will keep sanitizing my hands regularly. I will not push my luck. I will read up more on this virus and the global situation from genuine sources. I will share my findings with others. Maybe if not anything else, I'll help others remember/understand the situation too. I want to reclaim our earth from this virus. Let's join our brains/attitudes together and do it, if not our physical hands, our virtual hands. Tomorrow, today, now!

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